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Just got braces..

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Kowai, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!

    Oh my god I am in pure agony! I got them on yesterday morning :( Just want to crawl back into bed.. *sigh*

    Don't think I'll get much practice this week.. My head/jaw/teeth are killing me.. I haven't even -tried- to put on my helmet with my mouth hurting as it is! Has anyone else ridden with braces before? Does the helmet push in much on your teeth?

    *sigh* :( Hope I feel better for Saturday morning practice
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  3. Wow!!..sorry to hear you are in pain!! :(

    I had braces many years ago....feels like your whole jaw is about to fall apart eh?? Good news is that it gets better...bad news is, that if they tighten them up on a regular basis....you get to go through that every time!!

    Worth it for the nice smile you will have in the end tho!! :wink:
  4. AWWW the good old days of braces. I think after the pain stage ~ few days up to a week, you be right. you just get used to them. if use that gel/silacone stuff they give you and put em aroudn the braces which get pressed on if you put the helmet on, other than that you should be fine

    what gets annoying is the wire, when it starts sticking out at the back, as your teeth straighten.
  5. tonight would be a good night to just stay indoors with this weather and sit back, relax and have a nice big juicy pizza :LOL:
  6. Which I'll have to eat with a knife and fork and cut up into tiny pieces! :LOL: I was actually planning on pizza tonight I think :) One of the soft foods I can handle at the moment..

    Guess I'm a late bloomer when it comes to bad teeth :LOL: Surprisingly enough though my wisdom teeth are the only non-crooked teeth and had nothing to do with wrecking the rest of them! :shock:

    Maybe I'll try the wax on my teeth and see how I go :) Right now I'm heading home to curl up on the couch and nurse my wounds
  7. I wear a belt, myself. :p
  8. ICE CREAM!!!
  9. Haha ahh the 'good' old days of braces... i know exactly what your going through cause i had mine out only 3 years ago but i still remember the pains that followed a tightening. :p
  10. mashed potatoes will be your friend and apples and the authordontist your enemy.
  11. Ugh. I have to have six teeth pulled and then get mine on next month. Stupid teeth doing stupid things and not being straight by themselves.
  12. topolino's in fitzroy st do a good pizza. or u could always duck into archies for a quick slice or 2 :LOL: Maybe just settle for some yummy yogurt for now actually :grin:
  13. Harden up, sook.
  14. oh common mate, im guessing she is just trying to acheive a fantastic smile like your good self :LOL:
  15. I feel your pain. Thankfully it's all behind me now, but:

    - My lower jaw was growing faster than my upper jaw, had to wear a device 8 hours a night (for months and months) to keep it in check. If I hadn't, I would have required surgery to break my jaw, remove some of the bone and then stick it back together again.

    - Had a childhood accident that almost tore one of my front (adult) teeth out, and also fractured my upper jaw. This was the only straight tooth in my head until that point. Tooth ended up dying, and is now a $1000 crown.

    - 14 (child and adult combined) teeth removed because of overcrowding.

    - Retainer which was like having braces with a temperature controlled wire. I could drink a cold drink if I couldn't deal with the pain which would loosen the wire, and vice-versa with a hot drink. They also had a wire between the back teeth at the roof of my mouth which widened the upper jaw by the swallowing action.

    - Then, I had the actual braces and after that, retainers again which were plastic moulds of my teeth.

    What you've got today probably makes what I had look like those braces Lisa Simpson got in that episode about the company health plan.
  16. If you were a cattle dog, you'd have been knocked on the head.
  17. I'll take that as a compliment. I think. lol
  18. OOOUUUCCHHH yes it would be painful :grin:

  19. one of the most un fun things you'd not want to try....... sleeping on your face.

    you'll wake up in the morning, having to pry your inner lips from the massive in-print your braces will leave behind.
  20. Meh, my missus has em and she's 43, the ones she had at 17 didn't work well cos the **** of an orthodontist insisted she didn't need a retainer after the braces were removed.
    6 grand later she suffers sometimes but hopefully it will be well worth it for her to get a proper bite.