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Just bought my first bike!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Auscon, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. Kawasaki GPX250, 2007 (second hand), ~650k, $5000

    I know its probably a bit too much to spend on a first bike, but I don't know enough about bikes (and none of my mates ride) to be confident in buying privately, so was happy to pay a bit more to get it from a dealership.

    Picking it up this weekend, can't wait!!

    Anyone else here pretty happy with their GPX as a starter bike?

  2. Yes!

    And it sounds like you got a sweet deal. :)
  3. Good stuff

    come to mine when u want the cans chopped in half
  4. You cant really go wrong with a GPX. Look after it and it will look after you.
    When do you get your gear and insurance?
  5. I had a mate who had a GPX250 with 70,000kms on the clock. He rode from Canberra to Brisbane and back every month and the bike never missed a beat. They are tough as teak. Good choice.
  6. congrats, hopefully soon ill be in the same boat as you, well not necessarily with a gpx. but enjoy im jealous
  7. Checking out insurance before the weekend

    Picked up a jacket and gloves a while back and got my helmet last weekend, so I'll be looking out for pants and boots, might be able to get an ok deal from the dealership when I grab the bike Saturday.

    I rarely ever buy anything for myself so this will have been a rather expensive week for me
    - helmet, bike, insurance, remaining gear
    + mp3 player, tickets to 2 work balls, and nice seats for the Danny Green fight tomorrow night

    My bank account wants to to drag me outside and beat me with a crowbar...good thing it can't afford one
  8. :LOL: Sounds like you're having fun with life at the moment. And congrats on the bike!
  9. I used to ride a GPX250R before upgrading to a ZX-636. Absolutely loved it! It is a great beginner bike, I have no doubt you'll enjoy it immensely. :grin:
  10. Was my first bike (then sv650 then zx6r now gsxr600). Good choice. I remember, I thought I was so fast and awesome on that little kawa! Mine had a full Muzzy exhaust, rejetted carbs and modded intake. sounded like a blender on speed. :LOL:
  11. You got a good deal considering what they are brand new including dealer delivery and registration charges on top of the $5900. Very good find indeed. Unless its got bad crash damage?