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Just clocked 100

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FALCON-LORD, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. Well I just finished my first 100k since I got the bike, and prety much dead on the mark had my first fourced rapid stop. It wasn't an emergency stop as such mainly because I was prepared. And low and behold, it was a BMW X5 that caused it.

  2. Whew, for a minute I thought you meant 100MPH. :wink: My bike did that on me last Sat again. Funny that, every time it goes near Binginwarri, it tries to run away. :wink:

    Well you now can look to 1000k, then 10,000k and so on.

  3. well done, i have just clocked a 1,000kms doesn't take long does it :grin:
  4. last week I racked up 3000kms since August!! I feel so....ridey.

    seriously - good on you, before long you'll be saying "just reached 10,000"
  5. Yep, been riding for 6 days BTW :) so expect to clock 1K in at most 10 weeks.
  6. Last weekend's trip to Adelaide and back saw me rack up my first 10,000 kms of riding.

    Can't wait till May when I'm allowed to get a bigger bike. I'm sure the first 10,000kms on the next bike will come up a lot quicker...if you know what I mean! :)
  7. I clocked up 90,000 km on Sunday during my Z Zegna ride. :cool:
  8. We just got home from Bike Mart and I clocked over 66,666. I think its now on 66,679 :(
  9. The number of the Beast. :shock:
  10. I'm now riding over 500km per week rain hail or shine in my daily commute and still loving every moment on the bike. Falcon Lord I wish you many years of happy riding.
  11. Yups, you dont know how relieved I was when it ticked over to 66,667 :grin:
  12. That's a good song!
  13. 66,667 the neighbour of the beast :evil: