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Just got $10k....but...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Blodders, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. my aunty was just moved to a nursing home for 'retirement'... but in a gesture to my self and my sister she gave us a Whooping $10k each. i'm still in shock. with my restrictions ending in august woot...
    BUT there's a catch... the money can be use for anything BUT two wheeled transport... dam meddling parents. oh well almost sold the bike to buy a car (criminal i know. but i needed for other of things)

  2. Umm...

    With respect dude - You're 25 years old :?
  3. Simple - pay out the bike loan, if you have one, buy a cheap car and keep some cash in reserve (invested) - always comes in handy.
  4. Oh dear, you poor b@stard. Dear Aunty gives you ten large and you have trouble deciding what to spend it on. If only we all had your problem! :p

    Be a man, buy a bike and stop sooking.
  5. (plus, you know, in a couple of years when your investment pays off... it's not the bequest buying the bike, it's the earnings. ;))
  6. money came thought my parents.. and do have some the respect for them .
    sooo looks like the upgrade plans are going ahead like before.. but know i'll have a car as well
  7. +10000000

    It's money you didn't have, didn't rely on, didn't know existed until recently, put it away until you really need it. Not for a bike or car, but a house or a big holiday, something that will be a special time in your life.
  8. Get one of these for your bike, replace Swarovski crystals with diamonds, $10K spent.

  9. ^^^ Forever the smartarse...

    $10K huh Ed? Well, now you CAN afford me :p
  10. give me your parents' phone number.we need to have a chat...
  11. There. Fixed that for you :p
  12. +1, you didn't have it then. Pretend you don't have it now.

    Pretend that you never saw it, put it in an ING account or term deposit, and relax knowing you'll get $500 a year just letting it sit there.
  13. :LOL:

    oh and

  14. Duh, buy 10 grand worth of anything. Then sell it for 10 grand. This new 10 grand (now freshly laundered) can now be spent on a bike :p
  15. I'm glad ^ he said that, 'cos if he hadn't, I was going to.....
  16. tell them you are going to spend it on forming your own drug syndicate. they will change their minds about the 2 wheel business promptly. or, they'll let you, and you'll soon be rich enough to buy whatever you like.
  17. And rub out anyone who gets in your way. You could also remind them who gets to pick the old age home they'll end up in.
  18. +1 for term deposit.

    $500 a yr (which will go up due rising interest rates) with next to no risk for doing nothing sounds good.
  19. Problem solved at night of hookers and Blow...

    nar i need a car as i have a Gf with a kid and no transport..

    soo at the moment it looks like it will be a 2003 mirage
  20. ^^^ thats the best financial advice you will get. ING Savings max or term deposit... let your money grow until you decide what to do with it...
    A cash management trust is also a good option.