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Just got me REs

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by et!, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. New soon to be rider from Townsville signing in, as the title says I just got my licence through "stay upright" and im really keen to be getting onto my own bike within the next few weeks.

    Ill try to contribute to the forums but have been known to lurk, so see y'all round.
  2. ET, is your new device a way to get home or will u use the phone?

    hope you learn to fly real soon. congrats
  3. Ha ha, nah its the first 2 letters of my unpronouncable name (Etienne), my mum was on crack.

  4. ok so your mum was on crack, looked at her new baby and said

    'it's teeny' but slured her speech and said 'etienne' instead and that's how you were named. yeah?
  5. :LOL: at Stump, you're cheeky :LOL:

    Welcome Etienne :cool:
  6. :rofl:

  7. :butt: yip

    ET, wot kind o bike will you be on?
  8. once ive ridden a few ill let you know. I have the opertunity to get a 1992 cbr250rr with a fcuked fork seal and a cracked fairing for $2000 so I might see how that pans out, and if there are any other hidden costs before roadworthy.
  9. Welcome aboard.
    Potential street fighter CBR project?
    These engines work hard. How many K's?
  10. here's some advice that's the best advice anyone can hear before getting a 250.

    make sure you get 2 disks on the front wheel. 1 disk is not enough, just like the australian standard for a helmet is lower than a snakes ar$e hole.

    2 disks! do it or die
  11. welcome to the forums.....
  12. That sounds like a good deal if its only the fork seals and fairing wrong with it. Just make sure you check it over fairly well first.

    And when you get your bike go for a ride up mt stuart. Nice bit of road where they have the hill climb there. Have a mate that goes up there all the time on his CBR 900.
  13. If memory serves, the RR SHOULD have two.

    If there’s only one, odds on you’ve been had. So, 1 R = 1, 2 Rs = 2

    As for, “lower than a snakes ar$e holeâ€

    Oh, and welcome! :grin:

  14. there's heaps of ausie terms that are great!

    how about this one; 'she hit the front break and went ar$e over tit.'

    cant think of anymore just yet

    stump it up! :cool:
  15. I know a few too but at the moment I'm busier than a one armed cab driver with a case of crabs so I'll have to list em later.
  16. lol :LOL: :LOL: :eek: :LOL: :LOL: :eek: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :eek: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    that's the best yet!!!!
  17. The chance for the cheap cbr got away, but Im off to test ride a cbr and vtr on saturday morning.
  18. Yay another townsville lad!.

    Anyways congrats. As far as the bike shops go, last i checked Future Sports Suzuki have a vtr, cbr gpx and an accross that all looked in good condition cept the cbr which was getting repairs. Motosport Yamaha had a vtr, Rising Sun Honda had an accross, 2 aprillias and new vtr's and cbf's.

    So what do you do with yourself up in the ville?
  19. Fitter & turner apprentice, more fitter than turner tho, thanks for the heads up, im going to be going to all the dealers on the weekend. I know some of the folks at both suzuki and yamaha so im going to go to them first.
  20. Cool. I found reece at yamaha to be the most helpful. My mum used to work there as well, shame she doesn't any more i enjoyed the discount.