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Just fitted self cancel indicators

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Pjcliffo, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. I removed the 2 brown wires from the indicator relay and soldered in a device called an Mbox. It's the size of a paper clip with a wire on each end. It flashes the indicators and then turns them off after 20 seconds. Cost $65 australian. Rode it today and works perfectly hooray!

  2. so, where did you GET it?????
  3. My Nomad has self cancel indicators, I love them (y)
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    You should specified in your post
    1. The correct name. It's m-stop
    2. The are for use with LED indicators

  5. thanks for the heads up, damn and just when i thought i was reaching the end of must have mods, it just seems to be a ever growing list :)
  6. Hornet, they can be used for normal and led indicators as well as flashing brake lights. Cheers
  7. Are you still able to manually turn your blinkers off?

    (I understand that this may be a stupid question)
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    Good news, thank you (y)

  9. Is it me or does $65 seem a lot for a timer switch.
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    You're not paying just for the switch, you're paying for the knowledge and expertise of the person who designed and built it. If you could do it yourself for less, then do. For the rest of us who can't, it's cheap.

  11. Davidp it's not a stupid question and yes they turn off as normal by pressing the normal indicator button and the indicator dash light works normally.
    The only disadvantage I have found is if u turn left and they self cancel you need to turn off by normal centre press before indicating left again, as the normal indicator switch is still on left. If u turn right then no need for centre press unless turning right twice.
    Yes vertical it's not cheap but no cheaper alternatives and it's easy to fit and a lot safer than forgeting its on. I had a bus come out of a lhs side street because he thought I was turning left. That got my attention!
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  12. I have a self canceling device on my indicators. It's called a thumb.
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  13. You can cancel your blinkers 1000 times no worries and think that you will never forget but no matter how long you have been riding there will be the odd occasion when you don't.

    $65 seems a lot for the odd occasion but normally if you leave a blinker on when going straight it's a recipe for disaster.

    That's the way I see it anyways.
  14. Not a bad idea, I sent the link straight to a mate how has a bad habit of leaving his indicators on for K's at a time. $65 isn't stupid expensive considering a good quality LED flasher unit is around $35.
    I must admit, the only useful thing I found on the Harley Ferguson I had in the States were the self canceling indicators. They only did so after you completed the turn.
  15. Does that mean if you turn right for instance, and forget to cancel and this product does for you, then go to make another right turn 5 minutes down the road, you could potentially not indicate when intended because you didn't cancel the indicator at the controls?

    Risky modification if so, might not seem likely but it could cause an accident one day. I'd rather learn to remember, there's less risk involved with accidentally leaving them on riding straight, than having them not work when turning one day.
  16. So its a device that stops the lamp flashing,but you still need to reset your button,for your indicators to work the next time ?

    And you paid $65---Bwhahahaha.
  17. I've "heard" a lot of Postie bikes with buzzers fitted (Heard rather than seen :) )

    Another trap with this product is if you're sitting at the lights to do a turn for long enough for the cancel timer to kick in you risk Plod pinging you for failing to indicate or worse proceeding assuming other road users know you are turning.