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Just bought my first bike... and it's a Ducati!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Grumply, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. I'd just planned to take a look at it, and maybe take it for a test spin. But I decided I couldn't quite afford it so I walked out, but then I paced around my car my car for a few minutes and said "Stuff it!" and I bought it!

    It's a 1999 Ducati Monster Dark, with 20,000km on the clock

    I still can't get the grin off my face! :grin:

    Does anyone know a good crowd near North Balwyn to take it for a Roadworthy Certificate?

    And to think I kept telling myself that the VTR250s were just too far out of my price range!
  2. nice first bike mate.

    and yes i know the feeling of buying bikes that dont make sense...you can always sell it if you need the money that bad, enjoy

    oh and pics or it never happened
  3. you wouldnt happened to have bought this from Metro Honda & Ducati would you?
  4. Cheers! In the end it was that fact that was the decider for me. I got it for a fair price, so if I really do need the money, I should be able to sell it and get it back without too much hassle.

    Here she is:

    No, I was there yesterday and they'd already sold that red one I looked at. Fortunately this one has a fraction of the mileage at a considerably nicer price.
  5. ahh sweet!

    mm i got a msg from a mate who works there about it, replied later in the day and it was already sold :shock:

    congrats on the purchase, imsure you will love it :grin:

    let the modding begin :twisted:
  6. mick hone in box hill
  7. Cheers, they're the first crowd I stopped off at to look at bikes and gear a month or so ago. I'll give them a call.
  8. whats been done to the engine. those flames coming out of the exhaust are pretty im pressive
  9. :rofl: Very droll good Sir
  10. I'm not entirely sure, but the bloke was saying something out it having "the power of the sun" or something... why? is that good for 600cc engine? :p
  11. Is the seat ripped? Or is that white stitching on the seat in the photo?

    I wish my first bike was a 600cc!
  12. I want to see a better pic. Cause that looks a lot like my VTR250!


    (yes just gelous)
  13. Yep the vinyl is pretty well shredded at that one point. I pick the bike up tomorrow evening, so on Tuesday I'll whip off the seat, measure it up and pickup some marine vinyl to reupholster it with.

    Pics will be plentiful just as soon as I can get the bike home and clean her up! :D And the VTR comparison is fairly apt I think, she looks a lot like a meatier version of the VTR (which is no bad thing, because the VTR is gorgeous).
  14. One word: Bastard. :p
  15. How many times has that exact situation happened to me (just not with a bike yet - lol), I suffer terribly from compulsive buying disorder.

  16. Haha, I'm normally really good at keeping it under control. The problem is when I do let it out... it generally empties my bank account in a single hit! :oops:

    Still, he with the most toys wins, eh?! :LOL:
  17. I find that the easiest method to preventing this is to have an already empty bank account :-k
  18. he with the biggest toys wins :)

    says me sitting on my small XVS650.... but it will be a rocket III in a year or 2. hehe

    Got to love implusive buys.... I do suffer with that.. but have found, since buying a house on a sole wage 2 years ago... one needs to plan much more for toys or one ends up in lots of debt...
  19. Here we go, first pic of the bike cleaned up, with the seat reupholstered and the minor issues repaired. :D I'll throw up some better ones when I get the chance to take her out to a more picturesque locale!

  20. what camera did u use for that shot?