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Just Got Back From Motogp 2012...

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Snowman, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. Hi guys, I just got back from my yearly pilgrimage to Philip island.

    What the hell happened to this site?

    Who's the hottie on the thou in the background pic?

    Day 1: Sydney to Bright via Goulburn, Tallangatta etc... Lost my wallet while doing a hectic wheelie somewhere between Tallangatta and Bright. Me and a mate doubled back to look for it but no luck, and extra 230k's for nothing. Oh well, shit happens!

    Also While pissed in Bright one of the boys dropped his wallet in the urinal at the Alpine hotel... He's still using it...

    Day 2: Bright to Phillip Island via Healsville etc... Awesome day, had a great run through black spur and then lunch at beechworth bakery.

    Day 3/4/5: At the track... just the usual, got behind the pits and saw, Corteazie (sp?), Lorenzo, Stoner, Stoners missus and bub, Ianonne and Stavros :p

    At the house... Lots of drinking, farting, burping, snoring, swearing and offensive jokes.

    Mate got a Lorenzo cap signed by him and another mate got his 1 of 100 in Aus Nolan x-802 Casey stoner Honda (Not Ducati) edition signed by Casey himself, and also got a thumbs up from him when he saw honda on the back while signing :D

    Day 6: Phillip Island to Bright... Was spotted by another netrider in the wild, jack, Cant remember his name on here, had a quick chat before I had to shoot off again.

    Day 7: Bright to Canberra (just two of us, the rest continued home)... Mate left his wallet at a servo in Tallangatta... Didnt notice till Tumut -.- They were nice enough to post it back to him... this was an issue because I had been borrowing money off him to get home and now he no longer had squat either :p

    The reason we stopped in canberra was for a friends surpise 23rd birthday, he was surpised. And gave me time this morning to convince the bank I wasnt committing identity theft on myself and got some cash for me and my mate to get home. Was a nervous stint on the highway hoping not to get pulled over and have to explain to plod that BOTH of us had somehow lost our wallets and therefor all our ID and licences and why both our rear tyres were a bees dick off running on canvas... but it didnt happen :)

    So yeah, thats my story, had a blast as usual, would recommend it to anyone, but please, chain your wallet to yourself.
  2. A few pics...

    Dirty girl

    Our house

    In the pits
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  3. Now that's how all houses should look like, full of bikes :happy:
  4. Were you guys staying on Church Street in the newish apartments?
  5. Tell us where your next ride goes - I'm gunna trail behind looking for wallets :sneaky:
  6. nah we were on Jenner, it was a nice place, expensive but worked out cheap split 15 ways lol
  7. Ha, stay away from the yellow stained ones though :p
  8. Sounds like our place just around the corner - I reckon 6 women can put out as much noise and odour as our male counterparts.
  9. looks like a load of fun, contemplating a trip down next year.
  10. I too have lost a wallet while riding, its resting somewhere near wilberforce just after the caltex. Something you only do once, im so anal about that shit now.

    Sounds like a great ride, i wish i could have gotten down there for it, oh well, one day.
  11. if you're thinking of going down, just do it! its only a week off and isnt too expensive. its a great experience and will improve your riding ten fold. When you get back you will feel "at one" with your motorcycle :p
  12. there can only be ONE!
  13. mostly because your ass has moulded to the seat :p