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Just bought one of these for the Tuono :)

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by cejay, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. One of the enduring questions of our time has to be why Aprilia fitted the cheapest shock that Sachs sell to the Tuono. Yup, on a $21k bike they fit the cheapest shock that they can find whilst finding the budget for Magnesium engine and clutch covers, Brembo Gold brakes, braided lines. But rear suspension that matches the bike and is fitted to the donor model isn't.

    The OEM shock is adjustable for rebound and preload only. Not a big problem except the ride can manage to be both harsh and wallowy at the same time. The thing most do is to ditch the rear shock and replace with one of these:


    The bike is so brilliant at everything else and I really thought I could ignore the rear shock. Before I spend everything else, I wanted to get this. It's the official Ohlins for the Aprilia RSV and is perfectly matched to the bike. All it lacks from the mega bucks model is the remote preload adjust, something I can live without.

    Now to wait for delivery :)

    I've never modded bikes before, but adding parts to the Aprilia seems ok. Now I need the CRG levers, Woodcraft sliders with the anodised end caps and some wanky clutch and brake reservoirs to cap it off.
  2. Congrats Cejay.

    That will make a poofy italian bike even poofier! (in joke folks) LOL and you'll be wiping up the floor with us inline fours.

    Let us know if you want to borrow my book, 101 sportsbike projects... it has a chapter on fitting aftermarket shocks.

    Cheers bro.
  3. Does it have a section on how to make the perfect Latte or Macchiato? Coz I might be needing that section at 12:30am with a bike, 102 assorted bolts, screws and bits I don't ever remember taking off!
  4. Nice bike and very nice mod.

    Those crg levers should look awesome aswell. You gonna get the short levers? Make sure you write a review on these when you get em :)

    I don't know too much about suspension. Apparently the z750 i got has really crappy ones which many people replace with those on the zx636.

    I'm curious as to how much a difference rear suspension mod will be so please let us know how much better these ohlins are for you!
  5. Hey at least you know what it is. I was speaking to a Ducati rider yesterday who had a 1000 supersport. I commented about the rear shock which looked the same as that with the yellow spring and gold with the ohlins sticker on it and he had no idea what it was!
  6. You big bag of wank you!

  7. I am sooo clubbing you to death with my torque wrench and while passed out I will remove it from your steed.

    You were already sold on it on Sunday night. Top buy.
  8. So you'll be convinced to upgrade to the Factory, of course! :roll:
  9. Ah, the factory, a very tempting purchase, but the standard T is pretty good and with the Akra's and Ohlins installed nearly the same.
  10. If you don't mind me asking cejay, how much? If I can't make the standard suspension work on my '03 Tuono, I might be looking at upgrading also. ;)
  11. You can never have too much suspension or too much brake!

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. Check out www.af1.com for prices. I paid U$599 + $90 shipping. They basically act as a defacto hub for Aprilia and Ohlins. I'll send you some other info via PM.
  13. Thanks cejay - yeah, I suspected you might have purchased from AF1, but there was the off-chance you found someone local. ;)

    Member over at AF too - excellent info for Aprilia owners, to be sure!
  14. Who needs local when it's due to arrive by Monday?
  15. Heh, ain't that the truth. Sucks when it's quicker to get something from the US than it is to get it from Sydney. :LOL:
  16. Yes quicker and half the price,
  17. With the help of Scumbag, the Öhlins is installed and setup.

    Static and dynamic sag have been set and a small run to get an idea on compression and rebound. Already the bikes feels more balanced front to rear, whether this is purely down to the shock I don't know. Either way, I've now got adjustability, a more compliant ride and a top quality shock that looks absolutely horn! Now all I need is a dry road to get a better comparison.




    Compression and rebound are now easily adjustable via the twirly knobs as opposed to impossible to access screws, preload is a pain to setup initially with the collar type adjuster, but once set is rarely touched. From the factory the preload gives no static sag so that took a bit to unwind.

    Getting the old shock out and the new one in was absurdly easy. I know of one guy who did it by himself, but it's easier with two. Just remove two nuts, tap the bolts out, drop the shock out, insert new shock, replace top bolt, gently let rest on wheel and insert bottom bolt. Tighten. Done. 10 minutes (once we worked out that was all that was required).

    I can't remember, did I mention how much I love this bike?!
  18. Please go over to the corner with Deyago and Tenoq... what the hell is it about these Tuono's???? :LOL:
  19. $15k to $20k and you too can find out!
  20. Welcome to the Bright Gold side of Öhlins. Front and rear in my case. :grin:

    I find the easy access Preload adjuster handy when loading up my panniers for a tour. But hey, I don't do that very often, so it is not essential. Mind you, if I pick up a pillion on a ride, it will be handy. :p