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Just for laughs... NZ RWC inspections

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by FormerUser1, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. Picking up the bikes at the shipping depot in Christchurch we still had to go for a local WoF (Warrant of fitness = RWC).
    Dave (the guy who did the bike shipping) sent us to a place nearby with which he'd organized the inspection of our 5 bikes that morning.

    Meeting some others the night before who'd had their bikes shipped and seen the RWC guy the day before told of the tester very nearly dropping a Duke ST4 as he wanted to testride the bike 'to make sure the speedo works".
    Didn't make it 10 feet out of the drive before nearly dumping it.

    We rolled up at the tyre place doing the WoF's and the V-Strom rolled into the left inspection bay. Lights/horn= check, a rattle on a footpeg then out came the torch and he crouched down at the front of the bike shining the torch into the fairing....????? Eh?
    "Just checking the head bearings !!!"
    He must be having me on!!!

    Apparently they were fine, the torch didn't show him anything wrong.
    Bike passed.

    Next the KiloGixxer: Tim walks up to him, telling him "no ride on my bike".
    Consternation is the result, the hair comes up...
    Usual stuff, then "how many klicks has she done?" 38.000....
    "Pretty close to a rebuilt then, all Jappers need a total rebuilt around 40.000km !!"
    Then the head-bearing-torch check, this time from the top...


    Next the 1900km "old" Guzzi.
    "Can't pass it, it's got a leaking exhaust"
    "yeah, right there !" WHERE??? "there" WHERE??????????????
    Out comes his benevolent side and the bike is passed after I start to get the 10mm spanner out to tighten a tight (decidedly non-leaking) exhaust clamp.

    Then the R1 (shit, it's near 50.000km...let's hope we get it out of the drive before it falls to bits not having had it's 40.000 total rebuilt)
    "Left forkseal is leaking!" WOT? "Look here, feel it" (rubbing his fingers together, feeling the "oil").
    Doing the same, I come up with a drop of WATER, also rubbing the fingers together... "What's that there?" (pointing at the oggy-knobs)...
    Oh Mama!!
    At this stage it was near to impossible to hold on and NOT kick the fuggwit up the arse....or alternatively just fall to bits laughing...

    Then we get the rap about testers sticking their necks out if passing shonky stuff and how dangerous it all is.... it was hilarious.

    Sooo.....for anyone desperate for a good laugh...this place is highly recommendable. Anyone after a career as a NZ WoF-tester? Buy a torch!!
  2. Mwahahahaha.
    That's hilarious Pete - loved it :)
    He probably uses the torch for investigating the tops of big tree's on his walks too :) :) :) ;)
  3. He was certainly off-his-tree, torch or no batteries :D :D :D :D
    Seen a few dumbos over the years...this one took the cake by a mile !!!

    what a pisser! head bearings... :LOL: :LOL:

    "Theets fine bro, just leet me take eet out for a quuuck feeng to cheyck thut the speydos ok" :LOL:

    apologies to uny kiwis un the forum.
  5. Fush and chups! :LOL: :p
  6. speaka da engrish?
  7. LMAO... i think the bearing check with a torch made it for me.
    Glad he didnt make any comments on the leaking headlight fluid.
  8. I Thought it was an April fools day until I noticed two things..

    1 the posting date
    2 the title included unzud

    Baaa Haaa Haaa :LOL: :LOL:

    Really tho, it's just another example of a minor beaurocrat getting ambitions mixed up with capabilities, happens in Oz a fair bit as well.

  9. Hang on...there was some real competence showing here by picking the front of the bike for the head-bearings... wouldn't've been surprised if he'd make us take the seats of for it, though...
  10. lol. Thank-you for that! Certainly brought a smile to my face.

    Question: could the shipping guy, knowing how 'good' this guy is, have sent you there on purpose to ensure that your bikes got passed no matter what? (i.e. he didn't want any of your bikes not pass a fitness test so he picked a tester who has virtually no knowledge, such that you can bluff your way through the test if required)
  11. No, not really...Dave, the Shipping guy, had picked this clown for convenience....the location was close to the shipping depot but he'd never used him before. It's also a question of organising batches of bikes to be inspected at the time...pretty impossible to just rock up anywhere with 5 bikes needing a RWC right there and then.
    Telling Dave about, he'll never use him again.
  12. Just think yourself lucky in Australia(Melbourne anyway not sure of other states) we don't have "Warrant of Fitness" what a joke.... :LOL:

    12 months for new vehicles and older than 6 years every 6 months

    would your bike/car pass????? :roll:

    check this out


    and i'm an ex-kiwi(20yrs in aussie),,,,god I love Australia...... :applause: