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Just finished HART and got my Licence

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Siwagod, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. So I just got home from completing my two day Pre-Learner training course at HART in St. Ives.
    Went straight from there with my slip to the RMS and did my learners test, walked out half an hour later with my new licence! :D

    The course was great. My instructor was Richard, who looks like a straight up Viking King.
    Hands down probably the best teacher I have ever had, for anything. Bloke was really friendly, light hearted, very well spoken and definitely knew what he was talking about. He went through everything at a good speed, easy to understand and demonstrated while narrating.

    Even after the first day my confidence was miles ahead, and after today, I am thoroughly grateful to have had him as an instructor. My confidence and knowledge is extremely improved now.

    As for HART. It was easy to get to, all the staff I spoke to were friendly, complex was well laid out and the practice areas well maintained. The bikes were in great condition and obviously quite new.

    I will absolutely be going back for the optional training courses they offer, and hope to get Richard for my P's test.

    Cannot recommend HART highly enough.

    100% satisfied.

    Now the adventures begin! :woot:

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  2. Congrats! Check out the free Saturday morning practice sessions.

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  3. Thanks :D Ah those sessions with the forum or HART?

    Btw, laughed heartedly at Telnet'ing into Mordor :ROFLMAO:
  4. Congratulations, it's great when everything falls into place.

    Just a question. In Vic HART actually do the testing as well, so you don't have to go anywhere else after to get your learners aren't the NSW branches designated licence testers?
  5. HART can also do the testing, they are designated licence testers.
    ST. Ives is good because it's the old police training circuit so it has some good bends to play on.

    Congrats Siwagod.
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    I wasn't made aware of any such testing conducted at the actual centre. My whole class went off to the RMS afterwards to get out licences.

    Oh, nobody told us we could do them there! Haha.

    And thank you :D
  7. Sorry should have been clearer. They do the practical tests there, not the theory tests. You should be able to do your Ps there without going to the RMS except to pick up your licence.
  8. Ah right. Yeah I'll be going back there to do extra training courses and my MOST etc..
  9. I've done a few "advanced" courses there and have never come away disappointed. They're a good bunch up there.
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  10. Saturday training sessions are with this forum. The Sydney ones are in homebush I believe. I'd put a link, but on my phone atm.
  11. Congrats mate!
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  12. Thanks mate :happy:
  13. Forgot to say I did my pre-learner there too, they were pretty awesome. I think from memory the bloke's name was Kevin, older bloke with a beard.
  14. Beards are the manliest thing you can have.
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    Went for my Ps at Hart St Ives and couldn't recommend them more. Can't recall the instructors name alas, few years ago now, but it was a day when we'd had a massive storm front over Sydney, and the ride in for the 7am start was harrowing enough.

    Just so you know, if you don't already, you will need to go out on Mona Vale road for a group ride, and around the burbs as part of the Ps test. Tricky part when I went was the 80 kph limit on your Ls vs the 90 speed limit that used to be in place along there...

    Oh, and belated grats, too.

    I was going to comment on the 'manliest thing' bit, but uh....

  16. Thanks NofC.

    I'm guessing that if you go over 80kph on the group ride you insta-fail?
  17. Either that, or you go back to 1955, I can never remember. I *think* the whole road was dropped along there to 80 a few months ago though, but may be wise to check anyways.
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  18. Nah, from Just west of Forest Way (Terry Hills) it's still 90kph until the hill leading up towards St Ives. In the other direction (towards the beach) it's 80kph until you almost get to the Terry Hills turn off then it's 70kph to the cemetery at Mona Vale where it drops to 60kph.
  19. Hmm, how'd i miss this thread.. too late for congrats? (y)
    I'll be off to HART for a course this weekend.. I reckon if we can get through Monavale Rd, that's 1/2 the training done!
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  20. so have you done the post learners course yet. im interested in doing it and would love the feedback from anyone that has done it.
    i went for my first ride the other night around the block and i think ill need not only practice but bit more training as its been 6 months since i did the learners course and forgotten all the important info lol