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Just got back from Basic Training with the Army

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by radness, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. I just got back from Basic Training with the Army on Saturday. I figure if anyone has any questions and stuff about the reserves course they can give me a yell and I'll answer them as best as possible.

    I also found out why they use liquid soap in the army.

    Takes longer to pickup in the shower.

    Anyway I had a good time. Only a few wankers in the platoon and the rest were either bearable or good blokes. I managed to lose 5kg and am pretty fit now. Oh and the food is pretty good.

    PTE Stephenson
  2. Pics of you with a gun, or it's lies.

  3. that I will be able to prove when I get back from my folks on the weekend. Me in my sweaty gayish (Gay shitty not gay homosexual) cam job and me holding probably the girliest weapon of them all the steyr. Freakin' stoppages and carbon build up.
  4. Well done Pte Stephenson :cool:

    So is the food still prepared by Army cooks? I heard that they have now outsourced this :? Only interested because I used to be a cook in the Army :p
  5. That the Scout auto or something?

    I desperately want to get my license and a Steyr Tactical Elite bolt-action .308 *drool*

  6. Ktulu... how dare you.... thats my mistress... *drools* (with the scope tho ;) )
  7. The cooking is now outsourced to Spotless. I would compare it to reasonable pub meals. Plenty of choice, plenty of food. A few of the guys found Hairs in food but I was scoffing it down so quick I wouldn't of noticed. And as a bachelor it was good to not cook or do dishes for a month.

    When I got out Saturday I grabbed a newspaper and seen that spotless had been fined a few million for something or rather. Forgot what it was now. That raised my eyebrows a bit.

    Oh and while we were there a whole company (about 100ish) got real bad gastro. I don't know what was the cause and I don't want to speculate. They were confined to barracks for a few days. I was talking to the doctor about it when I fcuked my knee.

    The steyrs are pretty ordinary. always filled with carbon and need cleaning too often. We only got to use the Aus Steyr (I think thats what it was called the F88) and the F89 Minimi (LSW light support weapon (a machine gun but not a machine gun))
  8. Guess I should be grateful there's only so much you can do with that mistress :p :twisted:
  9. dont post any pictures of you holding weapons, it may end up on youtube, then on the front page of SMH, with such horseplay disgusting the australian public and cause another scandle for the CDF. :roll:
    you had stoppages did ya? lol recruits whinging about their gun not working becuase they dont know how to look after them. mind you the steyrs they hand out at kapooka aren't exactly sparkling new, but in better condition than the friggen F89's. fcuk the minimis are a piece of shit...

    Ktulu, that little package will cost ya about 3 grand, plus optics, and that would need to be about another grand to match the rifle.

    where do you parade radness?
  10. Nah, the steyr and scout aren't that good...

    Now this is what im talking about:



    Tactical L96 AWP Airsoft Sniper Rifle W/Scope
    (I hear its a lot more powerful and accurate than a Scout?)


    Oh lol - i have learnt so much from Counter Strike hahahahahaha
  11. Unfortunate that counterstrike gets realigned away from reality with it's weapons to focus on gameplay.

    But hey, it is a game.
  12. Nah, M107 .50 cal.....it'll do it every time.

  13. Alot of people seem to complain about the F88/89 in regards to stoppages. Though with a decent condition weapon thats maintained properly i could count the stoppages ive had on one hand in the last six years(with live rounds). I honestly think theyre great weapons. The only fault is that they dont LOOK very intimidating.(F88)

    Give me the gun and im usually happy.

    By the way mate well done! Gayest part of your army career over :grin:
  14. We used to call you lot "fitters and turners".....
    Fit anything into a pot and turn all of it into.... :p

    And for you lot bitching about the Steyer, try carrying an SLR (7kg with 20 round mag) all day.
    Or the GPMG60 (predecessor to the minimi) 13kg without ammo!

    Wimps the lot of you!
  15. Yeah but what about "Tucker *ucker" and "Ration Assassin" :p

  16. :shock:
  17. Never heard Ration Assasin before..... others I'd heard.
  18. Ok Private..

    1. How long was ya training for?
    2. Was it training to be in reserves or you in there f/time?
    3. & now that you've finished, whats next? You get deployed somewhere?
    4. Would various firearm & assault convictions exclude someone?
    5. Do they test Body Mass Index still? 100kg 5'10 person make it if fit?
  19. Good on you mate.

    Did you buy the piccies on your passing out parade?
  20. 1. How long was ya training for?
    2. Was it training to be in reserves or you in there f/time?
    3. & now that you've finished, whats next? You get deployed somewhere?
    4. Would various firearm & assault convictions exclude someone?
    5. Do they test Body Mass Index still? 100kg 5'10 person make it if fit?[/quote]

    1. 28 Days (Not really long enough to learn the ropes real well. But your unit is suppose to pick up the pieces and train you better)

    2. Reserves for me. More money in the Private sector. I joined for a few reasons. Help protect our way of life, economy etc. Support our troops who are doing a great job, and I think it will look good on me for any future political career I might be planning

    3. I'm a reservist in Ordnance as an Operator Supply (Q store guy). Pretty much a store person. No deployments in the near future. I parade at Oakleigh Tues nights. Its that whole 1 night a week, 1 weekend a month, 2 weeks a year commitment.

    4. The have relaxed the joining requirements greatly. One of the guys in my room was a master of arms? of a bikie gang when he was a little younger and had some convictions against him (not sure how bad).

    5. He was ~6ft and 125kg. He was the biggest in the platoon. As long as you can do your PFA (15 pushups, 45 situps, 7.5 on a beep test) I don't think you would have a problem fitness wise. But you want to be fitter before you go.