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Just got my 1st camera ticket. Bloody!!!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Bogus69, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. 64 in a 60 zone. Aggghhhhh.
    15+ over I can understand but 4 is crazy.

    two questions.

    1. How do I mont my rego so it covers the plate? :lol
    2. Has anyone successfully had a ticket cancelled for small infringements like this? You know "4km is the difference between looking at the speedo and looking where you are actually going" or "the cameras you coppers use have a error tolerence of 10%, I was actually travelling at 58km/h" that sort of thing?

  2. You were detected at 67km/h, they took off 3km/h for error and you got stung for 64km/h..YOU MURDERER!!!!!
    Now go give Steve Tax some money so he can buy the Commonwealth Games.

    The 10% +- tollerance is a fairly valid defense for any vehicle that was built prior to 1992. Every vehicle since has an error built into it.
  3. Isn't there an allowance for speedo error????? What possible danger can an extra 2.4 miles per hour do???
    Tellya what, Victoria is a lovely place, but the police state there is getting to be as bad as Qld!
  4. If its your first ticket write them and say "But I'm such a good boy, I promise I'll never do it again." They may let you have one small get out of jail free.
  5. Have a crack at the letter... ive gotten out of a speeding fine that way as well as a parking fine that way. I reckon the trick is to be polite yet very firm.

    Good luck to ya anyways. Ive had four of em for 53 in a 50 zone, so actually 51 after they take off the 2k error... its fcuking ridculous they can get away with that... thats why i always go 10 over, might as well, same penalty as 1 :wink: ...
  6. At least the cops there still do the work, with the freaking automated cash cow cameras that NSW and VIC use. The traffic flows much better there too; people aren't always afraid to go a few k's over to get a safer road position, rather than tailgate at the speed limit.
  7. Haven't you seen the ad? In the highly probable scenario that a semi trailer barrells out 20m in front of you, you'll only slightly ding the bonnet of your falcon if you do the limit. Doing 5kph over in this extremley-probable-and-likely-to-happen-to-everyone-next-time-they-get-in-the-car situation, would see you impale your passenger (as long as you are in the RH lane to hit the rear of the truck).

    So don't ask silly questions! Trucks are cannoning through intersections all over town as we speak, and only through doing the speed limit (with which the truck driver has perfectly syncronized his loss of control - anyone below the speed limit will surely not have any such accidents) can we avoid the worst.
  8. Yah I got booked for 7k over reduced to 4k over 2 months ago... bloody annoying. I honestly had been sitting a tad under the speed limit, but then didn't notice a speed zone change sign from 80 down to 70 and got booked for 7 over in a 70.

    The camera was on a good safe road, not an accident point a few hundred metres past the (not very obvious) speed sign *sigh*.

    Revenue raising anyone?
  9. Well i've just been done in the work cage at detected 13km over... so it 'conveniently' works to 10km over, which jut so happens to be in the next bracket (ie, $210 with 3points... :? ) not impressed...
    Gonna write to them and tell them to checkl calibration, cos its just too convenient to be 13km over... besides i never speed :oops:
  10. If its your first speeding fine then you should be able to get it downgraded to a warning by writing a nice letter. Content of letter should contain
    - appology for speeding
    - acknowledgement of the dangers of exceeding the speed limit
    - brief details of your previous good driving history (ie. no speeding/traffic infringements in X years of riding/driving)
    - promise to be more careful are vigilant in monitoring your speed in future

    DO NOT try to excuse your lapse in judgement.
  11. That ad only taught me the following...

    A) Falcons are really crap and cant swerve to miss a truck even if their bonnets depended on it...

    8) Falcons are like magnets to out of control trucks in the middle of nowhere...

    C) Ford drivers would rather hit a truck after buying a Ford than miss it...

    D) You don't want a Ford
  12. Nah.

    Changed the rules to allow only a 3km/h margin over the posted limit even though the ADR's require all vehicle speedo's to be accurate to within only 10% and all in interests of Safety :roll:

    Another interesting thing to remember is that the State Limit is 100km/h even though some roads (country freeways like the Calder, Hume, Western & out to Gippsland as well as some roads between Swan Hill & Mildura) are posted at 110 km/h.

    Here in Victoria you lose your licence for anything 25 + over the posted or State Limit, whichever is lower, so if you're doing 126 km/h up the Hume even though you're only running at 16 over the posted limit you are infact 26 km/h over the State Limit and can kiss your licence good bye for a month :shock:

    I've had a few motorsport marshalling collegues lose thier licence as a result of this when they are doing the Saturday morning "I'm running late" scream up the Hume to Winton and the main reason why I spend an extra night of accomodation when I go away racing and no I haven't been done for it myself :p
  13. Are you serious?
  14. I got off my first camera fine as noted above go to the website of the fines mob that processed the fine its not vic roads or the victorian police and do a search for contesting the fine / review the fine it lists out the things you need to put in the letter such as you must admit to being the driver at the time and must acknowledge that you broke the speed limit

    The form that you received makes no acknowledgement of the fact that if you havent recieved a fine for three years you will get off and the time limit for your next one is three years.

    Good luck sorry i ripped up the fine with all the website links on it but this is the letter i sent

    Re Infringement Notice no

    Dear Sir / Madam

    I would like to take this opportunity to request that you review this infringement in light of my good driving record.

    Can I please request that I receive a first time warning.

    I fully admit that I may have exceeded the speed limit on the section of road that I was photographed on.

    I have Driven responsibly now for many years now and fully acknowledge the risks of exceeding the speed limit, as you can see from my record this is the first time that I have received a speed camera ticket.

    I await your correspondence in this matter with best regards

  15. In honour of the above I thought I'd share the following with you that I found on a V8Supercar loving forum a few years ago in the interests of lightening up this thread a bit.

    1. I am positive I hate Ford!
    2. I am positive Ford suck!
    3. I am positive the best pin stripe on a Ford is made by a key!
    4. I am positive all people who drive Fords need their head read!
    5. I am positive the only good Ford, sits at the bottom of the ocean!
    6. I am positive the best use of a Ford is as a boat anchor.
    7. I am positive Helen Keller chose the latest colour plate for the new Falcon.
    8. I am positive the bloke how came up with the AU should face the firing squad.
    9. I am positive the only way you will get me in a Ford, oh wait you won’t!
    10. I am positive Fords are Ugly
    11. I am positive so are there drivers.
    12. I am positive driving a Ford is hazardous to your health.
    13. I am positive Firestone were on to a good thing!
    14. I am positive if first prize was a Ford, I would not by a ticket!
    15. I am positive that Found On Rubbish Dump is a fair acronym.
    16. I am positive the only good part of a Ford is…wait there isn’t a good part.
    17. I am positive Ford supporters are just deluded Holden fans
    18. I am positive $5 dollars is still too much to pay for a brand new Ford!
    19. I am positive crash your Ford should be compulsory, just not into Holdens
    20. I am positive Fords winning streak will come to an end
    21. I am positive the dentist is more fun to visit than your Ford dealer.
    22. I am positive owning a Ford gives you cancer.
    23. I am positive owning a Ford race team gives you grey hair.
    24. I am positive two Ford don’t make a right
    25. I am positive rust protection is a must for all Fords
    26. I am positive the only good Ford, rusted away years ago
    27. I am positive in the future Fords will still suck
    28. I am positive children conceived in the back seat of a Ford will have a short life.
    29. I am positive more people in Tasmania drive Fords
    30. I am positive I would eat vomit before I’d buy a Ford
    31. I am positive Ford should be ashamed of them selves for the AU.
    32. I am positive BA means blood awful.
    33. I am positive if you are thinking about buying a Ford, you should invest in a shrink!
    34. I am positive if the shrink tells you to buy the Ford, you should sue!
    35. I am positive Ford Australia is responsible for the death of JFK!
    36. I am positive Ford keeps the bad drivers out of Holdens.
    37. I am positive Fix Or Repaired Daily is a fact!
    38. I am positive a Ford in the hand is a waste of money
    39. I am positive Edsel was mad!
    40. I am positive driving a Ford is a foolish thing to do.
    41. I am positive shooting Ford drivers should be legal.
    42. I am positive “I thought he was a Ford owner” should be a defence for manslaughter
    43. I am positive driving a Ford will send you blind
    44. I am positive Ford driver’s dream of one day owning a brand new Holden.
    45. I am positive Ford’s new cars smell is, et de pooh!
    46. I am positive if you own a Ford, it Ok you can sell it!
    47. I am positive if you do sell it, it’s not worth much.
    48. I am positive next to Ford in the dictionary is a picture of a dog turd!
    49. I am positive I will never like Ford.
    50. I am positive that people will really hate me after this.

    Now how long until someone grabs this and changes Ford for a bike manufacturer....................
  16. Yes he's serious, this issue has come up before.

    It's caught a few people out who expected to get a fine and ended up with a suspension.
  17. Only in Victoria... :roll:
  18. Now, now people....

    Brax the Max Taxer is here to save your life. He is fully aware that the only people with intelligence are politicians and that the rest of us are stupid. Therefore, he creates lovely laws to save us from ourselves.

    Admit it, if you hit a tree at 105 km/h you will most likely die. But if you wipe of 5, and then 5 more just to be sure and hit the same tree at 95 km/h, all will be fine and dandy.

    :D :D :D :p
  19. Please explain, mate. They can book you for doing 116 in a 110 zone, but hit you with a fine for 126 because the STATE limit is 100??? That would never stand up in a court, surely???????? :eek:
  20. Yeah I got caught doing 54 in a 50 zone :roll: and admitted I was speeding a tad but it was an accident and due to a previous clean record of 13 years could they let me off? I got a caution in the mail so my record is still intact...16 years of not being caught yet :D