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Just bought a Yammy FZR-250!!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by bunjumung, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. Hey, I haven't got my learner license yet, but am booked for one soon, and I couldn't wait. After a fair bit of research, I ended up buying an FZR-250 for $650. It's in very good nick for the price tag, but obviously needs some work done to it. About 2 weeks ago, I was looking through fzr250 com, and found heaps of relevant stuff to do with maintainence BUT since I got the bike, the site appears to be offline.

    Does anyone know what happened to fzr250 com???

  2. not 2 sure man, i was looking at the FZR when i first got my l's, let me know what im missing out on when you get it up and running :) . just be careful when your gettin insurence because its a grey import, it might cost you a bit more.

    i cant remember which one, but there was a topic last week in this fourum by a guy who was thinking of buying a FZR as well, have a look for it, he might be able to help you out.
  3. FZR250.com seems to be down at the moment- no idea why. But if you have FZR related questions, let me know- I might have laid a spanner on one or two, hopefully I will know the answers.....
  4. An FZR250 for 650??? :shock: Jeepers, how badly damaged is the bike??
  5. I will post some pics up when I get past the allocated post number, but it doesn't have rego, needs a rear tyre, a paint job and a maybe new exhaust.

    Im more than happy to do work on it and it will give me something to do when the uni holidays come around

    I think it was a really good buy, I was looking at one on ebay in very similar condition, and that sold for $1450. The only thing is I have to ship it up to me, and thats gonna cost me around $300.
  6. I am about to look at one for the same price. hard to start but does start, doesnt like to rev over 6,000. I am thinking best case valve shims & carb clean out, worst case rebuild. Needs rectifier, and no doubt tyres, battery, fluids, brake pads, air filter etc. I am pretty much expecting to have to strip the carbies and clean out/ rekit with new needles and seats- about $400 worth. If I do strip the carbs, I will go for pod filters, lose the airbox and jet it up a touch.

    Typically these have the swingarm bush go on them, steering head bearings, and exup valve sticks (if yours is post 1989 it will be an Exup model). These are the first points I would look at when you get it home. There are others, but first things first. Oh dont forget the rubber manifolds- that join the carbs to the head. These have a tendancy to harden and crack.

    Just be aware plastics for these are hard to come by.

    The best bloke for parts by far is southerncrossmotorsports.com.au he is in Victoria, and used to (dunno about now) carry everything and anything for reasonable prices- even original sticker kits. His website is down at the moment, but he is on Ebay.

    FZR250.com appears to be down still- apparently due to hackers

    Let us know what year/ model etc when you find out.
  7. FZR250.com is baaaaaack
  8. My mates got one that he got cheap aswell. I've ridden it a few times, not a bad bike at all.
  9. Welcome to the fold

    I have a FZR 600 and a Fzr1000

    Magic bikes

  10. hey guys..im looking at getting one of these also..can anyone tell me if a but of smoke on startup that clears quite quickly (apparently nothing major) would likely be the valve stem seals? thats what the owner rekons... is this a major repair ? can they be done without craking the head off? cheers
  11. I would think he is right- but you would have to pull the head off. I cant see how it could be done otherwise.