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Just got L's, getting bike soon!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by GuttedEwok, May 19, 2005.

  1. Hi all.

    Got my L's this week. Did the 2-day course at HART in Tulla - can highly recommend it, very thorough course with great instructors.

    Now for the bike. Looked at a Honda Spada at Sumoto in North Melb today - anybody ridden one of these before? They're going for about $4k, seems pretty reasonable. Any advice/stories?

  2. Congratulations! Can't comment on the Spada, I'm afraid.

  3. congrats! er, i'm from sydney but from all accounts sumoto is a place you don't want to be spending your money! feel free to look but buy elsewhere, is what alot on here say! i got my L's cple mths back! still searching for a bloody bike! looking at a spada myself. do your homework before handing over ther cash! good luck and welcome to the party!

  4. A spada is a great naked bike... the sumoto factor is the one I'm concerned about. They and others like them buy "old" bikes in bulk, check them out, repair them, ADR them, tart them up and then sell them with a short warranty... what are you really getting???? See if you can get a long warranty if you reeeally want to buy from them.

    If you have deeper pockets, consider seriously going to a place like Race Replica in Braybrook who are selling the GPX250 new for $5990 +ORC.

    Or get a 2nd hand bike that was was bought new from a shop in the first place and has genuine history.


  5. allo guttedewok

    congrats on passing the L - i bet it feels good! :wink:

    i don't ride a spada at all - so this is not a biased opinion (unlike my posts on threads asking for opinions on baby ninjas :LOL: :p )...but i have ridden regularly with spada lovers and i have to say, i am impressed by their fuel economy, reliability (seems to start 1st time, practically all the time) and dropability - for eg. templemonkey and i both dropped our bikes on the same patch of gravel...his being a spada, comes up looking pretty great...and its still a sexy looking bike. My bike, being a faired bike, came up looking like... :shock: :shock: :shock:..and its not really a sexy looking bike anymore!!! :LOL:

    good luck with the bike hunt and hopefully see u out on the road soon.
  6. Congrats!

    I got my Ls 2 weeks ago. :)
    I have heard good things about the Spadas but when I went to sit on one it felt a bit too small for me.
    My legs didn't tuck under the tank curve.

    That's why I went the VTR instead.
  7. Congratulations

    Im going for my L's tomorrow but have already got my bike

    I did a lot of looking around and research before buying my bike and i would not recommend somuto. it has a very bad reputation. look at other threads on this forum and you'll see what i mean

    if u want to buy a grey import i would recommend motorcycle recylist in lilydale, i know its a far way to travel but i saved over $1,000 when comparing the prices with somuto, and unlike somuto u dont have to wait 6 weeks for delivery

    my first baby is a FZR250 with only 9,000 ks, warranty and my choice of color scheme

    as for the spada i hear they are good reliable bikes...if u like that naked look also try the honda hornet, suzuki bandit, or my personal fav naked 250 the honda vtr250 which looks like a baby ducati monster

    just remember no matter what bike u get chances are u will LOVE it

    good luck with the bike shopping
  8. SPAAAAAAADA!!!!!!

    Do it!! Buy a Spada!! Not from Sumoto though... You should be able to find a few dealer that import Spadas, play them off against each other on price/warranty/extras...

    Seriously, they're a great little bike. Solid build, sexy looking, goes well. Cheaper than a VTR, much better than any of the naked 250 4 cylinder things. (Honestly, do you want your bike to sound like a tripping mosquito?)

    And if you get the Spada, you get to say 'Naked' alot. It's great.
  9. Thanks for all the advice peoples. I've also heard a fair bit of bad stuff about sumoto on here, but it all seems to be people saying "i heard a story" or "my friend told me this", I haven't actually heard from anybody who has personally had a bad experience through them. One of the instructors at the rider training said that places like Sumoto have to jump through hoops to get these bikes complianced, so any bike with a recent compliance is pretty much guaranteed to be in good condition. But then again, I will check out motorcycle recyclist - thanks for the pointer.
  10. the reason why mostof us dont have personal experiences from it is because of it bad reputaion, and its painted all over it, so yea........

    well WE all could be wrong, could of been 1 rotten apple ruining the whole basket.....

    but doubt it
  11. Don't think I don't appreciate the opinions - I do, and I'm still very sketchy on Sumoto. After all, I'm sure you all know infinitely more than I do about bikes, seeing as I haven't even bought one yet! They do seem sort of legit though - six month warranty, 2005 compliance, etc. I'll be looking around at a lot of other places though. I checked out "Recycled Motorcycles" on bikepoint this morning, so I think i'll check out a few there as well. They're cheaper, but the compliance is older - 2001 on most of them. Does anybody know any other 250 specialists in Melbourne?
  12. I bought my first bike from Sumoto. Negotiated the bike down to a price I was happy to pay (they do play pretty hard on this). Only thing I had to do to the bike apart from regular servicing was replace the chain and sprockets which were clearly not 100% when I got it and put some spacers in the front to stiffen it up a bit (common problem with import Across's). Engine excellent, brakes good, tyres new, original paint, no blowing smoke, survived 15 months of learner punishment, a superschool track day, could still do the dial. I probably couldn't expect more from a 91 Across. At the end of my restrictions they offered to sell it for me on consignment if I couldn't sell it privately. I had no issues what so ever. Maybe I was lucky but my comments probably carry more weight than those who have just heard of a story....I'm pretty sure there will good and bad stories from pretty much every 2nd hand dealer. Sometimes they invariably pass on a lemon. The only thing I can't comment on Sumoto about is there after sales service, I didn't have to use it!
  13. There's a mob in south melbourne. Get a copy of Australian Motorcycle trader - this other 250 learner specialist mob usually have a two page spread in that mag.

    A spada, gpx, zzr, or cbr etc from one of these grey import mobs, might not cause you servicing headaches since these bikes were once directly imported by the factory and sold in their dealerships, which means, parts should be available. The problem occurs when you get a grey import like a CBRR or FZR or ZX2R which was never imported into Australia by the factory... parts can be a nightmare.

    The other thing with grey imports... what's their history?? A 2005 ADR'd bike doesn't mean that the gearbox isn't halfway through it's life...
  14. Apparently all these bikes are inspected by engineers, and have to get an engineers certificate before compliance. obviously this is mostly a structural/ADR thing, but apparently another condition is that gearbox/engine etc is in good working order. Most of them have been sitting in storage in Japan for years, and they've realised that one of the biggest markets for these bikes is Victoria. Many only have a few thousand kms on them.....apparently
  15. Ashes! thanks a heap. That's actually the first story I've heard from anybody who has personally dealt with Sumoto. Will take it on board.
  16. As an engineer myself, I'd like to talk to one of these ADR'ing engineers on a peer to peer level and appreciate what they actually do...

    Sounds like a good suggestion to AMCN for an article.

    Anybody know one of these engineers???
  17. I'm tipping they'd just make sure the bike's chassis/welds adhere to ADR (would prob be available from Australian Standards) and do a basic inspection on engine and drivetrain. Having said that, I would have to think that conditions of ADR would include things like: no rust, satisfactory brake pressure, and other RWC issues. Just a guess, but it would be handy to get a copy of the ADR.

    found something here:

  18. good luck with ur first purchase, if you do buy from Sumoto make sure that if they make any representations ie:warranty etc that you get it all in writing, just to be on the safe side

    iv personally never dealt with them so cant give my personal opinion but then again can all these stories be lies??
  19. andmake sure u also take someone whith u that knows what they r talking about (the bike if its in good nick) and another guy to talk down the price:LOL:
  20. Definately take someone in the know, preferably someone who has plenty of riding under their belt. All bikes polish up pretty well.