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Just Curious

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Zealt, Feb 7, 2010.

  1. How many mods do you do to your bike but don't post about it?

    I finished making a garage door opener for my bike today, I found an old broken one lying around and got to it with a soldering iron. And with a few bits and a box from Jcar i made it a working thing, then wired a 3 position switch to it, made a bracket to extend the rear master cylinder a bit so there was enough room for the switch ran some wires and now i have a switch hidden on the bike to open and close my garage door. No more fumbeling around in my pocket with gloves on looking for the remote.

    Anyone else do cool stuff like this but never post your progress?

    Just curious for more ideas.
  2. nah i never done anythin like that but love reading wat ideas other have....
    u might have started somethin good here lol...
  3. I attached a computer CPU fan to the regulator of my VFR800 and wired it in to the tail light circuit so that it turns on with the ignition. The regultors are prone to over heating on these bikes and this is apparently a common fix for them.
  4. yeah my bike has a few minor mods, there is a thread about it somewhere, some new stuff coming soon aswell :p
  5. I'm very interested in putting 2 cameras and a common recording device on my bike to catch all the near misses and a$$hoIe drivers and all the fun rides.

    I want it to be able to record hours and have the ability to expand the storage space if need be, so i'm gonna start looking in to that soon.

    Might toy with micro pc solutions.
  6. er, coffee holder :)
    after constantly arriving at work after a 90minute commute, fearful of any blood dripping into my caffeine system, I cable-tied a bicycle water-bottle holder to my steering yokes.

    then summer hit, and it was too hot for coffee. and it became a Mother-can holder.

    Now after weening myself off my Mother addiction, it's a beer-empty holder.
    It wards off anti-social motorists and pedestrians, and is so good at capturing the imagination of young police officers, it even got me out a speeding ticket once. the nice constable wasted so much time asking rigged questions about speeding and picking up and inspecting and sniffing the empty beer bottle ("it was left over from a party last night, there weren't any bins around") that his radio soon came alive with the news of a REAL criminal to be caught somewhere, and he and his partner took off in a blaze of tire-squealing. I remember waving, respectfully and good heartedly of course, before collapsing in the gutter and laughing my ass off :rofl:
  7. I made a DIY shorty out of my Yohsi tri-oval when some of the Carbon fibre was looking a little ratty. Relocated the front indicators onto the headlight bracket. Cut the rubber off the foot pegs to reveal the steel-teethed sport bike pegs underneath. Bolted a storage box onto a spare pillion seat... probably more I forgot.
  8. yes 7654321