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Just for fun - what's better than a Bandit?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bravus, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. Don't want to waste anyone's time: I'm not buying a new bike any time soon. This discussion thread is idle chitchat over a beer...

    I'm sending off an application today for a job that, if I get it, will come with a *very* significant pay rise. I'll pay off all the debts hanging over me in a year or so and then be much more flush with cash than I've ever been.

    As part of imagining the changes flowing from the new job (to psych meself up for the interview!) I'd love to think about replacing my $4700, 10 year old Bandit 1200S. Trouble is, I'm really struggling to think of what would be better.

    I like the grunt of a biggish bike, and mostly commute so a naked or bikini-faired machine with a fairly upright seating position makes sense.

    So, here's a bit of a short list I came up with:

    Bandit 1250S
    KTM Superduke
    Aprilia Tuono

    The Ducati Streetfighter is nice, but even with the new job I'd struggle to justify more than 20 grand for a bike to myself...

    That should be enough to give you the ballpark...

    And I know, I know, I need to test ride and all that stuff. At this point, though, it's all just dreams and speculation. Join me if you feel like it.
  2. Couple more:

    Speed Triple
    Buell 1125R
  3. Just so you know, Vision Motorsports in Ferntree Gully have an ex demo 08 Superduke R for about $16k... VERY tempting :cool:

    A mate just picked up a Speed Triple and is really happy with it, if I were to do the unthinkable and sell the SD the only 2 sports/nakeds I would really consider would be the Tuono factory and the Speed Triple... thankfully I plan to grow old with the Superduke so thats not someting I'll have to worry about...

    although Werribee KTM have runout RC8's for $20k at the moment so maybe we will see another Kato in the garage to keep the SD company :grin:
  4. Ah yeah, that's definitely another goodie that should be in the list, phizog.

    And get thee behind me, Bamm-Bamm! Don't need temptations right now!
  5. from all the naked bike i have ridden, the SD wins hand down......though i really want to have a spin on the new ktm 950 enduro :grin: they reckon it rides like their big twin on road (though have heard a few complain they lack decent braking for serious road riding) and from all reports it's a serious weapon off road =P~
  6. 2 bikes! Something completely different.
  7. Yeah, I guess that's the other option: hang onto the Bandit for the commute and pick up a supersport 600 just for going silly, or something like that.
  8. How about a cozy night in bed with a willing pair of nubile twins? :)

    But if we're forced to talk bikes, how about throwing a B-King onto that list? I was going to say K1300R but I think you excluded them on price.
  9. Oooh, yeah, B-King should definitely be there!

    Can't say too much about the specific job, but it's a pretty high-level one at a university: rocking up on a B-King has to be good for some breaking-the-stereotypes cred. ;)
  10. Grunty fun? Throw your leg over a Benelli TnT for shits and grins (and skids in your jocks).
  11. z1000, sv1000 /s are the 2 main that come to my mind.
  12. My list:

    MV Agusta Brutale 1078, 989 or 910 (Pure class)
    B-King - whatever you do, just not with the stock cans!
    Maybe even the CB1000R?
  13. Superduke all the way, had mine for 2 months and love the damm thing silly.
  14. Pity I don't have the cash now - there's a schweet B-King in Townsville with Yoshis and only 3700 km on the clock.

    The TnT is purty damn seksi too...
  15. Rear swingarm on the TNT looks like a work of art. Actually the whole bike looks very pretty.

    As someone else mentioned though, they're not well supported at the moment. Last thing you need is long downtime for parts.
  16. If ya can't afford a new Duc - what about a couple year old Monster - plenty of low km ones for sale :cool:

    And Tiger 1050 not naked enough :oops:
  17. There are a half dozen or so tnt's floating around at really good prices after the SA distributor closed it's doors. There were about 7 or 8 brand new ones that went under the hammer at pickles about 3 months ago, and for quite attractive prices from what I hear.