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VIC Just come off and need some advice

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Electro, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. So I was riding down Clarendon Street towards albert park at lunchtime. Cars were stopped at the lights to go straight and I was moving into the left lane to turn in Dorcas Street (lane was empty). A stupid f#$%en b!tch decides she wants to just do a u-turn from the opposite side of the road into my lane so I grabbed a whole bunch of front brake to avoid T-boning her and obviously come off. It was kinda like a lowside, prob at 30-40 km/h but I didn't hit her or any other cars - Thank God.

    Then the b!tch decides to take off. Luckily a Taxi driver behind that saw the whole thing chased her up the road and made her come back. I flipped it at here and she was like i'm so sorry bla bla bla. I exchanged details with here and got the Taxi guys number as a witness - top bloke. She was totally at fault and she admitted she didn't even see me.

    I was fully ATGATT - Thank god otherwise ?

    - Scratched left forarm - minor
    - Grazed left knee (prob kevlar burn) - worst injury
    - Scraped left palm - minor

    - Scratched left mirror
    - Scratched left side fairings
    - Lights kinda moved so now I can see the light coming from inside the fairing whilst riding.
    - Chain came off - fixed it
    - Few other minor scratches here or there maybe a bent lever somewhere (havn't really checked it out fully yet)
    - Helmet and visor scratched.

    Bike was a little hard to start because I think fuel drain out while it was on the floor but I managed to start it and get it back to work.

    So she said she's insured and asked if I was. I made here check out the damage she caused.
    What should I do now?
    Should I take it to a repairer and get an estimate for repairs?
    Do I just contact here insurer?

    Damage overall was minor but I want it ALL fixed. I even want my helmet replaced and my jeans and jacket because they've been a damaged too - Can I do that?
  2. Contact YOUR insurer NOW.
    They will follow up on your behalf. Give them all the details above.
    I'd also see a GP if you have any pain / injuries. Its a TAC matter so it won't cost you more than the first ($50?) and its good insurance for later.
  3. Glad you're OK.

    -Get yourself checked out at the hospital. If you need time off work in the future because something is wrong that you can't feel or notice now (adrenalin, shock or internal injury) then you need a TAC form.

    -Call your insurance company. You're making a claim but she pays for the excess, repairs etc. They can give you all of the information. Give them all of the information.

    -Insurance company will instruct you from there.
  4. Did you actually hit her??? Because if not you might be covered..
  5. I didn't actually hit her. But she basically did a u-turn in an unbroken lane road and I had to brake hard to avoid hitting her.
  6. I'm just saying if you didn't actually hit her I don't think that it's that cut and dried. No doubt if I'm wrong someone will correct me...
  7. I also think, to claim from her insurance, u will need to make a police report to see who was in the wrong
  8. as far as I can see no-one has said to claim from HER insurance.

    put in a claim on your insurance, the insurance company will apportion blame to her on the basis of your report and those of witnesses, and charge her with payment of your excess, simple.
  9. I'm just saying I went down a while ago on a roundabout what someone pulled out on me, the filth weren't interested and without that neither were the insurers...
  10. Police are only required to attend an accident if there is public damage, injury to any party involved, or if one or more of the vehicles is unable to proceed from the scene under its own power..
  11. I'm just saying I don't think it is that simple. If he didn't hit her who's to say whos fault it was...
  12. I just went to the police and they said since we exchanged details it is now a civil matter, so they didn't even want to take my report at this stage. They said to either get a quote and then contact her or contact my insurance.

    They also said that it's a good thing I've got a witness - otherwise I might not really have a case.

    I called IMR and they first said they would put in a claim and then chase up the other party since I have their details - no excess to be paid. But when I said there was no contact they said an excess will need to be paid before they can do anything.

    So I guess I'll have to get a quote and then chase her up.
  13. Sounds like what I was told, I think next time I'm just going to hit them...
  14. Sorry to hear about your accident Electro, I would have thought your insurance company would have covered it as you have the details of the other party and also witnesses. I hope it all works out for you, theres nothing worse than being f@#ked around for something that wasnt your fault.
  15. if the cops aren't interested and aren't going to issue her a ticket etc and there was no contact I think you have buckley's of getting her insurance to pay up. Without a police report to say she was in the wrong and caused your off I don't see how your insurance company can chase her for the repairs.
  16. well this is bullshit!

    wouldn't this be a civil matter.

    OP has a witness. She admitted guilt. take the C#nt to court!
  17. I had the same lacklustre response from VicPol when I had somebody hang a u-turn in front of me in the car one time. On a blind corner. With a crest. Over double lines.

    I hit them, as you can imagine, and initially he tried to say it wasn't his fault. I called the cops and they said that if nobody was injured they didn't want to have anything to do with it. I described the location of the u-turn and they said that if I dragged them out to the scene they'd do him for dangerous driving, and me for careless driving because I couldn't stop in time. (Despite doing 10 kph under the speed limit at the time.)

    Fortunately the guy was scared enough of the dangerous driving charge that he admitted fault and it all went through his insurance. Eventually. But the cops really didn't want to have anything to do with it.

  18. off topic rant...

    and people wonder why the general public have so little time for the filth... the above pretty much sums it up...too ****ing lazy to do their job, unless it involves getting free Macca's or hanging as hairdryer out the window they just don't give a shit...

    To the OP I wish you the best of luck getting it sorted, but welcome to the real world where the innocent parties get ****ed over, enjoy your stay
  19. This is what should happen. You'll pay your excess with your insurer and get the bike repaired. Your insurer will then claim the costs off the other party and then reimburse you for your excess and reinstate your no claims bonus. Whether this is what actually happens is down to your insurer and this is what separates the good from the bad.
  20. Mate!...I thought you were gonna have a "rant"....all you did was cover the basics. :LOL:

    you're absolutely right...the bastards are'nt a police force any more, and have'nt been for a long time where that police work involves the highways and driving etc...They've spent the last 5 years (that I can remember) gradually losing my utmost respect. Now....while I do definitely resist pre-judging the individual , my "prick-alarm" is still always on.

    I said on State Television in the USA once....(where I also used to have the utmost respect for the police up to that point)...if one of the local police came crawling to my door begging for me to help stop the arterial bleeding from a gunshot wound, I'd tell them to piss off, slam the door shut in their face, and go back to watching tv.

    I aint quite THAT bad here yet, but they're doing a fine, fine job of getting me there, everytime I hear this sort of crap from people screwed over by the ineptitude of some cops. :mad:

    pant pant....ok...Soap box is back under the bed...time for another pill....