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Just got flashed by a safe-t-cam, what now?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by CrayolaS7, May 11, 2011.

  1. Was coming home from work along Parramatta Rd and towards the bottom of the hill in Lewisham there is a safety cam, I was getting ready to turn left onto old Canterbury. Some dude in a car next to me indicates and starts coming across into my lane so I accelerated when FLASH. While trying to avoid him I forgot to check my speed and I think I was going ~67-70, being on my Ls this will mean I lose my licence. Is there anything I can do to avoid that suspension?

  2. Did it get you from the front or the back.

    If you do get fined all you can do is have a look at the unhappy snap and see if the car is cutting you off, and take it to court and try and beg for forgiveness.
  3. From the back. I figure I will have to cop the fine but can I appeal the suspension based on the circumstances and that it is my first offence/I have a good record (no fines on my car licence in ~ 4 years).
  4. Most solicitors will give the first session free. Ring one up and run it by them when/if you get a ticket in the mail. Usually takes about three working days.
    From experience mate. It's rolling the dice with the dice and odds against you. Speciallyif that other car is not in the snap with you.
    If you cant wait that long the RTA usually know within 24hrs.
  5. I feel sorry for you. The ******** being dangerous gets away and you could cop a ban. Next time let him hit you.
  6. I'm hoping my number plate isn't in view of the camera which is a possibility, bloody annoyed because I ride there every day and know there is a camera there but then some ******** cuts me off and I get pinged. Oh yes because there is no such thing as safe speeding and I am supposed to get knocked off instead. Also pre-empting the obvious: "why didn't you brake instead of speed up?" I was about in line with his bonnet when he started coming across so if I had braked I would have been introduced rather painfully to the passenger doors.
  7. Out of all the cameras I pass regularly that's the only one I have ever seen flash on more than a few occasions. It seems to get someone nearly every second time I pass.it must be making a motza. Any chance the car you were passing could have blocked the view of your plate?
  8. any chance they were a cop? :p
  9. Go direct to jail, do not pass go do not collect $200
    On a serious note damn such bad luck and just when you've started riding. Hope you somehow are able to wiggle your way out of this one.
  10. If there is two vehicles in the piccy, they dont usually proceed with it,
    They cant prove which vehicle was the speeding one,
  11. Mate good luck with it, I honestly feel for you. Part of the pain is finding out if you got pinged or if the other car was in the picture.

    Hopefully with your clean record and another car in the frame theyll let you off.
  12. Depends on the nature of the sensors. We've had a few up in Qld that can tell the speed of 3 vehicles simultaneously, in 3 lanes, and spell out who was doing what.
  13. You need a 10 year clean record to get the 1 off pass. I had 7 years clean and only 2 others in 30 years and had to cop it sweet. I sped up to get past a car in a bus lane so I could turn left. It was the camera near Moore Park Golf Club. Had a barrister friend write a letter with a great argument against the fine as well. No joy.
    Best chance is that there are two vehicles in the photo.
  14. Don't be concerned until you receive an infringment letter.

    If you do, and it is under 10 Km/h over the limit, you may be able to apply for withdrawal of the infringment and a warning. In Victoria you can do this once if your record is clear for the last two years or something like that. The fact that you are on your Ls may make a difference.

    The information should be in the letter you receive.
  15. Hi CrayolaS7,

    I have been flashed by the same camera when doing 55 kmph, with two vehicles to my left doing the same. The lights were green. Nothing came of it, except being unnecessarily distracted in traffic, and a fair bit of anxiety from the wait.

    Are you absolutely certain you were well over the speed limit?
  16. Not true when it is a camera at the lights triggered by road sensors. Each lane is detected/sensed individually. If the photo shows both the car and the bike in the same lane however then there is a chance it will be discarded.

    There is also a large number of photos that just get chucked because it doesn't take an accurate enough pic of the plate.

    Just wait and see if anything comes in the mail. If you do get pinged, write a letter explaining your circumstances and you might get lucky.
  17. Is there anyone else that can take the fall for you?
  18. Go get a can of spray paint and teach that camera a lesson.
  19. Those thats go through Galston Gorge gets flashed everytime.........last I tried was at 30km in a 60km zone and the thing still flashed. I have no idea if its still in testing mode.
  20. They are piezos in the road so they should be able to tell which lane, I'm hoping my numberplate is blocked. The other thing I considered is that it was a car behind me that set it off, and I'm just freaking out over nothing. I was well past the sensors when the light flashed. I think that could be the case because I often struggle to set of sensors e.g. the ones in carparks and the ones that make lights change, and I've ridden through that camera head on at ~68 km/h just out of curiosity, without it going off.

    I don't want to get my hopes up on not actually getting the ticket, I figure that will happen but I can wiggle out of the suspension.