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Just bought bike #2 for my garage...........am I addicted?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Flying is for planes, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. So I have been riding less than 3 months and already bought my VN900 which is an awesome mid sized cruiser. I love it but i do get tired of hanging on so I don't get blown off at high speeds, which gets tiring on long rides. Solution? Buy a second bike. I mean life's short, enjoy it!

    Went through looking/riding a heap of bikes. Wanted fairings and some capable comfortable touring capacity. And I am pretty thorough with research but I still dont have a lot of experience - so no 1000 cc bike for me.

    What did I come up with ? http://www.suzukimotorcycles.com.au/modeldetail.php?intBikeID=172 and I have bought something 6 months old with 1,000km on it significantly under new price.
    It's a bike I might enjoy and I may grow out of it, but I see it suiting my longer distance needs.

    All I got to do is go pick it up and then think about some toys for it.....
  2. less than 3 months? or are you an ex rider going back riding?

    haha dont tempt other people please. haha.

    btw, i dont like the looks of the bike.
  3. Dude, I just did Q-ride 4 months ago so obviously didnt want to go buying some 125kw bike. Yeah some people dont like the dated look. I am hoping it grows on me, lol. Funny thing is I dont look at the bike when I am riding!!!!!!!!!!! For $8000 what else can you buy in a sports tourer thats done 1000km??????
  4. Nah, I'm sure you could give it up anytime you wanted :grin: .
  5. By all accounts i've heard they are extremely good and reliable as well.

    More than capable of loosing you license for you. :LOL:

    looks don't do much for it though. :?
  6. Geez, Flying, you don't mess around, do you???

    Nice bike, mate. One of the Brisbane crew has the 600. Should be great for some touring and / or twisties. :grin:
  7. Life is here to make the most of every opportunity Cookee. I didn't want to buy another brand new bike and suffer the depreciation. This way I am sure I can ride this bike and then resell (to somebody who likes ugly bikes) without losing any/too much $$$$$$$$$.

    Shouldn't you be in the spa? :)
  8. That looks like a nice bike. But aren't you on some sort of restrictions on bikes you can purchase when you initially get your licence in Queensland, like the rest of Australia (ie LAMS/under 250cc)?
  9. QLD you can do a course called Q-ride if you have had a car licence for 3 years and you get a full ticket. So I could go buy whatever I wanted - BUT of course that would be outright stupid.
  10. Well said, mate. Great pick-up BTW. Was it ex-demo, or what? How'd you get it with such few k's on it?

    Picking up the spa this weekend. :cool:
  11. Sadly for the previous owner it was a marital spilt-up and he needed the cash. He dropped it off at a Suzuki dealer on consignment, they gave it it's first service and I just managed to be in the right place at the right time. Just got the insurance ($420) and I go fetch it on Sunday from Nambour
  12. Bugger for him, YAY for you! When we bought the 250, it had been traded-in that morning. It was still on the footpath, not even in the rows of bikes. They hadn't even had time to wash it yet! Like you said, right time, right place.

    We'll be up that way (Caloundra) tomorrow, picking up the spa. :grin:
  13. are you addicted? after buying a second bike? short answer...


    wait till you've got 4, or 5, or 15. Then you're addicted. :p
  14. Id say you were more normal :)

    Lol, you have an addictio, jsut feed it :D
  15. Must have 2 bikes minimum... :cool:

    GSX750F is a good old technology bike.. Pretty much bullet proof they say.

    Have fun with your toys... :grin:
  16. Absolutely! :grin:
    surely 15 is the lower mark, 4-5 is normal :? ....i hope
    back me up blue! :LOL:
  17. mate i wouldnt call it an addiction just yet. your second bike to me seems like you wanted something more flexible and practicle than the ol' cruiser, which is more than fair enough! i would have more bikes by now if i still lived with the olds and could afford it. and if CTP wasnt such a farkin joke :mad:
    im paying 4 regos atm and its hurting :?
  18. Yeah ill back you up Joel.. 5 or so isnt addicted.. :LOL:

    15 though, you have some serious rego and insurance bills to pay.. :shock:
  19. Exactly. It's a bit like having a nice sporty car and then a ute as well. Anyway I can't buy a 3rd, there's no more room in the garage, unless I sell the lawn mower :idea: :cool:
  20. that'll pay for one of those el cheapo ducar dirtbikes off ebay!!! :idea: :idea: :LOL: