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Just for something different

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Gurbachen, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. I had a bike try to merge into me on the Westgate, helmet didn't move a fraction of an inch until the lane change was complete, then he had a quick glance at his mirror. I was doing maybe 85, he was doing maybe 75, if that, and after the lane change slowed down to about 65, requiring me to stamp on the brakes. What an arse.

  2. Did you take his mirror? or flick his pillion peg down?
  3. Sorry to be more specific I was in my car, don't have a bike at the moment. So it's even more annoying that he didn't notice he was trying to occupy the same space as a tonne and a half of metal
  4. Join a car forum and whinge about bikes.
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  5. Blabbs on form tonight. Must have had his nanna nap.
  6. the worse douches ride then rather then drive......
    fortunately they are usually short term riders...
    often they even fix the gene problem on their own.
  7. Or blokes with only 2 dates,they fix the gene pool.
  8. that sir deserves a drink:applause:
    got any daughters???
  9. Not that talk to UJM riders
  10. my 86 navara leaks oil if they miss the character of european machines,
    blows smoke too

    though it still starts and runs reliably
  11. Looks like 2 dates is your total then.