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Just can't please everyone

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Azamakumar, May 20, 2011.

  1. I was on the way home on the great western highway, point of interest is just before it turns into the M4. I see green lights ahead, and figure I can sit behind the minivan (see epic pic) or go around (green line) and try make it. I picked the latter and didn't make it. I stop at the lights only to be met by minivan driver angrily glaring at me.

    (completely accurate recollection of scene)

    I roll forward a bit to see wtf was wrong, and I was met with "you came a bit close". I had nfi what she was on about so i just stared at her blankly before she came up with "I wanted to change lanes and I almost hit you, you should be aware of other cars a bit more". I said well if you're changing lanes then you need to be more aware of other cars.

    Then I was told that it didn't matter if she didn't have her indicator on (for those of you playing at home, her indicator wasn't on til after I passed her), I was still expected to be considerate of other people's intentions and needs and feelings and shit. Then she went on about how she had a kid in the back of the car and didn't want an accident so I said "well thankyou for not hitting me" and revved until the light went green so I didn't have to listen to her drivel. So here I am, a stroke later, wondering why people with that mindset are allowed to share roads with us.

  2. ....and someone lets them breed.
  3. i would have shown her my penis
  4. It's true, he would.
  5. Was she hot?
  6. Since she has a kid you know she's up for it.
  7. Her Van is fitted with confirminators?
  8. you made cofee come out my nose from laughing you bastard - you always have an answer for everything ( and it usually involves your penis ) LOL :)

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  9. should of took her mirror.
    or shown your willy.
  10. You ride an egg? How does it go?

    I had a good ride home last night, I was only merged on top of by two people. Everyone must have sore necks these days...
  11. Look, guys, this is a serious issue.
  12. Which is exactly how we're treating it.

    Check the pic.
  13. I meant is the Egg the serious issue.
  14. ahahahah i love this place
  15. i want to ride a goddamned egg!

    i thought you already DID show her your penis, [MENTION=25890]MONKEYMAN[/MENTION]??
  16. Monkeyman constantly has his penis exposed - with a nonchalant dip of the head and subtle pointing in it's direction he can achieve the desired outcome.
  17. What is wrong with you people!!?? Suggesting the poor guy rides an "egg".
    It's clearly a football...shish!
  18. I think this is the egg you guys are talking about
  19. [​IMG]

    Clearly you should have fired the machine guns