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Just dropped my bike in Garage = Ego CRUSHED

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by zan, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. This just happened and I feel I need to vent/tell someone about it. If you aren't keen on reading just scroll down to the pics :arrow:

    So I just got back from a ride to buy some stuff for my DIY Fender Eliminator...

    I don't have much space to put my bike in my garage... I have to squeeze it between my parent's trailer and one of the garage doors...

    So I was so keen to chuck the bike on the centre stand and start right away and remove the back taillight + have a closer look at the fender. I realize that I don't have much room to swing it on the stand so I'm just awkwardly holding the bike and it starts to lean away from me, I panic a bit and drop it. It lands smack bang on the end of the trailer...

    The area + the trailer (ignore the boxes around my bike, I put them there to prevent my dogs pissing on my bike):


    The scratches:



    I feel like shit. I feel like an idiot. My ego is crushed.

    The irony of the whole situation is that this all happened because I went out to buy something to try and make my bike look more aesthetic and this happens. Can cover up the scratches with paint but the decals are fcked.

    Ahh well, life goes on....
  2. Cheers smee.
  3. Sorry to hear that zan. I, and many others know these feelings. You're not the only one who can stuff up. Look on the positive, you didn't crack the fairings, or worse... If you want to do it on the cheap, mask off the areas, and use some wet n' dry, after some light coats of paint. I'm sure there are vids online to show you how, if you don't already know how to do it. Life could be worse. All else fails, head to the pub.
  4. A lot of bikes hide their weight well, but it's still there. Now you know...
  5. Thats the spirit! Or whatever beverage you prefer!
  6. I feel for you mate. I dropped mine a few weeks ago. Got away with a small scratch on the gearbox. While it's depressing at the moment, life goes on (and the pub is not a bad place to experience it).
  7. Commiserations, never good when you drop your bike.

    If the garage floor is flat and you have a tight space it maybe worthwhile investing in a Motorcycle Dolly to make life easier.
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  8. Commiserations on the drop, my girlfriend has done similar things to hers on more than one occasion.

    But... your dogs piss on the bike??!
  9. Lol I'm not sure what's gotten into them, but as of late they have been doing their business on the wheels of my parent's car. Just to be sure I've covered up my bike ;)

    And thanks for the kind words guys. After spending some time yesterday thinking over the incident and looking at other peoples drops I guess I'll consider myself lucky with such little damage (that can be touched up) and that it was bound to happen as a learner (I've only had my permit for 2 or so weeks).

    Life goes on =D>
  10. ummm...NO! This all happened because you did'nt hold your bike properly!
    It was your fault, clear and simple.
    It's got nothing to do with anything else.
  11. dude if its of any comfort. i dropped mine twice in 2 weeks. once at a bus stop in front of everyone. second a week later same spot with the whole office as a audience.
  12. it has happened to alot of us!! sorry to hear about it, but main thing is you werent on it when it down!!
  13. Dogs wouldn't piss on a Suzuki - but a Kwaka well, who wouldn't ?!

    Mate I dropped my GSX not long ago - in the driveway - it happens. You got off lighter than me and I'm over it. New levers are nicer anyway ;)

    Now you have the perfect excuse to respray the bike GREEN like it should be.
  14. Maybe your ego wouldn't be so crushed if you didn't tell the Internet you did it
  15. ahh well, this has happened to me at petrol station...bike was loaded up with some luggage though (was riding from bris to melb) .

    stopped at some old petrol station in the middle of nowhere, accidentally stepped on some oil, foot slid out, = dropped bike.
  16. No shame telling fellow riders - at least you guys understand how common it is and feel my pain haha.
  17. .... When I was on my L's, I dropped my 250 while navigating the steep hill I live on (reversing on a steep angle to line up for the driveway).... I didn't even have a chance to say Fffffffffuuu.... and it was all over. Me and the bike spread over the driveway!! To make matters worse, I couldn't pick the bloody bike up, so I had to go and get help from a neighbour!!....

    No one "tries" to drop their bike, but in learning what to do and what not to do... It can happen!!... And yeah it was abso-bloody-lutely all my own fault and a valuable lesson was learned.
  18. When I first got the Blackbird, I was filtering and trying to go between cars to change to a better lane.
    As I cut across and went to turn and line up between cars in the other lane, I realised too late that the turning radius of the Bird wa a lot less than the old more manouverable bike.

    So felt over, and was trapped under the bike up against the side of the car. The lights changed to green and I started thumping on the side of the car.
    The driver came around to the pax side and sore me there pinned against the side of his car.
    He and I helped get the bike off me, and upright. ( side note: the retard in the car behind sat there blowing his fekking horn, so I had to quickly advise him, that I was gonna jam it down his throat if he touched it one more time. That if he'd helped he'd be on his way more quickly)

    Anyhow. A few light easy to buff out scratches on the bike, but over a grand for the poor guys rear quarter panel.

    I failed to account for the weight of the Blackbird and it's larger turn radius. Stupid error on my part - and then in different circumstances, I did exactly the same thing and dropped it on it's side about 3 mths later, by trying to be too cute doing a u-turn on a hill.

    Big heavy bike meets road on downhill side = big damage. About a grands worth.

    And I'm not a noob...supposed to know this turning stuff, but nobody is immune.