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Just Came back from Service: Cam Chain?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by RJ45, Feb 10, 2010.

  1. I took my 07' GPX250 for a service + valve check today.

    I bought my own engine oil in so i thought i'd save a bit... ended up with a $413 bill today. I thought it was quite expensive for a service + valve check. I am not even sure if they've checked it?

    Anyways... the guy told me that my "cam chain" was on the way out and that i should get it replaced next service.

    I presume the cam chain is the equalivent to a timing chain on a car. And from what i know, on a car it's like a 100k or 150k service interval.

    My bike only has 21k on the odometer. Is this normal or am i going to be taken for a ride?

    Feedback is appreciated

    Thank you

  2. Can happen, mate.
  3. kwakas are notorious for chewwing em up. 21k is earlier than usual though.

    $413 is about right for the valve check service. and you can never really tell if they checked it.
  4. That's about right for a major service. It was a major right? I am assuming so because they did the valves.

    These are much higher revving engines than most car engines, hence why things can wear out quicker.

    Mechanic charges can be a bit hard to swallow, there's nothing preventing you from doing it your self in the future. It's a very good way to learn about engines.
  5. Sounds about tight. I had the cam chain tensioners let go on the CBR200RR and on the ZX6R very early in the piece.

    <1000km for the CBR and at 1800km on the ZX6

    You should buy a BMW if you want cheap servicing. My K12 was $535 for its 40,000km Major service. I asked what the 50,000km service was going to cost me and they said $195.

    Gotta love that :D
  6. I never had to replace the cam chain on my ZZR-250 (same motor) but I went through a heap of cam chain tensioners. They weren't cheap either... from memory like $100-$200 each...!
  7. Learn to service yourself. The cost is in the labour. Mechanics charge $80-120/hr for it. so even if you do it a bit slower your earning some pretty good money by doing it yourself.

    You would also be able to judge how far in the cam chain tensioner is and thus know if he is telling porkies. 21Mm sounds a bit soon. it wouldn't enter your mind on most bikes until 50.
  8. So at the next service, about 27,000km? That's pretty quick, but fair enough.

    Just make sure you lock the door first if you still live at home.
  9. buell charged me $307 to change the oil and put a stamp in the book ... and they didn't even put enough oil back in!
  10. If it is the tensioner, rather than the chain (which I would be more inclined to believe), then see if you can get a manual tensioner. They cost about the same, but you only ever buy one. You just have the hassle nipping it up occasionally.

    and The Yak, you save lots of money self servicing in that regards.
  11. GPX250 = top end rattle

    These engines have a very rattly top end... which means they will ware out fast...

    Do oil changes in between servicing... this will mean things like the can chain and valve clearances will not need adjustment or replacement as often (BUT DO CHECK THEM AS THE BOOK TELL YOU)

    30K for a timing chain on them is normal at normal oil changes and use...
  12. plus you dont need as many tools
  13. 21k can happen if the bike has been given a hard time.
    My GSXR600 is up for new chain and guides and its got about 24K.

    Will fix those when i can have it off the road for a bit and give it a major while i'm at it.

    I've already had to repair 2nd gear at under 20K cos of abuse from previous owner (did that myself and saved a bunch).

    Might have to drop the motor and separate the cases again if a particular oil leak turns out to be in a bad spot.

  14. What a rip!!

    I do all basic and some some more advanced work on my bikes myself. It takes time, but i think its fun, and! i learn so the next time i do it im twice as quick.

    Valves tends to be a huge job, labour i meen. the parts are worth not a hole lot. a gasket if your picky and maybe some shims.

    Anyway dudes i hope this inspires you to get your spanner on!
  15. hey guys good info,
    I got the same problem bad top end rattle did the vavle clearances and its much better but still rattling.

    For the cam chain tensioner can i just replace the springs ($7) from memory of do i need to replace anything else?
  16. Its worth a try man, sometimes its more than the springs that are gorn, adn something more mechanical thats causing the mechanism to slip back.

    Check that the chains not out of ajustment and really, 7 bucks man id try it anyway