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Just call me "Toe-Cutter".

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Changa, May 14, 2010.

  1. G'day all,

    well.....not exactly one of the "scoot jockeys" from Mad Max, but I'm getting there.

    At 41, a few weeks back I did the pre-learner course with the RTA, having never even started a bike before. Finally decided on a little bike to play with - 95 Kawasaki Eliminator with less than 12,000 kays.

    What can I say......I love it. I've had old cars all my life - restored them and driven them heaps - but the fun I'm having on this little bike is incredible. Yesterday I took it for a casual ride and was looking for excuses not to head home. It was great. Scares the crap out of me at times, but loving every minute of it. You really do notice a lot more of the road.

    At the moment I'm just saving for all the right road gear and running with borrowed items from friends. Yep, there's some lunatic car drivers out there, but it hasn't stopped me smiling every time I take the bike out. Eventually I'd like to get a cruiser style bike - I'm interested in riding on weekends and just doing it for enjoyment. I bought the little Kawasaki because I really wanted to "learn" how to ride before I got something decent.


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  2. Welcome on board Peter and nice little bike.
  3. Wicked bike :D Welcome to NR, I hope you find it helpful around here.

    I'm glad you quickly noticed how much better bikes are than cars :p Takes some people (the slow ones!) ages, or they just never realise!
  4. Nice bike mate.

    And us "old" newbies might have take a while to get to it but we look a lot sexier on our "L"s than these young tyros ;)

    Come along to the Sydney Learner sessions at Homebush if you can. Details here.

    Fun Ha!
  5. Watch the original Mad Max..often...it's a good road training movie!
    Enjoy your ride..pretend that you are invisible to drivers and you shouldn't get any surprises.
    I have always said..no matter if you are going to have a bad day...or have had a bad day..the ride to and from work is fun.
    Riding just for the sake of it...probably the most fun you can have with clothes on.
  6. Welcome, Peter!
    Neat bike.


    Ride safe!
  7. How true.
    It was kind of sad getting rid of my L's...
    Under a helmet, we all can look 17 again...

    Got pulled over by a cop for a random check, and when I took off my helmet, first thing he said was "sorry mate you all look the same age with a helmet on".. WTF..

    Still did a license check and breathalizer though.
  8. Welcome to a new world of passion! (y)

    And dont worry to much about getting in on the new found freedom and tackling those shit head road users, at our age, our road intuition is for the younger and dumber to lust after!! :demon:
  9. What the... indeed! :rofl:

    Should have asked "Same as what?"


    Fun Ha!
  10. Hi Peter, I have a friend who started out on one of them, its a great little bike, you'll have lots of fun on that one. Welcome to NR.
  11. Thanks heaps for the welcome everyone - much appreciated.

    In the short time I've had this bike i'm loving every minute of it. In fact, i find myslef thinking of reasons to take it for a ride, even around the street. I've been practicing my night riding and also driving in traffic. It was funny that - when I bought it - I had to ask the owner to ride it to my mothers home in the same suburb, because I was so worried I'd crash the thing. My kids were embarrassed by me. Then, after about half an hour of riding the back streets, I decided to take it home myself through dense Highway traffic. I made it.

    I find now that simply riding around I'm noticing so much more than I did whilst in the car. It's great. Not sure I'm ready for the trek to Homebush yet, but it can't be far off.:moped: