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Just died and went to heaven

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by undii, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. Is there an article to go with those pics?
    Great looking bike.
  2. Wowsers, that's a BIG back sprocket on that bike!
    Great picture, though you'd have to think this bike will do good things for Triumph....
  3. Looks like a ZX6R and an R6 made whoopie and had beautifull offspring
  4. They do look nice, can you buy me one too :).
  5. Looks nice. As above, any articles specs etc ? I obviously can't afford/get one but it is good to dream ;)

    or is this just concept ?
  6. ok, one of the comments from the guys doing the test

    "Hey guys...just tested the 675 in Malaysia.....Wow!
    Triumph has done a fantastic job with the bike. Also
    tested the Arrow Pipe equiped vesion, and went an
    average of three seconds a lap quicker. Road test very
    positive also. The motor is a gem.

    Won't say too much as I gotta sell the words. First
    article will be at motorcycleusa.com.

    A big article coming out in MCN (UK) Wed their time. One of the preview spiels was "675, it lives up to the hype"

    and for stats


    Triumph said it puts out roughly the same torque as the 600 japanese bikes at 10K RPMS around 5K RPMS

    Sounds NICE! :)
  7. its the new daytona triumph 675 supersport

    have only read rave reviews about them. apparently they are more street focused and so more fun to ride in the real world

    looks AWESOME!!!
  8. The new 'Tones = sexy biatch.
  9. Yes, a 675cc triple. Gonna sit nicely in between the torquey useful power of the 750cc V2's, and the screaming high end of the 600cc in-line 4's.

    They look mighty fine. I love the R1, but something like this seems like it'd be a near perfect jack-of-all-trades middle-weight bike.
  10. ahhh yes, the new triumph R6 :LOL:

    does sound pretty cool tho....
  11. What happened to the Firestorm you were gonna get?

    I recon youve made the right decision.. Evil looking bike..

    How long do you have to wait until you get to ride away?

  12. wow, 123 bhp... impressive...
  13. Well I didn't know about the 675's when I wanted the firestorm. I think for what I want, a 675 will just be great. And I can always buy a firestorm later in the year. I want my garage to have 3-10 bikes :) :) :)
  14. At 675cc and 3cyl, does this mean that this bike will be able to race in the World SuperSport series?
  15. It's been cleared for UK level but was rejected for World SuperSport series I read.
  16. Awesome ! :shock:

    I cant believe there's a 3 cylinder middleweight machine for sale in the near future. It's like a dream come true.

    I love IL4's and Twins, but I've ALWAYS wanted to own a triple since I learned about bikes. But the Litre bikes from Triump were always too heavy and expensive for my liking.

  17. MCN (UK) VERDICT - "Believe The Hype!"

    They say:

    "What the Triumph has over all it's four-cylinder rivals is a large dose of character. It's simple, yet classy styling may not be one for the extroverts, but it's one of Triumph's great strengths.

    Where the fours feel pretty much the same as each other, the Daytona is completely different, in terms of sound, feel and power delivery. And that's different in a better and more satisfying way, and if it's performance is on a par, for many riders, that alone makes it the first choice in the class.

    Right now if I was forced to make a choice I'd put my money on the R6 as still being the quickest supersport class around the track. But if I was going to put my money on a bike to put in my own garage, it'd be the Triumph - I'd get more pleasure from riding it".
  18. tis very prettty, the silver one please !!