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Just got my first bike a Zeal. New pics 2nd June 1st post

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by OscarA, May 23, 2009.

  1. Just got home from purchasing my first bike a FZX250 Zeal.
    Had to got to Melton to get it and road it back to Blackburn a 70km ride :shock: .
    Traffic didn't bother me which was good but being unfamiliar with the bike made a nervous trip home.
    Stalled it twice when taking off from lights and I'm sure a few people had a good laugh at some of my other take offs.
    Didn't like the high speeds either as the wind made me feel uneasy and vulnerable to falling off.
    Glad to be home and I'll stick to local roads getting used to taking off and stopping with more authority and confidence.
    My take offs are very jerky so I need to practice, practice, practice.

    Here are some pics




  2. that actualy dosnt look to bad, well done mate, keep it upright
  3. nice, looking good :)
  4. Re: Just got my first bike a Zeal.

    That's all it'll take!

    Congrats mate. I like Zeals. :grin:
  5. Nice looking bike. You must be happy with that for a first bike.

  6. Thanks guys, I'm over the moon with it.
    Fell in love with the VTR250's when I saw them and was convinced I'll get one of those but when I was made aware of the Zeals (Thanks to this site) I wanted one.
    Bike does have some very small issues such as an oil leak around oil filter area, back brakes apparently are close to needing pads (owner told me that one) and idols a touch low feels like it'll might stall at times. Other than those things it looks and feels right.
    Will have fun riding it and getting used to it.
    My wife followed me home today and she said I kept bunny hopping it when taking off, lol.
    When I feel comfortable on the bike I'll practice counter steering and emergency braking amongst other things.
  7. mate, get that oil leak fixed asap, oil leak + back tyre = disaster
  8. Will do mate as I need to get a RWC done on it.
    Seller didn't supply one so it was a bit of a gamble on my part but it was priced so cheap I went ahead and purchased it.
    The leak is very minor and more of a build up of oil than a leak but it'll need attending.
    Will give a few mechanics a ring during the week to check her her out.
    I have two which come highly recommended through this site one is Mick Hones in Box Hill (closest to me) and the other is a Bret in Ferntree Gully.
  9. prob just a bit of seepage.. good looking bike.. if all it needs is pads must have been a steal..
  10. nice first bike! great in my opinion as when and if you drop it, no expensive fairings to repair.

    not usually a fan of nakeds, but thats a nice looking bike

  11. Beautiful bike!
  12. Thanks OldBellHelmet and shady_knife

    I just got the bike back form the mechanics and it's great news all he found wrong with it was a tail light globe blown.
    It cost me $90 for the RWC so I'm over the moon, I'll be off to the RTA tomorrow to transfer the bike to my name.
    That oil leak was probably a bit of seepage as OldBellHelmet said.
    I gave it a clean with Kero the other day and it's still clean.

    Still a little nervous riding in traffic but I'm getting better.
  13. they are built for traffic those things.. you'll be carving it up in no time..make sure yuo keep the chrome bits looking good. autosol is your friend
  14. Hi OscarA,

    I did briefly consider getting a Zeal at same stage because it looks pretty sweet. I ended up getting a bright yellow VTR because I so happened to come across the right one.

    I've been riding on my L's for about 7 weeks or so now. It sounds like you live relatively close to me, I'm down near the Clayton area. We should hang out to check out your bike.
  15. I had one for a daily commuter when I was living in Japan. It ran a bit lean, but overall, I had no big issues with it and never left me stranded.

    I even took it to a track day once -- scraped the shit out of the pegs on pretty much every turn, while slip & sliding the rear tire. Not really a track bike, but good fun nevertheless. :grin:
  16. Very nice OscarA! You're making me jealous as ive had to put purchasing on the back-burner for a short while. Looks real shmick mate, couldnt be happier for you.
  17. Thanks Dimi hopefully your wait isn't to long.
    I'm happy with the purchase and my patience in waiting for the right bike at the right price has paid of, so far.
    Went searching for a Ventura rack yesterday and wrecker after wrecker said sorry no luck one even said we haven't wrecked a Zeal in years so I started checking out the prices for a new one.
    They're not cheap and a new one was going to set me back roughly $400 which included bag (touring kit) which I reluctantly was thinking about getting.
    Luckily one of the wreckers called me back with good news and my bike now has a Ventura rack (the touring one minus bag).

    I'm still having trouble with right turns. I can sort of turn right from a standing start into a street with little to no problems (sometimes I stuff it up :oops: ) but at the small roundabout at the end of my street that's a different story. I take off and because it's a tight turn the slower speed makes me loose balance and I start turning to sharply. Apart from that I'm gaining more confidence with every ride and my clutch and throttle control is slowly improving.
    When I get it right the gear changes are kind of smooth but when it's not the bike is very jerking, jumpy through the gear changes.
    Could be the clutch needs adjusting or something but at this stage I'm 90% sure it's just me.
  18. Nice bike dude, I bought mine the day I got my license and have never got sick of it even for a day. Also, it started first time today after sitting around untouched for 6 months :) You won't regret your purchase.... until you start looking at bigger bikes, then you'll ride some and realise how fun the Zeal is and then go back to it again... then you'll start looking again.. and so it goes :)
  19. Nice bike! I actually thought it was new from the pics lol, it looks bigger than a 250 too.

    All you need for it is some loud pipes :D