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just got my first 600.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by bullet21, Aug 20, 2009.

  1. Ok i bought the Gixxer today, and holy shit the ride home was scary. Id be going down the highway not even knowing i was speeding. I cant believe how easily it takes off.

    With the ZZR250 when downshifting the blip was almost a full twist of the rist. Not anymore, that's how you flip the bike. Im getting used to it and its mad fun. Going down eastlink i didnt have to leave 4th gear.

    Quick question though, what is the point of a litre bike. Id imagen youd never even have to leave 3rd gear on a litre. Why do you guys have them? is it just a case of bragging rights?

    Also i heard in the US you can start riding on one of these things as your first bike as there are no restrictions. WTF are they thinking, and does this mean people are starting on R1s. Going from a 250 to 600 seems massive to me, i dont think id be alive today if i had started on a 600.

  2. One day on a bigger bike and you’re overtaken with a case of arrogance.
  3. yeah the point of a litre is really just bragging. just like owning a ferrari.. kind of. i own an r1 and it was scary going from an r6 to the r1. but i do love it. lol
  4. Err. It just sounds to me like the OP is overwhelmed with the power of his new 600 and is questioning why you would need any more..
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  6. :LOL:

    My friend you are so naive, so very naive :)

    As you've noticed already, riding a 600 is much easier in alot of ways over the zzr or whatever. You dont have to shift anywhere near as often, dont need to be working the revvs and throttle constantly, no full throttle everywhere, etc.

    Its the same again for bigger bikes, its effortless power instead of having to work for it, which I find makes doing longer distances alot less tiring.

    As for thou cc bikes being stupid for new riders, I find it interesting you make that comment without having ridden any. Most modern litre bikes are pussycats to ride, mega linear power which only starts getting frantic with a few revvs. Shifting early and staying in higher gears (ie low revvs) and they're extremely user friendly. That said knowing what I know I wouldn't start on a big bike, nothing wrong with a small bike like a 600 though (if it was legal I mean, and also assuming you're not a spanner and take things slowly).
  7. I went from an aprilia RS125 to a k7 gsxr 1000 and i find the suzuki much easier and safer to ride.
  8. I agree. I was pretty overwhelmed by the first 50cc two-stroke dirtbike I rode. I figured that was all I'd ever need.
  9. Its because 250's are just so lame, small CC - no power, where as anything bigger (600cc+) is in a completely different league.

    I too went from a ZZR250, but to a VTR1000 and the difference is staggering..
  10. GPX to a CBR1000RR (soon) all my test rides have been fun as hell... screw a 600 weak as piss... :p
  11. Think about all of the things that make the 600 better than the 250, the only thing that doesn't get better on a thou is the suspension. On a thou + bike you don't "need" anything but first. Yet I find myself only using first occasionally go figure?

    Edit: screwed up the quote thing, and again but you get the idea

    :wink: fixed :)
    Thanks :)
  12. I hated my gpx250 after about 5 months especially the brakes , they seemed dangerously weak , diving etc. my cbr600 is sooo much better and i think safer to ride.
  13. I ride Macquarie Pass all the time with blokes on thousands; while I'm changing gear and thinking about a gap that might be there, they've already got through it without changing gear.....
  14. ive got a zzr. the brakes are terrible and i dont even have anything else to compare them to. the thing just wont stop!!
  15. i remember that on my 250.

    id ride nasho / macq pass with my mates on 600's and 1000's they would overtake and id get stuck cause by the time id kick down a gear and rev the crap out of it the gap would be closed.

    the new ZX6R though omfg any gear just twist the wrist and before you know it your where you want to be.
  16. Yep you gotta work harder on a 600 than on the litre bikes.

    Just like you adapted to the power of your 250, you will adapt to your 600.
  17. Congrats to going up a level. Being a pretty passive rider, upgrading to the H6 frightened me .. only to find my fear was unfounded, unnecessary and pretty 'stupid'. The 600 was easier to ride, more stable on the road, more predictable, felt safer .. and low and behold it came with an adjustable 'fear-o-meter' called the throttle :p
    I expect the same would apply when going from 600cc to 900/1000/1200.
    It's all in the wrist action :)
  18. From what I've heard from my mate. People get used to the power of a 600 really quick. Don't get me wrong, they've got some serious balls but nothing compared to a 1000.
    600 are only good track bikes IMO
  19. I love the absolute terms every one uses when it comes to describing the difference between a 600 and a thou…
    Weak as piss, only a track bike blah blah blah.

    On my R6 I have all the power I need for passing and the like over 6k rpm, that is 60kph in second gear.
    Now saying that she doesn’t get up and scare the snot out of you until 10k – 13k rpm
    (up to 130kph)
    So in second gear you don’t “need†to change between 60 & 130.
    So busy on the gearbox??? Only if you want to be.
    Now I have absolutely no argument that you get better “grunt†from the extra cc of a thou down low, but if you are just punting about, you are going to be using 2nd or 3rd, and if you are in the twisties you are going to be using… 2nd or 3rd…
    In fact you only really have to use other gears for freeway (Or I expect track)
    Is there reason other than bragging for a litre bike? Yep (Just ask Loz) :grin: But give up on the 600 bashing it just makes you sound like a b!tching little gieno