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Just gave away a $20,000 bike for free!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by peter-reebok, Nov 17, 2007.

  1. I run a Suzuki New Car dealership, and one of their promotions for October Sale was - buy a new Suzuki, go in the draw for a new M109R, $18990 +ORC.

    A guy who traded in a VT250 on a swift - won the bike!. Good news was he bought the car from us, so we get to hand over the keys.

    And he doesn't know what to do with it!. Will probably sell it.

    And I bought one 2 weeks ago myself. The irony!
  2. Some people have all the luck... :)

    Had I'd known, we could have worked out a shady deal ;)
  3. GF's cousin just bought a brand new Swift.
    Damn, wish I'd known about this promo!

    I'm a sports-bike rider.. but I'd have a Boulevard in the garage given the chance.
  4. Winner wants to sell it - doesnt thionk it would look good with L Plates

    PM me if you want me to pass on your details to him.

    Not permitted to act as a middleman - just to keep things at arms length.
  5. sorry, should have clarified: I'd have a free Boulevard, given the chance :)
  6. Pete would he want top dollar for it or would it be a bargain buy ?
  7. lol that's a great story, pity he isn't going to keep it though :(

    he should sell the swift and keep the bike imo ;)
  8. ^^
    + 1 agree ..
  9. He picks it up today at 4pm.
    Yes, I expect he wants top dollar for it.

    Zooki Aust will be taking plenty of pics, I will post some here. He cant ride it (L's), so his mate has (reluctantly, right) agreed to ride it home for him.
  10. nothing wrong with keeping it in his shed till he's allowed to ride it.

    what a perdicament (*sp) lol
  11. Up for sale

    He came back in today to ask what I thought the bike was worth.

    He is looking for 16-17k for it, it now has 000013 km on it.
    Definitely for sale.

    I will pass on any email addresses, or mobile numbers so he can call anyone who is interested. His name is Ben.
  12. Just to be his mate and able to ride it home'd be cool. "See ya buddy!" haha
  13. As I am new to this forum I don't have enought posts to be able to PM you but I am interested in this bike.

    Could you pass on my email address "subs89@optusnet com au"

  14. corrrd!!
    lucky bugger.

    i bet if someone waved, say 13k cash in his face, some nice/wicked thorts would be going though his mind...