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Just did my first coolant flush this arvo.

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by AznCruiser, Oct 13, 2012.

  2. Nice Vid
  3. Thanks dude, im just learning these things too, and used Yuutube videos to help me do general maintenance, save some money, and get my hands dirty......................

    All bikes would have different parts and different locations of bolts..........but hopefully the general gist of things comes across in the video. Coolant flush isnt too difficult and something everyone should be able to do.................

    One thing I forgot to mention in the video is "burping the hose" (I think thats what people call it)............its basically just squeezing the hose, and letting air pockets out of the kinks.
  4. lol and hope it doesn't blow chunks off the inside of the hose into a cooling passage if its an old bike..... my preferred method is to give the bike a rev to get the water flow to drag any air out... let it settle to de-airate .. and retop it up.

    taking it for a SHORT spin works well cause bumps and corners help get all the air out but i stress short... cause air in the system can cause overflow/boiloing/overheating issues.

    i'm not trying to sound like a know all punk, the burping thing works well, but if your hoses are OLD then it's worth being aware of the risks.
  5. This thread reminds me of the Hyosung parked at uni that decided to do a coolant flush all over itself in the carpark
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  6. Damn those Hyos and their automated coolant flushes lol :)........or maybe you mistook the coolant pool, when it really came out of the over flow bottle :)......

    One good thing with no glycol coolants like the one I have is its not as slippery if youve put too much coolant in there..............

    Riding last night up Putty Roads, my engine temp reached a record low for my bike of 78 degrees..............where it would normally be nudging 100 degrees :)..............
  7. Ah well I'm not sure where it came from. Not even sure what an over flow bottle is as well.

    All I know is it was some GT650R or something. Had some 90 degree V-twin, with glycol coolant all over the engine block. Coolant had also dropped onto the ground.

    I figured I might leave a note, just in case he is some dope that doesn't notice that his bike has crapped itself and goes to ride off. Just so he doesn't seize the engine up.

    But then I figured, since he is a Hyosung owner, that a checking to exclude the possibility of coolant loss is probably part of his pre-ride checklist
  8. Is that the equivalent of a bike urinating its pants? Undignified?
  9. Doing this is a given though isnt it?
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  10. I wonder if Hyo's come with an extensive pre-ride checklist (like that for the planes) which, if not followed, void the warranty on the bike :bookworm:
  11. On a side note: did you solve your revving issue, AznCruiser?

  12. Remapped the power commander and at least now getting 14/15k now (still lower than stock redline). I think its the mapping......but I dont know if the mapping resets itself if disconnected from the battery. But the power is still very smooth for a bike with 83,000km on the clock (touch wood)............... I now think its not the bike at fault but the setting on the power commander, so 1k less is ok with me, at least its better for the bike :).

    I hardly ride it to red line anymore anyway.........the ZX6R now feels gutless compared my trackie, now that thing has amazing power/throttle response :).
  13. Warranty would be the least of my worries..............having the wings fall off a plane for some reason puts more fear into me than having a footpeg fall off a bike lol.