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Just cant get the head nod right

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Takamii, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. So riding around on a nice day and all the bikes passing me in the opposite direction ( except the head up arse young harley owners who have one as a yuppy status symbol or to try and be tough while riding in shorts t shirt and ww1 german infantry helmet ) keep giving me the nod

    now being a newbie trying the return the nod I end up looking like a bobble toy with my head bouncing all over the place -- any tips and tricks to get the nod correct?

  2. You need to practice, Don Bradman-style.

    1. place head directly in front of brick wall
    2. nod furiously

    Repeat until you no longer need to ask this question.
  3. with or without helmet ?
  4. Would you practise your golf swing without a club?
  5. Argh not another f***in thread about nodding.

    No helmet....

  6. Yeah my mistake I admit it
  7. Yes because I dont play golf and hence have no clubs

    so I use an air 3 iron
  8. With your avatar being a chook with a leg cocked... and one red helmet... it looks like you spat out a red egg at speed!!... :shock:

    ... maybe cock your leg when you see other riders!!....

  9. The head nod is getting kind of old. You may notice a lot of the newer riders using the latest gesture of respect. It's real easy!

    Take your hand, hold it about 30cm in front of your neck, with the palm facing your chest. Now ball up your fist and extend your middle finger upward toward the sky (or ceiling, if you're riding your motorcycle inside your house.) From this point on, I will now refer to this gesture as respecting.

    You'll find that doing this while riding one handed, or 'respecting' your friendly neighbourhood Hell's Angel/Motorcycle Constable will see their respect for YOU sky rocket.

    ....But seriously, just practice in the mirror. You'll figure it out.
  10. on a serious note, as a tip:

    try not to nod vertically up and down - its not very noticable i find, as the road might have caused a bump and your head might do that

    i actually turn by chin left while still looking straight ahead, this gives you a very noticeable 'nod to the other rider..

  11. oh FFS~ !!
  12. Just lock the f**kin thread....
  13. ](*,)](*,)](*,) just do that
  14. Only if its a harley will I cock my leg to it

    hmmm cock your leg at a harley day
  15. And even though they can't see it, chuck the wink in there too. To keep with the golfing analogy, it's sort of like the follow-through :LOL:
  16. <sarcasm>
    Yeah heaven forbid, people coming along and asking advice. How dare they. What a pain. Heck why not just lock the whole forum and then you'll never be annoyed at all.
  17. :rofl: i think this thread is great for a laugh, i dont know why it annoys people so much..
  18. I'm with you Mischief, I think it's a pisser.
    But,,, I can also see how the "Old Hands" would be frustrated. The Search function is there for all.

    Maybe I should change my Username to Switzerland...