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Just completed Q-Ride again for my R license

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by DragonCypher, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. As the title suggests I just passed the R test for Q-ride, was a bit nervous as I've only ridden my crappy little bike for the past year but after the first half hour or so in the carpark I got fairly used to the FZ6 he gave me. Seemed to do everything quite well, if not the first try (kept looking down) but the second was all good.
    It was at Sunshine Coast Motorcycle Rider Training. Basically 1 guy in Noosa who operates this Q-ride business with his own 2 personal bikes and based at his house.
    On weekends he's often seen with a group of people at the local primary school carpark, and during the week is 1 on 1 sessions at a netball court just a few km's away.
    Very friendly guy, didn't ask too much of me too quick but also didn't waste time with the very basic stuff.
    Much cheaper than any other quotes I got for Q-ride too, $220 for an intermediate course with bike hire included.

    Despite the weight and sheer bulk of this bike compared to the 250, it felt suprisingly light and could be thrown around so much easier.
    Plus the change from a gutless carby vtwin to a 90hp efi I4 was rather interesting.

    Just need to go to QLD transport thisafternoon with my certificate and do the upgrade.. then its time to go shopping :)

    So far I'm thinking a 5th gen VFR800fi, which is the 98-01 model.
    Reasonably priced, no stupid VTEC nonsense and gear driven cams unlike the chains that the other VFR's get.

    Any recommendations would be helpful. I'm currently just looking at around $5.5-6k with 70-100,000kms in private listings in the Brisbane area as I'd like to see what I'm getting before I buy it this time.
  2. Congrats on passing the R test for Q-ride mate (y)
    Now you can enjoy the many bikes on offer !
    All the best and happy bike hunting dude :)
  3. congrats mate, im in the middle of doing my re q ride course in nerang
  4. Awesome news mate.

    For 5 to 6k you could something pretty sweet. A close mate of mine just got a 2005 FZ6N for 5.5k with 10,000 on the clock, it was a steal, but it shows you how far you can stretch your dollars.

    I'll pass on is what everyone told me, 600's are great but you'll grow out of it quick. With that train of thought get a blackbird, I've seen some around for under 6k.

    Happy bike hunting dude, and will we see you this Sunday?
  5. Unfortunately I doubt I'll have anything for at least a week or so.
    I'm sure hoping, but I'm relying on my sister to both loan the money and get me to the new bike, and she works full time.

    Plus we're both in Noosa at the moment, returning to Brisbane tomorrow and then Sunday she's busy again with roller derby :p

    But offering to help me get around + funding a new bike = best sister ever :)
  6. dude, you got a vfr, thats pretty awesome, congrats
  7. thanks man, got it all registered and insured now too (y)

    Just need to not eat for a while so I can afford petrol or else it may stop soon :p
  8. Hope you got some nice new tyres on that VFR Chris :p
  9. Quiet you :p

    Will probably see you on Sunday so you can see for yourself
  10. /jealous

    I got my R's around the same time as you. Still gotta sell my gpx before i can upgrade :(

  11. If it makes you feel any better, I sold my VT250 with 35,000kms.. for $350
  12. but is that all there is to the story or was there *cough* engine issues??? :blackeye: :p
  13. For what, the VT or the VFR? :p

    I sold the VT with a dropped big end, first it spun the bearing and stalled from friction.. then I figured its stuffed anyway so I'll try to get home, and under the power of just the starter motor the big end cap came off and it seized.

    The Viffer - I chose for 2 reasons, firstly they're just pure sex

    And secondly is they are known for being one of the most bulletproof engines that honda has ever made.
    Seeing more than one reach 300,000kms and many others over 200,000 means they had to be doing something right.

    The only issues I've had so far is the delay before the indicators turn on, which appears to be common for the whole series.. and if I push the killswitch even in the direction of 'on' the engine stalls.
    Not sure if thats meant to happen, but I just dont touch it regardless.
  14. Hey Chris, have you had a chance to throw the Viffer around the tight stuff yet? I'd be interested to know what you think of it after coming off the VT250.

    I'm looking at the exact same model year and colour as yours for the exact same reasons, lol. :p
  15. Tbh I'm actually trying my best to restrain myself from having too much fun..

    I no longer have the luxury of several people around with cars and utes to help out should something go wrong.

    A few things I can say about it so far though:
    Slow speed balance is sooo much easier with the wide tyres, makes stand still traffic more bareable (I don't lane split when I have baggage and the gaps are small..)
    Can stop/start without putting a foot down too as long as its quick

    The extra weight is very apparent while moving around in that the bike doesn't respond at all until you actually turn the steering, but from the steering input alone it still feels very light and agile. Wind from trucks on the highway is barely noticable too.

    Turning circle is a complete biatch for doing u-turns and parking.. I've hit full lock mid u-turn numerous times so far and it isnt fun.

    Overall I love it, but I need it too much to risk making a mistake.
    Eventually when I'm employed and get a bit of money I'll buy a dedicated track bike
  16. so how you finding VIC? or you decide to stick around in QLD
  17. Cheers Chris, I'm glad you like it!

  18. My original plan was finish Tafe then ride down to melbourne with a week or two worth of clothing while the rest of my stuff got sent down on a very small truck.
    That was the cheapest method, and I was looking forward to the 2 day adventure.. until I spun a big end at 10.30pm one night, 15km out of town.

    Middle of the (old deserted) highway and I could hear that all familiar sound of a bottom end knock as it was losing power. As I slowed down, I pulled in the clutch only to hear a loud backfire as the rod end let go and the engine seized.
    Pushed it maybe 200m before I gave up and parked it on the grass down a side street, using the number plate to stop the side stand sinking.
    Had enough battery for 1 phone call.. and with my awesome luck I got message bank before the phone died and refused to turn back on.

    Thus - I walked the rest

    Had soft saddlebags full of clothing and a huge backpack with other random bits.. tied the helmet to the backpack and ditched the half empty bottle of cheap wine I had with me to save weight
    3.30am I finally made it home, collapsed into bed and made damn sure not to set an alarm for tafe the next day.

    Went back to the highway the following night with a mate's ute to tow it home before listing it on ebay as 'seized' but repairable.

    So without any form of personal transport and not enough money to get one I decided it wasn't such a good idea to move to melbourne where I didn't know anyone or have any employment lined up.

    A mate from school offered me a room in Brisbane for only $10/week more than I paid while at tafe, and I'm still here now. The new bike was bought with a loan from my sister that I'll be paying back as soon as I can find decent employment.. which reminds me, I'll post an add in the employment section of the forum :p

    I'd still like to move to melbourne one day, maybe in a year or two.. and I still plan to ride down the coast too

    /life story
  19. cool, so the vfr would be a huge, differance to the old bike, Hollar out, next time ya feel like a ride.
  20. Well I'd be up for something next weekend depending on weather.

    Got hit with a few seconds of hail today and lots of rain.. and whilst the weather may be heating up I didn't particularly enjoy it