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Just get on the road! - Are cheaper high Km bikes worth the risk?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Mahoney, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. Hi folks, first post here, but have been reading for a couple of months, love the helpful vibe of the forums and really appreciate everyones contribution to the resource.
    I got my Ls about a month ago, and have had a few finacial things pop up that have made me put off getting my first ride, but not so much that I can't save it back in a 2 or 3 months.

    I was going to spend around 7k getting setup (gear included in that) and was looking at low km bikes for 5 to 6 grand, and the rest on gear and insurance. It will take me a while for the funds to recover to a point where i want to spend that, so in the interest of getting on the road faster I've been wondering about the merits of bikes that have done a few more miles.

    I want to take a few for a ride before I settle on one, and am looking for a gs500 or similar kinda thing, and I'm seeing them around with 20,000+ km in prices I can do right now, so does anyone have any advice or tips on taking the chance on something thats "been round the block" a few times? I'm pretty handy on the tools and will be getting the workshop manual for whatever I get, but time is more of an issue for me when it comes to maintainace, I don't get a lot of spare time.
    Is it worth the potential risk or should I just cool my heels and wait a couple of months till I can afford somethings fresher...

  2. Gs500 are bullet proof, I've seen one that had done 220k+ (courier bike) at the time. 20k is nothing.. 'High' kms to me is 60-80k+

    Can easily pick up a used gs500e/f for 3-5k in decent condition.

    The condition is 10x more relevant than its kms. Service history, number of owners, condition of consumables, etc. If you're not sure what to look for when inspecting just get a mech to inspect it for you and give you a report on it. Gives you bargaining power on anything that needs attention.
  3. I bought mine gs500(2009) with 6k on odo just seviced from the Suzuki dealer for nearly $6k. I'm sure you can find gs500 in decent condition for this money.

    PS: one tip. Service schedule for gs500: 1000km, 6000km, 12000km....
  4. Yup, 20K kms if nothing... Just watch out for bikes hovering around the 22000km - 23500km mark as their owners are probably trying to off load the bike before it's major service @ 24000kms. You could use this as a big bargaining chip. Ask to have the major done or bargain for a decent price drop. Good Luck!
  5. What about something like a VTR250 or Ninja 250 that's done around 15-20,000km? are they as bulletproof compared to the other examples given?
  6. 20k km is not that high in my opionion. My bike had 19k on the clock when I bought it.

    GS500 are known to be solid bikes. I was looking at them when I was buying.

    I was hesitant at first about 20k+ milage on a bike but after a while it didn't matter. Once you have the bike you will overlook the mileage and just want to ride it.

    Just keep looking and something will pop up.

    Good luck with it.
  7. I bought my Across with high kilometers (can't remember exact...maybe 55000km?). When I get home today, it would hit 75000km...it has been reliable and hasn't missed a beat. Only gave it a few services along the way. Will need a few new parts due to wear and tear, but that's to be expected.

    Not all high kilometer vehicles will be bad...just got to know it's history :).
  8. As stated 20K is nothing on a GS500

    I bought mine new and clocked 32k in 15 months and it ran as good if not better the day I traded it in...
    Also easy to maintain and really doesn't feel that much bigger to ride than most 2fidys.
    If you plan to do some longer rides, I think the gs500 lower rpms on the highways is also a plus compared to 2fidys...

    Good luck with whatever you choose
  9. any of thte bikes you've listed will be fina at 20k. Just watch out, as mentioned for those who are offloading before the major service.
  10. get the gs500, you wont be sorry!! no 'itch' for upgrade [soon ish after you are on a 250]
  11. A bike that's done 20k has barely been run in.
  12. How the bike has been looked after and maintained is probably more important than the higher number of k's.

    But as everyone else says 20k is bugger all anyway.
  13. The old ZZR is sitting on 122,000 kms. Has a little bit of noise in the gear box but doesn’t lose any oil and runs well. Touch wood.

    I service it every 5000k’s
  14. I just bought my first bike, yep a GS500F with 20K on the clock and it runs like a dream. I guess time will tell but in my search I looked at one with around 4K on the clock and it was so obvious it'd been thrashed and not looked after. Well mine was much cheaper, which allowed me to spend half the value of the bike on proper protective gear.
    If you're looking for a fairing model don't be too concerned with blinker/fairing damage around the front blinkers - seems you sneeze and they crack. Mine have them but hey I'm thinking it wont hurt so much the first scratch I put on it!
    I went for a ride in the pouring rain yesterday - get out there and get one, there's no time like the present!
  15. only read op