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Just got home from my first ride :(

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Dakotabre, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. Well, Got my first bike today, a CBR125. Just got home from my first ride...

    Gee's it's hard to type with shaky hands ha ha

    I am sooo disapointed in myself, I have been looking forward to this day for the last 3 weeks, while waiting for my bike to arrive. Anyway, I thought I'd leave my first time riding till night time so that there was less traffic on the road, still, unfortunatly where I live, I don't really have access to quiet streets without having to cross major roads.

    It took me about 5 minutes and two 'stalls' to get out of the driveway and onto the actual road, I rode across the road and down the street opposite my driveway. I managed to get to the end of that road and turn right but then stalled in the middle of the turn so I just pushed the bike over to the side of the road. Took my helmet off and had to sit there for a bit to get the courage up to get going again.

    After sitting there for about 10 minutes cursing myself for being such a wuss, I put my helmet back on, and continued about another 100 meters down to a footy oval carpark. There I had to stop again, got off and again cursed myself!! I stood there for a while just watching other cars go passed, inside I was quietly praying for a netrider member to come cruising along and say 'hey there, need any help' ha ha but alas, noone came!

    I got back on the bike, turned it around and slowely rode back up the road, and around the corner to home.... I am sooo disapointed, I was really hoping I'd do better than that and have the courage to keep going. Even though I totally failed - My heart is pounding so fast.

    I guess I'll try again tomorrow night, maybe at a later time when theres even less traffic. Hopefully I'll make it further and do better than up round the corner with 3 stalls and two rest/panic pit stops!
  2. Don't let it discourage you, stick with it in small bursts till you lift your confidence and comfort with the bike. Maybe see if a friend or maybe a netrider member nearby can come and give you some pointers.

    You will get better with a little practice, just don't let it get yo down... everyone has bad days
  3. Dont; be dissappointed. Its all part of the learning curve. Also you have a new bike that you are not used too. Myabe if you know someone get them to ride it to a quite area and then ride it to build your confidence up. It all takes time. "Rome wasn't built in a day". Its the same when you probably first started driving a car.
    Keep your chin up and keep at it. We are all here to help and support
  4. thats a shame.

    the first time in real traffic is a bit scary, but sure as anything you will be confident in no time. Just keep giving it a go.

    after all you are a scary bikie now
  5. Don't be so down on yourself!

    It's hard getting used to a new vehicle. I used to drive coaches for a living, and every time I got into a coach I hadn't driven I was nervous - every control feels different and you're never smooth at first - and I did that for a living!

    If you're just learning, plus you jump on a brand new bike - that you desperately don't want to drop - you're going to be stressed, and you're going to struggle. Next time will probably be just as bad because you'll be tense from this time.

    But then you'll be that little more familiar, and you'll get used to it, and you WILL be fine.

    Maybe try for a quiet car park somewhere and just practise a little. Do the duck walk while feathering the clutch - it starts to get you a bit more familiar with the take-up point, which is different on every bike. Practise easy things first in as quiet a spot as you can.

    Just try to relax and let things happen slow, get a little used to the bike, and you'll be fine. :grin:
  6. Dakotabre, while you're learning, have a mechanically minded person dial up the idle revs. That will help with the stalling.

    +1 to the other comments!
  7. What he said. Huge range of car parks in the shire to choose from. pick the closest and quietest. and practise

    You will get there. the blinding fear and sensation of speed will disappear fairly quickly
  8. Congratulations, you have started your ridng journey, we all start somewhere, dont be discouraged at all, just take your time get out , practice , and most of all enjoy yourself, you'll be going great in no time, riding with someone else can help, try an expression of interest in the ride planner area and see if anyone local can help, but once again congratultions and dont be down on yourself, a start is a start
  9. Keep at it. It'll start to feel more natural soon. Until then, 60kmph will be really scary, but that won't last long! Enjoy the process.
  10. What the other bods said, just keep doing it. It's a very different discipline to most other activities and the co-ordination of mind and body is very different. Persevere.

    And post back here in a week or two and tell us what fun you're having.

    {Any local Netrider want to do some tutoring? Lilley, you're in the Shire??}
  11. what in the hell are you doing trying to learn to ride a new bike in the dark for?

    where do you live?

    you need to put the odds into your favour...

    ride in the daylight even if its in the early hours of a cold morning... wait till the weekend when the traffic dies down..

    find an area like a large car park that is empty and practise riding your new bike...

    if you show weakness on the road the cars will drive straight over the top of you...
  12. +1 for the above poster. Ride during the day, your senses are just that little bit off at night. Usually a Sunday afternoon find a quiet road and go for a spin.

    Everybody has nerves starting. I done my fair share of stalls when I got my first bike, not only that but when I was getting lessons I kept hitting the horn when indicating. The instructor was wondering what the hell I was doing :LOL:

    It takes time, give yourself a month or so to get used to it. Set some goals, go this distance one day, then one step further the following week etc etc. but ideally you'd want to ride during the day.

    What about lessons? Maybe getting an instructor to ride with you would help?

    best of luck!
  13. I know you must have been excited because you just got the bike, but yeah riding at night is not the best thing to be doing straight off the bat! Just find a quiet street and do some laps of the block for now
  14. +1 to what E1 else has said.
    Just keep at it, slow and easy wins the race.
    I gotta agree, you are better off in daylight.
    Perhaps early weekend mornings?

    Keep at it
  15. Thank you for all the encouraging words guys :) I'll definatly stick with it and keep practising!

    I am going to have a look today at google maps to try and find some nice quiet place to go for my 2nd attempt. My only concern is actually getting to that quiet place ha ha but I guess I just have to put my brave face on and do it!

    I see a few of you have said that I shouldn't have gone riding at night time, and they are fair comments that yous have made, but i honestly don't think I'd be able to try during the day just yet... Even at the early hours of the morning, there is still more traffic around than late at night. Don't get me wrong, I am not being ungreatful for your helpful advice, but I think I'm just too scared to try it yet.

    Thanks all again for the encouragement! I'll go for attempt number two tonight, and report back.
  16. Surely you can find a mate just to tag along (on a pushy even??) to keep you company and give you support.

    Starting is hard! But you will quickly get the nerve up and be blazing around doing stupid careless things like the rest of us in no time.

    But yeh perhaps get someone else to ride the bike somewhere quiet for you and then just practise stop/starting, going around in big circles etc. Getting used to the brakes/power/balance, everything.

    Don't give up!

    The fun sensations is probably only 10 minutes of riding away and then you'll be like wtf was I on about this is easy and fun!
  17. Nothing too much new to add to what the others have said. I'll just give you an exercise tip for your clutch control -- I'm not sure if you did this particular exercise for your Ls, but even if you did, do it again anyway -- proper clutch control is imperative, and you should make sure you have this down before you're out on the road on a regular basis. This exercise below is a "stop & go" exercise.

    Get yourself to a quiet, open, parking lot -- a place where you can do big loops without interference. As you go round in laps, determine a stopping point or two per lap, and make sure you can confidently come to a stop at that point (your front wheel coming to a stop within 1/3 meter or so from the line), and also take off from that point without much drama. That is, you can come to a smooth stop without dragging your feet in, and conversely, smoothly take off without having to use your feet as "training wheels".

    Proper clutch control is crucial because if you don't have it down, you spend so much concentration on it trying not to stall, taking away the much needed focus away from looking out onto the road.

    Best of luck, and as other have said, chin up -- you'll get it soon enough. :wink:
  18. i think that this is your area... i would be getting out here on the weekend.. :grin:

  19. WOW... All I can say is WOW!!

    Ok, so I know few of you said not to ride at night, but as I mentioned before, I am just too scared to ride with traffic, so night is the best alternative at the moment.

    I just got back from my 2nd ride! I ended up finding someone to come with me, and it was better because I had them to encourage and push me to go further... So we rode to Engadine (just like in Firetiger's map- Thanks for that) and back Wooo Hoooo.... I made it passed the 500 meter from home mark from last night!!!!

    All in all, I think I went pretty good. I was totally freaking out the whole way and I stalled a few times at the lights and had some cars honking me, which just made me feel horrible and I just wanted to drop the bike and walk away, but the person I was with was good and they just kept telling me to ignore the honking and relax and just try again. After quiet a few stalls it turns out I was trying to take off in other gears, other than the 1st gear, cause sometimes no matter how hard I pushed down the little bleeping bike gear pedal wouldn't go down any further so I just assumed it was first, and after my mate adjusted the clutch a bit, it was easier. Although I do apologise if you were in one of the cars stuck behind me :oops:

    Oh and it absolutely poured down with rain on the way out there, only for about 2 kms, but it was good to experience that, even though at the time I don't think I was breathing from fright.

    So... now I'm home safe and sound with a huge smile on my face. It was so much better going with someone than trying to battle it alone.

    Even though I managed that short ride ok, I think tomorrow night I'll go to a carpark and practice some take offs and tighter movements etc

    Yay for me, so pumped, so excited!! So much better than last night ;)
  20. Good stuff!