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Just did my first long ride

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by icestorm, Sep 18, 2010.

  1. Just did my first long ride 350km with a couple of short smoke breaks.
    Looked on google map and chose a travel route to follow with the most twists i could find near here.
    Start out good even though a slightly cool day, left just after lunch.
    Got new gloves because my others have mesh vents and my hands froze yesterday afternoon on a short ride.
    The new gloves while warm and comfy did feel a bit thick and my right hand was very sore after a short while just from holding the throttle(made me want cruise control).
    But the soreness seemed to go away after 1-2 hrs i guess the gloves just need breaking in or my hand did.
    I ended up getting very cold on the way back, found two more things i need especially for cooler days maybe a balaclava and a more aerodynamic helmet or just a more aerodynamic helmet the has a better visor seal and something to stop the wind comming up under neath my chin, my face was so cold.
    Probably some ear plugs too and maybe a bigger windshield.
    All up cost me about $13 in fuel, my car uses more then that just starting up.
    I am sore all over, backs a little sore from holding myself up and forarms a little sore from when my back was tired lol(chose the worst roads more patched pot holes then original road, added to my black list).
    But it was still a good ride and a good experience, something i will need to do more often so i dont get so sore.
    Was speeding technically because im only on my L's but felt better going with the flow of traffic then it does holding it up and dealing with trucks.
    Seen two cops on marked one not both going other way, didnt get pulled over ,im guessing as i wasnt speeding in road limit terms and the wernt really looking in there mirror for an L plate.
    Felt very comfortable and 100km/r often fighting desire to open up the throttle.
    Drove my car when i got back to go to the local store and after the long ride on the bike it just felt so wrong, almost alien to me.

  2. earplugs are awlays worth it, protect your ears now for later

    a balaclava, or at least a neck-warmer is a good investment too

    and, at Moree, heated grips :LOL:
  3. definitely agree with earplugs, best thing i've ever stolen from work.
    worst thing about jumping in the car straight after a ride is when you go to filter at lights :eek:
  4. you can get a chin curtain , for the helmet that helps, with that breeze.

    How tight is your jacket? Can you wear a long sleave shirt under it, or maybe a slim jumper.

    And with your hand, try gripping the tank with thighs a little more, takes the pressure of your hands / wrists
  5. My jacket was good nice and warm just my hands and face that froze.
  6. ear plugs are a definite yes if you're going to be doing speeds higher than 90 or so. The wind noise is literally deafening. It will degrade your hearing over time. ATGATT for me includes them :p
    I have a spare pack of them (cost like $1.20 at bunnings for 10 or so) in the luggage compartment which I stick in before I go on the freeway. Helps infinitely. I find it actually helps hearing on the freeway too as without them all you hear is the wind but with them you can hear cars/trucks etc.
  7. i reckon i actually ride better with them too
  8. make sure they are properly in though. imo, a poor seal can be louder and at a higher pitch than no plugs at all, and very very fatiguing.

    Agree about the hearing thing toadcat, had some in for a bit at defqon could still hear the music fine (it was loudish) but really dialled down the harsher frequencies.
  9. Out of interest, I did Sydney to Canberra and back in a day last year on a GPX250 (how I miss you old girl) and was pretty tired afterwards. I've recently stepped up to a er-6f and have an invite to Byron in a month. I really want to go, but don't have a car or a lot of leave saved. Has anyone done that sort of distance in a day and seriously am I mad to think Sydney to Byron straight is even an option?
  10. Welcome to motorcycling! sore muscles are part and parcel of riding bikes, you may find that your body will become accustomed to riding longer distances and you wont feel as sore. Make sure you're comfortable and warm as being cold can be very distracting and can make you tense up which inturn will make you even more sore afterwards. Better to be a warmer than colder IMHO.

    Send us a link of your ride too.
  11. Been sick since the next morning after my ride.
    Had a slight cough on the day just like a slight dry throat cough every now and then.
    But the morning after the ride, i woke up aching all over and it really hurt my lungs when i coughed(felt like i was coughing up razor blades) lots of flem and had a fever.
    Don't know if it's just the bug that's been going around or the cold air on the ride had something to do with it, but felt fin on saturday, sunday was a different story.
    Spent all day yesterday and most of today in bed.

    Here's a google map of where i went if that's what you wanted.

  12. Elcombe Road was terrible and why i went a different way back
    So was bundara for the most part, lots of cattle grids, patched road and loose gravel mid corner.
  13. Welcome to NetRider!!

    The bike's definitely up to it, the question is, are you? One needs to build up their distance endurance progressively, and monitor for signs of fatigue. I've gone from 260 to 370 to 610 to 750 km days progressively over a year, on my ZZR-250. There are folks who are quite comfortable in doing 1000 mile (i.e. 1600 km) days, see here. Take it easy, rest regularly, don't speed, and you should be fine.
  14. That's shit mate. Hope you recover quickly!

    I rode nearly every day in the first two weeks of August with my visor open and my jacket collar undone, and got a cold that took the next two weeks to get over. Temperature management is really important on a motorcycle, I've learnt the hard way. :p
  15. If you search e'bay you can find a silk balaclava for around 15 bucks,very good in winter..for my hairstyle I use one in summer too to stop the sweat and build up of 'helmet mank'. You can also find silk inner gloves for less than 10 bucks,they will take the edge off the cool air without making your hands feel like marshmallows.
    The muscles will get used to working,nothing that a hot shower ,a stretch followed by beers and mental reflection wont fix.
    Glad you enjoyed it.