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just got L

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by wilburr, Apr 29, 2009.

  1. hi hows it going i got my L a couple a days ago and am now looking for a bike i have got heaps of information from this site stuff that i would never have knowen otherwise and its made me feel more confident getting in to bikeing so thank you to you people. the bikes i have been looking at gpx250 vtr and er-5 what do you people think of the er-5 they dont make it anymore would it be hard to get parts for any opinions on this bike much appreciated i dont want to spend to much on my first bike about 3000 and it will be riden for fun not commuter im 6ft &85kg i would like to do some wrenching to nothing to major just the basic stuff

  2. Welcome to NR Wilburr

    Sorry I cant help you with any of your choices but someone on here will

    congrats on getting your Ls
  3. Welcome wilburr,

    I like a man that refuses to use punctuation :LOL:

    Enjoy the site :grin:

  4. Welcome to NR Wilburr

    Congrats on the L's :)

    LOL @ Morbo28
  5. Gday Wilburr

    Late starter eh, congrats on your L's, regarding your 2 choices in bikes, test ride them both and see what suits you best, your the 1 thats going to be riding it, not us :)
  6. hi mabe someone could answer this question if the gpx is 27kw and the er5 is 37kw does that 10kw make a big difference for the extra costs of the 500.
  7. certainly does over beers at the pub Wilburr
  8. Welcome to NR Wilburr and well done getting your Learners.

    As others have suggested, try as many bikes as you can for size and comfort. Me thinks the GPX won't be a contender as I think you'll probably find you'll have your knees under your chinny chin chin. Hit all the dealers in town and sit on their used bikes in the yards. Don't mean to sound glib but ... worry about the $$$ later, firstly establish your safety and comfort factor. You can then search the various bike sales on line for the one that suits and perhaps achieve your price requirements.

    Happy riding.

  9. hi again i got a bike a suzuki across 94 model it is very comfortable and a sinch to ride. im just having a problem finding where to fill up the engine oil i thought it would be under the seat but its not could someone tell me where i fill it up as i would like to change oil. i have looked for a shop manual but could not find a good one the one i did find was missing pages i need.thanks for any help.
  10. hi again i just found what i was looking for so it should be good
  11. Well done mate.
  12. hi hows it goin im having a prob with me right blinker the backe one lights up but wont flash and the front one wont come on the bulb looks ok would that be a flasher box or mabe somthing else. if you have any thoughts mabe you could share them thanks for any input
  13. Hi wilburr

    pop a post in Technical and Troubleshooting Torque (if you haven't already)

    goodluck, babe :)
  14. Good on ya mate;) and welcome!