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QLD Just got fined for LED lights

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Bee7, Oct 16, 2016.

  1. Police pulled me over and fined me for having 12 led blue lights on while riding my bike. What's worse was i was pulling into my driveway when they did this and gave me a breath test as well in my drive. $120 and 1 point with a defect for the lights. Thanks QLD police for making roads safer. Sorry i chose to Be seen @10.40pm. Is this even legal? What are your thoughts.

  2. You are not an emergency vehicle, therefore you cannot display Blue lights.
    It was also lawful to breath test you in your driveway if police saw you riding the bike.
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  3. Tweet's right on both counts. Besides, why 12 blue led lights on a bike...?
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  4. I'd like to see a pic of the bike at night, see what it looks like.
  5. Like a single-colour Christmas tree, I'd guess......

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  6. Ron's post has the detail but essentially White lights forward, Red lights rearward and yellow elsewhere is the rule.
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  7. People with blue lights on their car/bike really piss me off. I remember there was a fad to have blue LEDs in window washer nozzles a few years ago. Dumb asses got the defects and fines they deserved, just like the morons who drive around in clear weather with their fog lights on.
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  8. or fog lights instead of headlights at night... ffs they point up, people...
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  9. And those high intensity rear lights actually increase your chance of getting hit as they make your brake lights less obvious and dazzle the drivers behind. ( They also give me the shites so please turn them off)
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  10. Putting blue lights on your bike is really asking for it. Begging for it in fact.
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  11. You escaped lightly, my local HWP mob would have defected the bike and gone around it looking for the most trivial things to add to the grand total.
    That's an aftermarket exhaust, tinted windscreen?, those supercorsa's don't have allot of tread on them, is that a helmet camera......

    If you start deliberately making yourself stand out then be certain your compliant and not in a hurry to get anywhere.
    Anyway, they did you a favour as they likely looked *#&% and would have acted as a magnet for dumb drivers to run you over in curiosity
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  12. maybe it didn7t look so bad.
    post a pic for us..

    unless Bee7 is just a cop checking out forums responses to such items :p
    funny first post
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  13. If you hadn't had the lights......

    "Why didn't you ticket him?"

    "Sorry mate, I didn't see him."
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  14. Places you can put various lights on a bike:
    Front: white headlight, yellow blinkers
    Side: yellow blinkers, yellow clearance lights
    Rear: red tail and brake lights, white rego plate lights, yellow blinkers.

    Blue lights are only permitted on emergency vehicles as are red lights on the front. Anybody else is asking for a fine and defect.
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  15. Bee7, be troll ;)
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  16. #17 Returned, Oct 16, 2016
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2016
    Thought the same thing with one or two other first posts recently. . Maybe not Police but a researcher doing their PHD on Influence of Motorcycle Forums on Rider Safety. ( Sorry, old work habits just seem to linger. I was once paid to look for alternative reasons/opportunities)

    edit: So far one first for from Qld, NSW, Vic all asking opinions on safety/legal type questions
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  17. Bee7, no sympathy from here. Blue lights wouldn't help you see and wouldn't help you be seen too well either (people aren't exactly looking for them).

    Quite an impressive first post. Have you ever walked into a packed pub and just start moaning about something without introducing yourself? That's essentially what you've done here.
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  18. Let's see if Bee7Bee7 sticks around...
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  19. The nature of Bee7 doesn't really matter. The issue of extra lights on your bike is one worth discussing.
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