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Just got my bike back from MT Motorcycles

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Siwagod, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. Since getting the bike I've wanted to get it serviced and have the Fuel Injection and clutch problems looked at.

    One of the guys on here recommended Mark Tudor MC's out in Lalor Park in Western Syd.

    He just dropped the bike back to me and hoooly shit it is so much better. Clutch feels like a proper clutch now and it is shifting beautifully, also when at a stand still you can now get it into neutral with ease as opposed to it taking a minute or more before.

    Bike is running great now, sounds and smells so much healthier. Feels like a new one compared to before.

    Mark was really friendly and very easy to work with. Listened to all my problems and concerns and took care of it all. He took the bike late Tuesday and just got it back now, so nice and quick too. Was also extremely good price, much better than quotes I got at other places.

    I'll 100% be using him from now on for any problems I have with the bike and highly recommend him if anyone else in Western Syd is looking for a damn good bike mechanic. He knows his shit and does heaps of suspension stuff as well.

    He can pick up the bike and drop it off and is available 24/7 for any emergencies.

    Can't say how happy I am with the service. Props to Mark and his 1 man show.

    If anyone is interested, check out his site, lots of info.

    I'm a damn happy camper! :beer:
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  2. Awesome write up mate. (y)
  3. Mark knows his stuff and has always got time to give advice, im in Victoria and he was still willing to give me some great advice
  4. A positive review. Godd on ya for writing him up. Hope he gets some business from it.
  5. Nice to hear mate.

    Lol almost complete opposite of my experience with Action Motorcycles in the city. I still haven't got my bike back :(
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  6. Bugger that mate, go get it back and take it to Mark.

    Was talking to a mate not two days ago who was complaining about his bike being at Action and taking forever to get it back. I imagine they would be servicing a LOT of bikes, so I can understand a wait, but still.
  7. Yet to hear a single good thing about Action in the city....terrible service, bad attitude and take forever to get repairs done(and then overcharge) are all comments I have heard. Can't say I have dealt with them so probably take the, with a pinch of salt but as they say...No smoke without fire.
  8. Well I had another dealing with them over the weekend.
    Ordered a Berik 1 piece suit from their eBays store which said they had stock in my size.
    Paid for. Get a message through eBay yesterday saying they don't actually have any of these suits, do I want my money back?

    fcukin idiots.
  9. Exact same thing happened to me when I ordered some boots. Pretty disappointing especially having to wait a little while to get my money back (paid through PayPal). I know you cant probably incorporate stock levels with eBay but you would assume there would be someone watching and take them off show within about 15 mins.
  10. Action motorcycles officially have the worst customer service of any motorcycle store I've been to.