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Just came off my bike for the second time..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Barton1991, Apr 14, 2015.

  1. Not sure how to start this off, still rather bummed by the whole thing, a couple of weeks ago I was coming from a little place south called Ulladulla, and a storm hit as I was proceeding home. Been on my Red Ps now for around a month and still practicing, but haven't rode much since I came off. I was coming around a corner when what I would assume my back wheel hit a puddle of water whilst I was turning which sent me off balance and I came off. Being my second time coming off I didn't make the mistakes I did last time but this time was on my brand new XVS650.

    I got my bike checked out by the local guys at Great Southern Motorcycles at Nowra, it would seem I've done a fair bit of damage, in the couple of thousands, not sure whether I should go straight for my insurance or save up, I haven't really been informed on at fault claims so I'm a little concerned. Apparently I've bent my handlebars and my heated grips are basically destroyed, with a few scratches and tears on my blinkers, saddlebags and pegs. One of my exhausts have been shaved and is now flat on one side apposed to being a cylinder. A simple scratch on my right arm was all I suffered more worried about the bike at this point in time.


    The two images above are basically the more noticeable.

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    If you've got insurance you would have to weigh up either paying the excess or paying for it yourself. If the repair job comes in under your excess pay it, if not you'll have to pay your insurance companies excess and then have your premium bumped up because of the claim. Not an easy pill to swallow that one sorry.
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  3. If the initial assessment is in the thousands then I'd just be making the claim straight away.
    If your excess is less than $1k, and you're going to have it all repaired, then I'd get straight onto your insurer.
    You want the bike looking brand new again.
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  4. Sorry to hear about your off, glad you're ok as others have stated above if its a small amount & you can pay it yourself fine if its thousands do it through insurance
  5. To have come off twice in such a short time is troubling. Have you given a lot of thought to how it happened, what you felt before you came off and what you can perhaps do differently to avoid it next time the same set of circumstances present themselves ?
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  6. Sorry about your bike, always gotta be happy about coming out of a crash without any serious injuries though.
    I thought I didn't mind riding in the rain, but had my first experience of riding in torrential rain recently during Easter.......pretty hairy stuff.

    Btw not sure if you damaged any of your gear, but another consideration is that a lot of insurance companies will also replace that as well.
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  7. Well, I have had my learners for the full year, I've had two bikes currently, my first was second hand and had some fairing damage in which when I came off it had torn the front fairing and the steering went into the tank, was basically a ride off. This second time was what I would call minor as their isn't much damage to what my last bike suffered. The only reason it's in the thousands is because the quote was for EVERYTHING to be replaced with brand new equipment.
  8. Ouch. But it sounds like you have a flaw in your riding. You might want to do a course (in Vic there are intermediate level courses that would do) before you get back into it.
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  9. Glad you are ok. If you claim insurance you will have to pay the excess, which I imagine is pretty high for a new rider,
    plus an increase in your premium next time. It's up to you how much cosmetic damage you can live with.
    As twistngo said a riding course would be worthwhile. It will give you a chance to improve your skills but also to get your confidence back.
    Good luck
  10. Why don't you just fix the bent handle bar and continue riding, if mechanically the bike is ok then just ride it till you get more experience, you can fix up all the cosmetic stuff slowly, but if appearance matters to you then sure make a claim as replacing all those parts would costs a lot more than your excess.
  11. Personally I'd fix only that which you need to be roadworthy, as there is no guarantee that you won't come off again and ruin everything that you would have had repaired. As BugzR34 said, ride it as is and get more experience while replacing parts as you save for them. Look on the bright side - you're still in one piece and the bike is rideable.
  12. You said your first bike was a write off. I've never been in such a position, but what would making a second claim in a few months do to insurance premiums? I'm guessing you take the cash and then don't bother getting premium cover for the next 5 years?

    Anyone with experience?
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  13. Not bikes, but I wrote off two cars six months apart.
    Couldn't get insurance for a few years after the second one.
    Rego into the mrs name: Activate!
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  14. Good call - OP maybe worth doing a couple of on-line quotes and see what an additional claim does to your premium.
    Next part depends on the company......but If you get a message along the lines of "we're sorry blah blah please contact us as we need further info", that quite possibly means you are considered somewhat risky to insure.
  15. Parts versus excess,
    Buy your cheap new parts online from china or hong kong, See what they are worth,
    Then how much is your excess, It may be cheaper to fix your own bike with chinese parts,
    Keep your insurance for a big bingle, Bike versus car, Etc,
    My excess was $600-00, My bike just falls over, its a write off, Full Fairing,
    New Chinese Fairing, The whole lot Is $550-00 from China, Its cheaper than the excess to fix it,
  16. My first bike was an old 06 250 ninja in which I only got third party, so no claim.

    I'm with Youi, so this second incident would be my one and only claim in the entirety of having insurance, the first time I fell of was due to my own stupidity, didn't estimate my speed with the on coming feral cat and had swerved into gravel. This last time it was a tight bend in the rain in which I've had little to no experience riding in the wet, my fault for not training harder.

    As the bike stands, it's road worthy, but I get depressed seeing what I've done to it, I will ring my insurance company and handle it through them, as I have a new bike and would like it to stay that way more than a year. I'm going to look into some riding courses in the near future so the chances of this happening again will be better in my favor.
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  17. For what it's worth, the stock tyres on the XVS650 are shit in the wet.

    Even when shit hits the fan you need to be smooooooth in the wet. Panic is a killer.

    You're going to pay a fcuking lot in the long run for a small stack if you go through your insurer. Personally I'd replace the damaged bits as you go and get more confident. A plus is that you can put some aftermarket pipes on it that way.
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  18. You'll get over it. And it'll serve as a reminder.
  19. I agree with BugzR34 and Deadsy. As you are still learning to ride, I would only fix your handlebars plus any actual roadworthy required items (if any) and continue learning to ride and improve your skills. How peeved would you be if you have it all repaired through insurance only to stack it again in a few months time??

    You could then continue to repair/replace the cosmetic items when you have the $$$. Even if you repaired/replaced one item each month for example, it'd still be looking new again in no time. At the same time, you could be customizing to your own taste and saving some $$$....

    Food for thought.
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  20. First and foremost, put some GOOD tyres on the bloody thing, then fix the bits that really piss you off, Use either used parts or try ebay for cheap genuine. I've bought new parts delivered from the US and England cheaper than I can get them in OZ and faster delivery usually. Dont forget to put 'rider training' on the parts list.
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