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Just bought an R6, want to modify some stuff

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by A.C., May 16, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, I'm living in Sydney near Bondi and I just bought a 2008 R6 and I've got the following questions which I was hoping someone might be able to answer:

    1) I want to remove the fender and install a brake light with integrated turn signals, like this one. Is this legal here? And also, is there anywhere local that sells these?

    2) I'm also looking to replace the front turn signals with low profile LED ones like these. Does anyone know anywhere to get these from locally?

    3) Where can I buy a waterproof R6 cover? Right now I'm using a tarp, but I'd like to get a fitted cover

    4) What's a good place to get cleaning products for my bike? Like turtle wax or the CHEMTECH CT-18 stuff that was discussed in the how to clean your bike thread?

    5) Can anyone recommend a good GPS unit for bike use which warns about speed and stop light camera locations? I was thinking about picking up an iPhone and installing the Tomtom GPS software, but I'm wondering if there's a better alternative.

    That's all for now. If anyone can give me some suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks,

  2. 1 and 2 - illegal, my mate has been rejected when doing blue slip. you can take the risk but if you get pulled over just depends on the pricks day.
    3- not sure if custom for R6 but you can buy medium to large covers in BigW for under $55 fit all bikes.
    4- supercheap auto, Repco
  3. For an 08 Model, that wont need any thorough anal examinations, ide say you will be right... not much you wont get picked on for any mod these days, so chance it.

    Bike covers, would recommend a good quality with lining inside.. ie Oxford All weather and Supercheap stock the CT-18.. Also Meguiars have some decent stuff!
  4. Head over to Auburn to a place called MCAS (google it)

    or shop online at BGW (bike gear warehouse) (google it)

    or buy it all from ebay, has everything u need :)

    What colour did u get mate?

    edit, your other thread says black (grey) :)
  5. Integrated indicators are illegal for road use, there's a minimum distance required between left and right indicators, 18cm from memory.

    Not sure about low profile indicators, I suspect they are not suitable for road neither.

    Bike covers, I actually got mine free, courtesy of Famous Insurance (it was a promotional cover someone left it on the bikes).

    Just go to Supercheap or the like to pickup normal car shampoo, I use Armorall wash & wax. Also get some kerosene, they work wonders for chain cleaning.
  6. A.C just do what you feel is right but the guys are right, they are illegal and you might get pinged. Just keep all your OEM parts and place back on when it's needed e.g. Rego.

    Also, I would recommend buying things from overseas as they are much cheaper. PM me if you want some links
  7. As stated, they are illegal and you will probably get defected for it but if you want to run the risk, the best place is probably ebay
  8. Ive owed my '06 R6 for a year now, i have a fender eliminator & integrated tail light. So indicators are part of the brake light.

    Never been pulled up for it.

    But i do run the risk each time i ride.

    Head over to the R6 forum, there is a wealth of info on how to do almost everything on the R6. I get all my info from there.


  9. and how do you know this? :D
  10. I've got flush mounts and intergrated tail light on my R1 and i've only been pulled up on it once through the OLD PAC
  11. +1 on integrated tail light and flush mounts. They look awesome and readily available on ebay.

    EDIT: illegal yes, although I dont think the flush mounts are illegal..Do we care? not really (touch wood)
  12. the best flush mont indicators in the market.
    these babies come with a lifetime warenty!! there is only one small led, but man, it is bright, got this sytle on my 05 R1, and they sweet. And they are painted to the exact colour code to your bike.
    the older version come with a 3 led system, but the single led setup is fantastic!
    i think i was quoted nearly $300.00 to get these from a Melb supplier, but i got them direct from watsen for a lot cheaper.
    if your going to keep your bike for a long time, its worth the investment.
  13. <kiwi>Bike covers are a but shut mate.</kiwi>

    You ride home, your bike is hot and wet, you put it under the cover and it's effectively like putting your bike in a steamer. By morningtime it's sometimes wetter under the cover than over it, and steam can get into places that water can't.
  14. I went to MCAS and apparently they have fleece-lined covers for $59. Are they any good? I was thinking about getting a Dowco cover, but the shipping charges from the states will be pretty expensive.
  15. Does Supercheap carry this Oxford all weather cover?
  16. what brand integrated tail light did you buy and where did you get it from? What did you pay for it? Thanks!
  17. I wouldn't put the bike under the cover when it's hot and wet. I'm looking for something to use when we get a week straight of heavy rain
  18. I have a motodynamics integrated tail light. Got it off ebay from the USA for $90 for my fireblade. I dont know how much it would be for the R6 though.

    Quality is very good, VERY bright and comes with built in relay to stop that fast blink rate.
  19. Mate half the fun in modding up your bike is doing the research and seeing what's best out there for you. No good just asking everyone else. Get on the next and have a look