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Just got done for lane-splitting

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Judge Geoffrey, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. Approaching a set of reds, 1 car at the front of each lane so I pulled up between the two of them and got done for that. It was this fat, ugly shaved headed cliche' looking lesbian copper. I'm always really polite to cops but I just couldn't help myself this time.

    She told me that she rode too, so I asked her if she'd ever lane split before, to which she said she never had, so I laughed and told her that she was a liar.

    I didn't have my licence on me and she told me that I'd receieve the fine in the mail so I guess she's going to do me for lane-splitting and also not having my licence... joy.

    The only small compensation I have is telling her that if she keeps her fingers crossed then with any luck she may be born a male in her next life. Too bad being a smart-ass doesn't pay the fine though.

    Oh well, got that off my chest anyway.
  2. :shock: :shock: Somehow I don't think she took too kindly to that comment :LOL: :LOL:
  3. She couldn't understand me when I was telling her the last 2 letters of my NSW licence number which are FL. I can't tell you how much I wanted to say to her "FL, you know, like for Fat Lesbian?". That was half way through the episode though so I didn't want to be a smart-ass, the comment I gave her about being born a man was when it was all over.
  4. What law in ACT bans lane sharing?
    Did you overtake on the right in the same lane?...or undertake on the left in the same lane? There is a big difference.

    I'd expect a negligent driving fine.
  5. the only thing worse would have been if you had the "no fat chicks" and the "nice girls swallow" sticker on your helmet. but i rekon you came pretty close with that comment :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  6. There's 2 lanes travelling in the same direction. 1 car is at the front of each lane, stopped at a set of reds. I pulled up between the two of them at the set of reds. That's where she came up behind me and told me to pull over - plus she was using the words "lane-splitting".
  7. haha good luck with the fine....
  8. they can always pull out the old "Drive in manner Dangerous" - it's highly interpretable and therefore allows them to say you weaved dangerously, you passed a car dangerously, didn't leave enough room, overtook on the left, blah blah blah blah
  9. It depends on two things,

    1. Were you to the right of the left hand car in his lane, or the left of the right hand car in his lane? The first is legal, the second is not.

    2. Were you past the point where the white line became solid? If yes, then overtaking is illegal on a solid white anyway, lane splitting or not.
  11. If the two cars were stationary, then my non-legal opinion is that it is not lane splitting!

    Whats really stupid is that what you did sounds completely safe to me (from the viewpoint of the two cars). I always do the same, nothing worse than stopping behind a car then some dick on the phone or some lady touching up her make up coming up behind you, not seeing you and sandwiching you to the car in front!

    From a safety consideration for the bike rider, its the safest thing to do!
  12. 1. I'm really not sure, I think it was pretty much equal distance between the 2 cars.

    2. Again I'm not sure, but I don't think so - I don't make a habit of ever crossing the solid white line.

    She was onto me the moment I became stationary so the small details like that I can't remember. I'm not going to contest it anyway, if one doesn't want to get done for lane-splitting then don't lane-split. I just thought in this case it was a bit pathetic, not to mention she's a rider. Plus she gave me the generic copper story about how they're the ones who have to come and scrape us off the road and all that bullshit. Yeah, for pulling up between 2 stationary vehicles, boy was my life in danger.
  13. I was thinking I could contest it and say that it was a preventative measure to save myself from getting rammed from behind. I'm a Law student so I could represent myself in such a menial case like this. I just don't know if I can be assed to do it.
  14. hahahahaheheheheh, oh, thats soooo funny. What u sed to her, not the fine.
  15. Ha ha... just couldn't find a compiment for her?!

    I had a cop in a car seeing me split just the other day. I was coming up from behind, saw him and tucked in a few cars back. Traffic moved and changed to the point of me being directly behind him, so I went into the left slip lane. He braked as soon as he saw what I did, then indicated and turned his wheel to follow, but the front wheel was past the plastic division thingy and traffic was coming up behind. HA HA! Hey, he didn't signal me to pull over (I avoided eye contact beyond initial sighting), and he didn't blip his siren or lights. Phew!

    Oh, then as I was approaching to wait for traffic to clear for me to turn, a van pulled up between me and the cop blocking his vision. :LOL:
  16. I'm gonna go see the Mardi Gras parade next year and throw eggs at her when she rides up Oxford St with the Dykes on Bikes.
  17. Your only chance of getting away with that argument would be if someone had in fact ploughed into the back of one of the cars you split between. In that event you could run a "defence of necessity"-type argument.

    But "I think it's safer than sitting in line" won't get you anywhere. If you think it's safer, go lobby your local MP and get the law changed. Thinking it's safer doesn't make it legal.

    (And of course it's safer, I don't dispute that. I'm just saying you won't get off if you raise that as an argument.)
  18. Yeah, was just a fleeting thought. I couldn't be bothered in all honesty.
  19. That's funny as, theres a bit of poetic justice in being a smart arse when u get busted for something. :D

    2 things though:

    In VIC i was under the impression Lane-splitting is legal when the vehicles are stationary (ie at lights)

    Also, if u dont have ur lisence with you, you can supply a copy of your signature and a reason why you dont have your lisence with you you don't get booked. - that might work in NSW too, its a good thing to remember... althought then you need a pen.
  20. It would probably be a waste of time, but should you ever be unlucky enough to have someone ram you from behind, you might be able to Sue the govermnent for having such stupid rules! They'd probably change the rules then!