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Just got back from the GP

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Miss_dj, Sep 17, 2006.

  1. OH MY FREAKING GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: I juts got back from the GP and am in love... lol

    I went both Saturday and today and am sooooooo pumped... (yet sooo sored and exhausted...)
    I was only going on sat but scored a free ticket :cool: so after riding all the way back to Melb last night due to lack of accomodation, rode all the way again today...
    The fog on the way to the Island was soooo bad and visibility was close to nil... which led to the sad passing of a fellow rider ...
    To the family and friends of the guy who unfortunately died on the way to PI today, RIP :cry:

    On a lighter note, the bikes and the whole atmosphere was just amazing and my new famous quote re: the 990cc Motogp bikes "If i could f*ck that sound, i would".... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: (the netrider boys i was with had a good laugh!)

    SO as you may have noticed im a Moto GP/Phillip Island virgin :? and just wanted to share my amazing weekend with you all....

    For those that joined me, i had a great time and for the dude on a Ducati who slapped my ass on the way home.... well... hmmm i dont know waht to say...

    Ciao for now peeps :wink:

  2. Great to see you had a good time :) I will hopefully be at my first Moto GP next year, been to F1 GP but not Moto GP :(
  3. I missed it for the first time in 6 years, glad you and others had fun! It's a great weekend/day/event.
  4. Hey DJ, you should have called and stayed here, i've got 3 Charmed's staying here and could easy have found a space for you.
  5. goddamit... ohhh well...
    i love riding too much anyway so the ride there and back was fun for me...

    Thanks for the offer though... It would have been good....

    Its all good though, ill just chuck a sickie for work tomorrow :p hehe
  6. So I take it the deflowering was enjoyable then? :p

    MotoGP is awesome and PI is fantastic!
  7. so very jealous :evil: :wink:
  8. I had a blast....my ninth in a row :shock:

    I have to say that the in-town evening entertainment leaves a lot to be desired, but the daytime entertainment.....WOW!! Nothing beats the sound of those two Ducatis roaring down the main straight!
  9. Oopsi....that would be Lil ^^^^^^^^^
  10. Identity crisis, Stookie???
    Glad you two had a great time; I think I cleaned up all the signs of the wild party we had on Friday night :LOL:
  11. i just got back too. it was TOTALLY AMAZING!!! my first time to the motoGP as well and i'm still buzzing now. i'm also still 1/2 deaf. the races were mindblowing and rossi at last corner of last lap was amazing stealing3rd from gibernau! but the best part was leaving the GP. at the carpark, the sound of all the bikes like continuous thunder, and the ride home was so much fun. hate to be driving a car! :LOL:

    i went up at about 7.30 and it was so foggy i had to wiper my visor every 5 sec. traffic was slow at that roundabout. there was a cruiser, police and ambulance, and cloth draped over something lying on the road. i only saw the sad news when i got home.

    by the way, this my first post & sorry to hijakc your toipic.
  12. Moi, Mr Charmed & charmed jr 3 is STUFFED
    :LOL: should have seen woodsy @ the front door when we arrived back. Like an over protective father, tapping @ his wrist sayin "where u been" LOL.
  13. First posts are ALWAYS welcome, and your's is no exception; welcome :grin:

    Nothing you watch on TV prepares you for the visual onslaught of the real thing, eh? And the smells too: when you're old and grey you'll catch a whiff of one of those smells and it will all come back to you as fresh as today.....
  14. "Kuang7", eh? Welcome to NR. Nice choice of nick. :)

    I didn't go to the Island this time around. I realised I prefer the Superbikes. Better atmosphere, and you can use your bike to get around. You don't have to leave it in a field a couple of klicks away.

    Weird race today, but it was worth watching for 3 things. Vermeulen on the podium, Rossi stealing 3rd from Sete on the run to the line, and Melandri's final corner. Which was absolutely bloody awesome. We are definitely not worthy...
  15. That single handed power slide by melandri was so awsome :grin:
  16. like they say, being there is half the fun...... turn 12, you can spread my ashes right there...... :LOL:

    I was real excited for the first 4 or 5 laps, go Nakkers and the mighty Kwaka, yup a great finish for Chris Vermulen, his first podium in GP's and he did it on godd old aussie turf, and what about Westies ride in the 2fiddy's?

    but like Gromit said..... nothing beats the Superbikes.....
  17. i would have loved to be there! you're very lucky. how about that crash on the 125s [turn 1]. what an IDIOT risking life and limb on the off chance he could re join the pack!

    great 500 race tho. never seen verm before! gib's hair is looking slightly better.

    i'll be there next year. great power slide, the camera angle at the time was better than the replay angle.

    we never got to see the footage of colin's crash!

    is he ok? what happened?
  18. kuang's my name and 7.. because. :LOL:
    my brain's drained after the motoGP.

    i've never been to the superbikes, but after going to motoGP i will be going.

    it was a n awesome day and i look forward to going next yr withj my 600 i hope!

  19. thanks hornet600. next time i'll bring some earplugs. 125cc was ok, 250cc still allright, THE motoGP rattled my teeth &blasted my eardrumms & made my blood sing :LOL:

  20. It was my first time too and I was absolutely blown away. Seeing it on telly just doesn't show the speed... $%^&ing awesome!

    It was also really thrilling riding in such a busy road stacked full of bikes. Hey, I've only been riding a few months. At the start of I was pretty nervous and had to hold back from panicking when a bike would fly past me in the same lane or push in, but coming back I was in good control to share the lane side-by-side and trully enjoying it. WOW!!! Oh, and all the kids at just about every town and intersection waving was really cool :)