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Just done 08-09 ZX6R ride

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by abvc, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. Thanks to Snap on Kawasaki and Kawasaki Factory for bringing a demo ride day.

    09 brake feels more responsive and stronger. I hope it's a matter of maintenance.

    Overall I'd still stick with 08.

  2. Crappest bike review ever.

    Top work.
  3. :LOL:

    Weather was shower with cold tyre it didn't really help much.

    Anway here are couple of them..

    firstly power delivery felt stronger on the 09. slipper clutch and the gearbox is always excellent. 09 comes with a steering damper, also different dash look. did I say different? now it has green blood in the RPM :p 09 gear is indicated by number, 08 is indicated by 'ladder' like indicator. The fork is said to be better, all I can say is it felt stiffer. Different setting hopefully fix this. Road and tyre condition really doesn't help much on the cornering point.

    Seating, the seating room is very similar even tho 09 is shorter on height. Overall the 09 looks less bulky because the fairing are more packed to the frame. the seating position itself is modified; with 09 I can feel that weight is distributed and inclined to centre - front. On the other hand sitting on 08 is like 'laying' down; that is body mass is distributed front to rear.

    I think the 09 model is going to the centre - front mass trend, like R6.

    this is a completely different bike