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Just Curious

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ametha elf, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. Just curious.....how long has everyone been riding and how many klms have you done in that time? As for me - I've been riding 3 and a half years and have clocked up 45,000 klms. (circumstances not choice have prevented me from doing many more k's)

  2. Two and a bit years - about 25K.
  3. 9 months on my Ls, about 6000Km. I need the car a lot for work to carry SANs and crap so I can't always ride to work.
  4. Brought my bike on the 8th of August, 2010 so 12082km.
  5. this bike and this time, March '05 with 54,900 kms on the clock, now over 160,000 kms

    the time, before, no idea, too long ago, and too many bikes :LOL:
  6. 16 years, 20 bikes and 0 cars and somewhere between 300000 and 350000 kms.

    Hello my name is vertical c and I am an addict.
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  7. About 2.5 - 3 years (1 of those on my L's) and about 20000 kms. 10000 of them over the past year (helps when you get your own bike :LOL: )
  8. Just over 3 months and have 6000ks. Will sky rocket in summer.
  9. 2 to 3 years...75000kms
  10. 2 and a bit years, 4 bikes did not keep track of kms tho.
  11. 4 mths nearly reaching 7000km thx to daily commute to/back from work n some wkend riding lol
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    About 2 months, about 2500km. Stacked the bike and currently on the hunt for a replacement. Over $3k worth of cosmetic damage means the bike was written off.

    (Perving stormtrooper's Across :p )
  13. 22 years, ~300,000 kms
  14. 40 years, over 20 bikes, somewhere around 1 million kms.
    LOL. That's right! Not long enough and not far enough!
  15. Not long enough and not enough kms.
  16. 4 months area (now with a month with my leg in a cast) ...7,800kms...i travelled alot for work...and even more for pleasure.
  17. 1 year and 30,000kms...
  18. 12 years, between 300000 and 350000k's..
  19. My Great grandmother had an old Vincent.
    I was starting as she was stopping. I did get a couple of rides in with her.
    Way too many and way too many stupidly to be still in one piece. Almost.
  20. i'm guessing somewhere around the 40/50k mark... 3 years.