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Just going to throw this out there...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MREVOX, Jul 17, 2009.

  1. ... is it just me, or is it difficult to find a nice lady friend?

    Embarrassingly, I'm 26 and have never had a girlfriend. Now, don't worry, this isn't going to get all weird and turn into "I'm coming out thread"... I am straight.

    I don't know if it is something I am doing wrong, am I looking in the wrong places, or am I hideously ugly... it just seems to be quite difficult (for me at least) to achieve this goal.

    I find it quite easy to make friends with the fairer sex... I can hold conversation, joke around, etc... but I just haven't clicked with anyone yet.

    Another thing that scares me is that a lot of guys I know are always telling me "You don't want a girlfriend" and relate their girlfriend horror stories to me quite often.

    Perhaps it's because I'm too nice. Or maybe that I am capable of identifying a potential candidate, and just never ask.

    I don't go out to clubs or anything, so I guess I'm rather limited in meeting people in that space. But I would have thought by now I might have met at least one person, even if it didn't work out.

    Anyone else have this problem, or is it just me that's the leper?
  2. Take it as a blessing mate, having a wife is nothing but a pain in the arse (furtively looks around to make sure mine isn't reading this). Stay single, bang the guts out of casual chicks on the side, then when your too old to have anymore fun ever; find a woman who will look after you in your old age
  3. Have I got the girl for you! Unfortunately, I can't divorce her this year since court will be closed on the day 12 months comes up. Ask some chicks for their honest opinion/advice if you're flustered/fussed by it. One thing is certain, you don't want to end up with the wrong one. Put it this way, it would have been much cheaper for me to drop a few Desmosedici RRs off a cliff (just for fun) than having got involved with my succubus. You don't want to end up in that situation.
  4. here come the horror stories.
  5. Yes, maybe I asked the wrong people... lol
  6. If it has tits or tyres it causes problems and costs money. :p

    So...what were all those lunch dates then? :(
  7. I think you might need to post a pic of yourself......topless.
  8. Uh... who? lol
  9. you
  10. See, I know guys who've done that, and it ends up as one big mess... and I'm not talking about a good mess.

    I for one couldn't live with myself, leading-on multiple girls at a time. A lot of guys seem to do that though - or at least they say they do.

    In any case - I can't even find one girl yet! lol

    In addition, I don't care for any nonsense in terms of arguments about "mountain out of a molehill" type matters. I hate political bull crap at work, and similarly, I wouldn't like it in a relationship either... maybe that's it - I'm just not a good enough politician to handle a relationship. lol
  11. Maybe u should enter into the new series of The Farmer Wants A Wife :LOL:
  12. He's been told to enter Beauty and the Geek...
  13. Ok coming from a nursing background i have experienced a few workplace relationships over the past few years with my fellow co-workers :LOL: To put a long story short. i Finally settled down when i found the rite one for me :grin: it took a while and a few lovely and somewhat crazy lasses to get through :grin: but yeah mate take ur time and eventually ul know when u find the rite gal for yourself, no need to rush things champ.
    these days im engaged and loving it, not sure what life is gonna be like once im married :LOL:

    The best idea i can bring to the table from my past experiences is go out with as many gals that u find interesting. Root some and pass on the others :LOL: Eventually ul know who is write for u mate. just gotta sample the package before u make the purchase :LOL:
  14. What exactly are you looking for Evo? You need to have a very clear idea in your mind of the sort of person you want to spend your time with. Dont worry about when and where you are going to meet the person, thats the easy bit :) Be yourself, be happy and it really will fall into your lap. (No, she probably wont give you a lapdance)

    You dont have to go to clubs to meet someone (unless its a one night wonder in which case go right ahead). Maybe spend more time out and about. Who knows, this elusive girl may even be on Netrider!

    Here is the biggie - Dont be afraid to ask a girl out! Most of them dont bite :grin:

    As for your mates and their horror stories - kick them in the balls HARD. Just because one person had a bad experience doesnt mean you will.

    Me thinks we need a social night in Sydney....
  15. i was going to say, thats not what your avatar says.... but i think i make that reference a little too much these days.

    my bits of advise?

    1)friends of friends. Dont worry if she isnt your soul mate, every lady has a lady friend who is single and needs a decent guy like you...then get one out of the bag and make a dignified exit

    2) do some sort of after-work activity and you will meet some chicks with something in common and all of a sudden you are getting coffee after the yoga, dog obedience school, motorbike ride or whatever.
  16. u need to get out more mate, or start rootin your exhaust pipe
  17. Are you sure you're trying hard enough ? Anyone with a good circle of friends and reasonably socialy active should do ok.
    Are you setting sights too high perhaps ? There's not too many Elles McPhersons in the world ........
  18. Call me cynical but my theory is that at this age (approaching 30) all the good girls are settled down with partners and all the single girls (around our age) are single for a reason. lol.

    Nah but seriously dude, as they say "the grass is always greener." soon as you have a girl friend youll wanna be single again so as you can go and shag or try to shag as many girls as you want. If you just want that special person to come home to everyday and cuddle up etc etc....buy a dog. Will cost you less than a girlfriend, but ultimately its quite similar to a girlfriend. Forever cleaning up the mess they leave behind, making sure their diet is correct so as to maintain a healthy weight, making sure they get enough exorcise and the beauty is, they dont talk back!! And when they do talk back, quite often they make more sense than a girlfriend.

    Or you could HTFU and get out there and start asking girls out. 1 in 10 rule says that for every 10 you ask out, at least one has gotta say yes. Dont be afraid of rejection.
  19. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Oh man I almost fell out of my chair laughing!

    My better half gives the dog death stares and kicks her away when she tries to hump my leg. I'm like the other man!
  20. Women say that about single men too ("Why are you single? What's wrong with you?").

    Do this EVO (what bambam wrote in the above paragraph). If you go further down the path with someone, don't compromise what you're about / who you are even if it seems like a little thing. If you do then they'll take that as a sign of them being able to change you, will start demanding more and more and you'll either eventually become their doormat or you'll split. Good luck, keep it simple, take it easy and you'll be ok. :)