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Just did my pre-learners days...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by GnomeOomps, Dec 14, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    As the title suggests, i have just finished my pre-learner days at the HART facility in st ives. (hey to anyone reading that was there)
    I have to say, one of the best weekends ever!

    Now that i have done that and all i need to do is sit the computer exam at the RTA, i am left with the decision of what bike to get.

    The instructor from the two days there said that i might be suited to a yamaha scorpio, or another bike called madass by sachs.
    I had never heard of sachs (which i only just found out is the oldest bike manufacturer around) and the madass is essentially a modernised postie bike.
    I couldnt see myself on one of those without bursting out in laughter. But they did have another bike called an express, which looks similar to the honda cbf250's that we used on the two days.

    I had a look on here to see if anyone had one and there were some older posts relating to them, just wondering if those people or anyone else have had any problems with them and their thoughts.

    The other bikes that have been recommended to me by other bikers are the kawa gpx250's and zzr250's.

    The biggest problem that i am coming up against is that the price of second hand bikes is ridiculous. What i mean by that is that a 10 year old bike (in the models i am looking at) costs between 4k-5k for something in good condition, but if i paid an extra 2k i could get a new bike.

    I would like to spend less than 4k on the bike as most of my costs will be going into buying decent riding gear.
    My use is mostly weekend riding, with the outlook of getting into some club rides (like the ones this forum holds).
    Eventually i may even start using it as a daily commuter into work in sydney as the free parking and other things that are happening are making it look more appealing to do so.

    The other things are that i am 5'5' and that the road speeds that i would be typically riding on would not exceed 80km/ph (which is fine as i cant exceed 90 for the next year and a half with my P's)

    So after all my ranting (sorry), can anyone recommend a good bike for me. Sports, naked etc. doesnt really phase me, just want to get something that will tide me over for about 3 years while im still learning.
    And if that sachs express is only $2.5k to buy, then it may turn out to be my best option.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback guys!
  2. Congrats on passing pre-learners!

    I think Sachs only make scooters not bikes but Im not sure, If I was you I'd look at ZZR250s and CBR250s also VTR250s and GPX250 Accross - Also you could look at a CBR125 they are around $4500 new, look really nice and are small but they dont go very quick, Ive heard they struggle to get to 110kph

    Also have a look on ebay, I got my '93 ZZR250 with 33,000ks for $2000 - it had some scratches on the side and i had to spend another $400 to get it going, but im really happy with it.

    Good luck!
  3. Welcome, Gnomie :) Congrat's on getting out there to do your pre-learner days.

    Just wondering, what was the instructor's train of thought when he recommended the Scorpio and Madass to you?

    IMO, if you are just looking for a commuter, well and good. But, as you stated, if you're going to be getting out there on the weekends and joining in on group rides, you'll be wanting something with a bit more oomph.

    It's true that you can get a new bike for not a huge amount more than a good secondhand bike. However, with your budget and plans, I'd say that you'd be better off buying a more versatile, gutsier, secondhand bike that's taken a few cosmetic knocks than, say, buying something like the Sachs Express brand new.

    The Honda VTR250 is an awesome bike, they're very popular and hold their value...I've never heard a bad word said against them. Unfortunately, though, you'd be hard pressed to find one in your budget.

    Good luck, half the fun is in the shopping around for bikes, so enjoy :) and best of luck with your computer exam.
  4. thanks fuzzy and snowman,

    I have taken on your advice snowman, and have started looking on ebay, some promising ones seem to be on there. Problem is the ones that im interested in are sitting around 50,000km. Is that too much? what is the rough average of km i should be aiming for (other than the lowest i can get). Its hard to tell what would be good as i am unsure how i could get a mechanic to check it out, cost to do so etc.

    And fuzzy the reason he recommended those to me was that i was looking for something reliable, cheap and not a grey import. And he seemed to think that those models covered most most of my wants. He also was saying that the sports style bikes rev harder and can make it harder to learn on as well as being less forgiving. Thats why i should look more towards the naked style bikes or something.

    The more i read into it the better that a naked bike seemed to be, mainly from the dropping perspective. As in that it wont cost as much to repair or replace parts opposed to full fairing bikes. (as you can see i dont really have a strong idea about this, jsut basing it on what i have read.)

    Thanks again guys!
  5. Mate if you're not too far from South/East Syd, I don't mind coming with you on inspections, I can give some sparse information about what i'd recommend but i would definitely be a big help at an inspection as I know a number of things to check for and most likely I'll pester you to get the bike checked by an independent mechanic so you can both have peace of mind and be able to knock a few bucks off the asking price :)

    PM me if you would like a hand, I don't mind at all.
  6. Hi Gnome,

    As an owner of a Sachs Express ( also known as KN150 ) I can say they are gutless wonders - it suits me as I travel local and all under 80km/h anyway. I am 6'2" 110kg and it does 80 km/h fine - but trying to get it to over 100km/h is a struggle, or when you want some extra burst - forget it.

    Dont get me wrong - its a great little commuter ( and a great price - easy to fix etc... ) and sensational for learners, great on fuel and so far no problems at all, but as others have stated - if you want a bike with oomph - get something different.

    Main reason I got it was so i didnt use all my cash on a larger bike just for L and P plates and I have funds for a bigger and better bike soon, I also could afford all the safety gear ( priority )

  7. thanks heaps not4resale, im on the nthn beaches. but most of the "good" ones seem to be down your way more. will keep you in mind if im going out. cheers.

    misfitpl9, thanks heaps for giving me a rundown on them. the general speed limit around me is 70-80kmh, i wont be riding on the freeway just yet, not until i feel confident with the bike and the road rules, operation etc.
    As i stated, im 5'5 and weigh about 75kg, i dont know if for my frame size and weight that the responsivness of the express would be better or not. might see if i can get a test ride on one.
    In my travels on google i did find out that stoney creek motorsports (the importers of the sachs and other brands into aus) are going into receivership. Not sure how that will affect warranties and parts etc for the express for owners.

    The main model i find myself clawing to find now is the gpx250's. It would seem that everyone thinks that it and the vtr250 are the bees knees of learner bikes with a bit of leeway.
  8. Hello Gnomie!

    Fellow North Shorian here too (Neutral Bay :p) so if you wanna hook up for a ride sometime let me know!

    Just a quick word on the WeeBR. Unless you’re a commuter and don’t plan to do more than 100 km/h, don’t bother with it. They’re wicked in corners but overtaking is a pain in the arse and 13 hp makes it a struggle to keep it going at 100km/h speeds, particularly uphill. That said though they are an excellent learner bike. But you might be bored with it really quickly.

    My advice is to shop around. There are bargains out there if you’re diligent. I got my Badger for an absolute bargain, and the bike is in excellent condition bar the fact that I had to replace the inlet manifolds.

    Check out all the bike sale websites!

    Let us know how your progress goes, eh?

  9. Hey peaches (or peachie :p )

    Would love to get into some club riding once i have got the bike and learnt a bit. So expect me to take you up on your offer :)

    Now "WeeBR", are you talking about the sachs express? If so i get what your saying, overtaking could be an issue.

    I think i have managed to consume most of my time in the day going through ebay, bikepoint, bikesales and tradingpost.

    i did find this one on ebay


    Thanks everyone for the input.
  10. Sorry I should have made it clear from the start. WeeBR = CBR125r. I picked up the term from a mate of mine from another forum that I used to go to.

    The GPX actually looks like it’s in decent condition (fairings anyway)… but why do the pipes look different from one another? Or is it just my imagination??? I’m probably wrong as I have little experience with choosing good bikes :p

    Also I’m losing my license in January (looong story) and won’t be back on the road till early April. In the mean time I’m going to be a pillion biatch but I’m still organizing rides around :p have fun bike hunting!
  11. I wouldn't recommend buying a Sachs. I've heard a few owners say they are not very happy with their reliability/quality.
    Also, if you plan on doing some group rides, then anything less than a 250cc is going to be inadequate, you want to have a little bit of POWAAHHH don't you?
    I bought my VTR250 for $4500, and I'm sure you could find a similar deal around. They really are a great bike, it's going to be a sad day when it comes time to sell Trudy when I upgrade.
    Good luck and let us know how it goes :)
  12. HA!
    Thanks peaches, didnt see that (obvious) play on the name.

    For the mean time i think i will save up and get as much money together as i can so i can buy something decent.
    It must of been the cc's talking as i have managed to get back to my seated position, rather than the couch jumping (ala tom cruise) fit i was having about getting a bike now. Almost went to the bank to get a loan out for one :shock:

    I like the look of the zzr250's, but i will take on board the advice of getting out and trying out different bikes to find the right fit for me.

    Just looking forward to the jan sales at places like the helmet warehouse to get some gear. CANT WAIT! *resumes the couch jumping position*
  13. Sydney city have a decent sale on at the moment.
    I was able to get my Motodry duo $100 off, down from $250.
    Also good discounts on leather.
    Could be worth a look
  14. Grats on passing the pre course :)

    I dunno whether it's already been suggested, or even if it's a decent suggestion, but it's worthwhile taking a look at the 125cc versions that dealers would have on display.

    When we went through a few dealers looking around we saw a 125cc of either a Honda or Suzuki bike that was $4500 out the door, brand new! You being 5'5 might be more suited to the littler bike too.

    I ended up grabbing the GS500F after my initial fear of it being too big was quashed by me sitting on my mates one for 5 mins and juggling it between my legs.
  15. have a look at Sydney City Motorcycles, I just got a $450 leather jacket from there for $260 :D helpful salesmen too
  16. Heya Gnome,

    I'm in Dee Why and bought a 1 year old GPX250 for $5750. 1 year rego, manufacturer warranty, free rego transfer and first service free. Bit pricey but at the time fuel was still expensive, it was spring and second hand bikes were few and far between because every man and his dog had just got a bike licence.

    If you or peaches(or anyone on the beaches) wanna hit me up for a ride this weekend(if you have a bike already) pm me for my mobile number. I work until 4:30pm though so it'd have to be a late afternoon one.

    Otherwise good luck with the shopping. I found it really underwhelming. The only thing I got excited about was a running ZZR250 for $650 but it was sold by the time I rang the guy :p