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Just droppin in to say hi

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by krusty74, May 13, 2009.

  1. Hi all.... heard about this place from a friend and thought I would come and check it out.

  2. hey mate, welcome aboard.
    what's your ride?
  3. Nothing at the moment. Dont really ride on the road that much. Last ride was 07 CBR1000 Superbike...

    Then again, had a nice ride at Eastern Creek on sunday :)
  4. Welcome aboard Krusty. Hope you like it here. Your input into the Racing Section is bound to help the young blokes out.
  5. Shared a pit garage with this nutter at a track day at PI.....he was setting up the Blade with the new shock. Went past me at T12, on the ripple, wheel in the air.

    Mad, utterly mad :)

    Welcome aboard!
  6. Now you have dragged him out of the closet.
  7. Maybe I should add in a signature....

    "Does not play well with other"

    hehehehe :twisted:
  8. Don't mind Cejay. He has confused "mad" with "skill"
  9. Perhaps he is skilfully mad? Does it without leaving a trace?

    Amusing to see the difference between someone working their nuts off doing a 1:50 to someone setting up a new bike/team/shock and still doing 1:40's, pootling around gathering data for the team. And then coming back into the garage and having a laugh.

    Nutters, all of them!
  10. Who's gonna be the first idiot to challenge him to a shootout at the island? :LOL:
    (sorry krusty -in-joke)
  11. On their modded FZ1?
  12. 'Zackly.
  13. 'Zackly.[/quote]

    It'd be no contest :p
  14. hehehehe... fire away.
    I'm always good for a few laughs at my own expense.

    I just pay people back on the track :wink:
  15. The dickhead that you blokes are referring to, has not been on here at all, since he had his pants pulled down, and had his bare arse thoroughly spanked.

    I don't even remember his name, but he never won the Supersport and Superbike Championship in the same year.
  16. Sounds like you've got alot to contribute, welcome aboard :)
  17. welcome mate :biker:
  18. Hi and welcome to NR.
  19. Did someone say SKILL???????


    I know, I know, but ya gotta kick them when they're down. :LOL:

    Nov 2005 at Phillip Island AUSBK round.

    Great weekend of racing. Obviously Adam knew that I needed some photos so being the gentleman that he is ran off at the top of Lukey Heights.

    Cheers Krusty :p

    He was killing them on the track that weekend. Here he is carrying the Number #1

  20. Thanks for the memories Vic ;)