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Just got a Weber - any tips?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by davway, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. Just got myself a Weber (well another version but its the same thing).
    havent personally used one before so im looking for any tips.
    got the briquettes nice and toasty and have just slapped down a hunk of Pork.
    might possibly be a bit hot ATM but the burnt bits can be cut off.
    so, any tips for making a nice tasty roast?

  2. I googled Weber and then forgot why I googled it in the first place:

    Amy Weber



    Holly Weber

    I only eat bbq, can't cook for shit so sorry no help from me...but enjoy the weber(s)!
  3. At least you wouldn't have been googling for pork (but the result was the same anyway) :LOL: :p
  4. Practise with the Webber regularly. It makes delicious roasts that, even when slightly burnt on the outside, remain nice and juicy on the inside.

    just like Amy and Holly after a hard days sunbathing :grin: :grin: :bolt:
  5. I thought most bikes were fuel injected these days :LOL:
  6. I prefer this Webber

  7. ah, the double down-draught version, I see
  8. Well for the first attempt it didnt turn out too bad.
    once the heat was under control (shut all the vents) it all went smooth.
    there was only minor charring and that was from putting on too hot.
    also learnt that vegies should go on at the same time as the meat.
    anyway my BBQ roast pork was delicious and worth the effort.
  9. Touche :grin: :LOL: :LOL: But you can't surely be comparing pork with 'chicks'!? I've never had it but it definately can't be this good!
  10. I was thinking possibly as a verb :p
  11. just play with it(with those pictures I am sure someone was going to say it)

    The more you use it the better it will be(The BBQ). if you want to stop the burning put the meat ontop of some carrots, onions,potatos,etc. They will bear the brunt of the heat, and you'll get the flavour into the bottom of the meat. Otherwise you can use some wood, but only if its food safe.

    For another tip... get a cake tray with some smoking wood, and then put the meat on a cake rack in the tray over it(not touching the wood). Best for Hams and chicken etc.