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Just bought new Suzuki GSX1400!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by aussie_gruntmaster, Jun 13, 2004.

  1. Ok I've had it for a three weeks and so far a big thumbs up!

    Fuel injected, GSXR1000 front stoppers, huge donk, sexy arse end, massive 190 rear tyre and all for $13450 and yes boys that included GST, delivery and on road costs!

    It gets better, rating 1 insurance with Suncorp Metway only $550 here in Brisbane. Now I bet that’s making those sports bike boys think a little?

    Mods so far included a Bagster tankbag and cover $450 and a nice comfortable SheepyHollow black sheep skin seat cover $149.

    Future mods will include everyone’s favorite - a pair of Yoshi RS3 stainless cans and some sort of screen. No single can/full system conversion as I love the retro look.

    I must admit the wind is a little bit of a problem but every new puppy has it's problems. I also miss the security of a steering dampener, but considering the cost of an aftermarket one is ridiculous, I'll learn to adapt without one. This bike will do for a few years but I'd love huge V-twin next..............

    My wife really misses the hard pillion seat off the 98 GSXR750 and I hate the rubber pads on the pegs.................NOT

    So why not buy the Yamaha XJ1300? Well it only has a 5 speed box, no fuel injection and it was 2 grand more! I did love the blue paint job.

    So why not buy the Honda CB1300? Well it just didn't have the sexy looks of the retro GSX. I did like the water cooling.

    So why not buy the Kawaski ZRX1200R? For a start lets find the bloke that whacked that ugly square headlight on it and who invented that terrible round tube rear swing arm, 2 grand dearer and no fuel injection! Don't even start telling me about Eddie Lawson........big deal!

    Cheers boys

    See ya on the twisties.........................

  2. this weekend... woohooo


    Cool.. I am picking one up this weekend.... 2003 model....
  3. Mike (gsx1400)
    has one , you can see it at coffee night , immaculant condition i mean immaculant.
  4. Long way to come from Brisbane! Glen you really do need to wake up b4 ya hit submit!
  5. 2000km on the clock now boys and girls. Really loving this bike. First service $160 and I have the factory screen on order $140.

    Lovin it

  6. Hey A-GM...
    I'm interested on whether or not you tested the other bikes you mentioned?
    I've got a ZRX1100 and am considering updating to a newer bike. Got any ride impressions (especially of the CB1300)?

  7. Yer mate rode em all, all good but my favourite was GSX1400 hence my purchase. Mind you that CB1300 was very nice! Ride them all and push hard for the best price.

    Money talks and bs walks

  8. Thanks mate!
    I can't make up my mind at the moment, but the wife likes the CB1300, and I hate to admit it but I don't mind it either.
    Time to go for a test ride I think.
    Have fun on Suzi...
  9. Howdy Pete, I`m biased but the Honda pegs for the pillion are a bit high.
  10. Thanks for that Dave,
    Things have a habit of changing though... Now we are looking at a CB900 Hornet for the wife to ride!! The deal Honda have at the moment ($11990 OTR) is almost too good to refuse..
  11. There's also some mighty good deals out there for CBR6's
  12. Well the deal was done...
    There is now a new CB919 Hornet in the garage alongside the ZRX. The wife is a very happy girl!
  13. Congrats & many safe k's of riding!
  14. Honda CB900

    Congrats on the purchase. I've just cracked the 10k mark on my 900 Hornet and it only get's better. Off to Apollo Bay on Wednesday, down the back way and home othe Great Ocean Road. Can't wait. Naked bikes rock!
  15. i can remember reading a small article about the GSX 1400 in the motorcycle news, it basically told how........ Shawn Gilles , although he races a GSX-R 1000 , chooses to ride daily a GSX 1400 supplied by SUZUKI. it's his choice, he could ask for anything.

    then it went on to say how these sports bike riders were up in the blue mountains doing their boy racer thing, when a GSX 1400 blasted past and got to the next township, when they had caught up they asked what had been done to it, the reply was "nothing , it's a stocker" then the helmut came off and it was GILLES.
    the point is, it shows what can be done with that bike in the right hands.


    Cheers ratty ( aka Paul )
  16. Ratbag wrote:
    That's no big deal we've got our own resident GSX14 who can do the same thing, right Mikey ? :D

  17. Re: Honda CB900


  18. havent met mikey yet , i take it he is fast??

    or rides a GSX 1400 fairly quick?

    i used to own a 1981 model GSX 1100 which the current GSX1400 was modelled off , cept mine i bought off an A grade racer at the time and it was a full house Superbike , which became null and void in racing after they changed the capacity to 999 max in the CC department, thats how i came to purchase it. was fun owning it , had never been registered till i got my hands ( paws ) on it.
  19. Ratbag wrote:
    Yep !

    Ratbag wrote:
    The only bloke I know who can sit bolt upright on a naked at *** km/hr
    (above 90 but less than 300, can't be too specific :D )

  20. Re: Honda CB900

    Hey Leon,
    Glad you're liking the Hornet.. My wife loves hers. What she really likes is the lack of weight in comparison to the ZRX (it's some 30kg lighter) and the fact that she can manouver it around the garage easily.
    I like that it revs up really easily!!! Not as much torque as the Kwaka, but it hooks along very nicely.
    So much for me getting a new bike and the wife taking over the ZRX!!