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Just do it

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Spiky, Jun 5, 2005.

  1. It's been a cool but sunny weekend, and the roads were dry - there was a gentle breeze and not too much traffic on the roads.

    The bike was running superbly, and I had one of those experiences where you feel part of the bike, as if you could do anything.

    You need to get life into perpective from time to time, forget your bias and your differences and celebrate that we know something that many motorists will never know or experience. Isn't biking just simply stunning? Memories are made of rides and days like these, and I felt a kinship with other riders that non-bikers will simply never understand.

    Dare I say it, but it gets better as you get older. Other things start taking your life and your time, and your stolen rides on the bike just get more and more valuable. You don't neccessarily become a better rider, but you become more thoughtful, and you appreciate it all the more.

    Ah, you lucky, lucky bastards.
  2. Spiky, you are RIGHT on the money, ah the wisdom of age!!!
    Sadly, I have been laid up this weekend with the lurgy and have missed two glorious riding days here on the south coast. Of course, Hornet didn't help by going on a long ride on both days and calling in to my place to gloat about it after!

    I'll get him, I promise I will.

    I've always maintained that the reason why motorcyclists are such a happy lot (with a few notable exceptions) is that we know something the rest of the world doesn't; the freedom of the road while being at one with the environment.

    After 30+ years of riding, it still thrills me every time I put on the helmet; there's no mind-altering drug that can do that and leave you saner at the end of it.
  3. Riding and kinship

    Ah yes, Spiky, there's no explaining it, but there's no denying it either.
    I stopped this afternoon at the (in)famous Robertson Pie Shop and had the wonderful experience of some guys, all riding much better and more expensive machinery than the mighty Hornet, coming up and admiring my bike and asking questions about it, and enjoying the fact that I was enjoying it!
    Imagine, for a minute, a guy in a Commodore pulling up next to a group of parked Ferraris; do you think the same thing would happen??? In your dreams; it's the kinship of the road that makes all the cold fingers, and occasional pain, worth it.
  4. That what riding is really all about... freedom and being one with the bike and the road. Between commuting and mudane riding, it's easy to lose that kind of appreciation after a while... thanks for reminding me it's still out there. :)
  5. Yes you are all so correct. I have only been riding a very short time, and i still say to myself i should have done this along time ago. The freedom, the open rd and just you and the bike moulded as one. I absolutely love it, and know i will always get that buzz when i get on my machine.
  6. i heard somewhere through the forums that motorbikes are the last enjoyable transport. i am glad i blew up my car and bought another bike. that 9months 5days 22hrs and 2:36mins without owning a bike was torture. i think its the ultimate freedom to hop on rhonda and go for a blat somewhere , nowhere, anywhere!!!

    i love it. better than sitting in cage getting passed by all the bikes :D
  7. When I took the bike for my first spin (with the fuel tap in the off position by mistake mind you!!) it was like a kid in a toystore. It felt great and although the hiccup, I was wanting to get on the bike again very soon. I rode so much in the first week of ownership / getting L's that my car actually got a flat battery!!! But i've worked out a good roster for it now both get roughly equal amounts of time spent with each other.

    As for being one with the bike and the motorcycling experience, well I didn't know what anyone was on about until I actually got my licence and went for alot of rides. Just recently I have been riding with a group of 20 or 30 people from work (their friends and spouses as well) and its been an absolute blast seeing motorcycle headlights in the rearview mirror.....I always get nods and its hard nodding consecutively when 5 bikers pass you on the other side of the road all nodding!!!

    When you get on a motorcycle, its almost as if you are in tune with everything going on around you, plus the bike. Its a real freedom feeling!!!!

    And the new and supportive friends that I've made just from having the bike is amazing, they don't even know me yet they treat me as if i'm a family member that has to be looked out for!!
  8. may be off topic...... ;> but

    went for a ride today from mooroolbark to belgrave then through the forest and around silvan then back through monstrose, it was great, apart from when the sun was in my eyes! and crazy people tailgating me, but anyway.

    saw alot of cruisers that didnt NOD! why do they pretend they cant turn their head?

    on the last couple that i saw i waved.. on the last guy i even went and risked my life by waving with my throttle hand! still kept looking straight ahead.. i dont like them :>
  9. I get a kick out of finding myself looking forward to commuting. It's great riding into the city on a crisp bright morning, splitting the gridlock on the King St bridge and stealing a glance at the river, looking splendid in the morning sun.

    Ok - I've got to turn the bike off 5 minutes later, but it still gives me a lift. A hell of a lot better than strap-hanging in the train!
  10. on the brighter side i did see alot of other bikers nod! i love it !

    and its really depressing just being caught up at the lights as the biker in front gets through, and you can hear them fang it out around the corner :(

    then you imagine the cars next to you thinking.. crazy bikers.. and you have to look nice and innocent :p

    "its not even my bike im just borrowing it!"
    *pull visor down*